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Thursday, 25 February 2010

On an Aristo and Yahoo-Yahoo ting!

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Before I begin I'd like to state for the record that this post is based on a lot of feasible assumptions. I will not give you examples or cite people or places directly but I'm sure you'll find my assumptions quite realistic and maybe even true if you are or know someone who's in a similar situation.

On an Aristo, Aristos are basically people (usually girls) who 'get with' much older and financial buoyant people (usually men) and are repayed with material things. I think I got the defiinition about right. People have different and rather interesting views on Aristos, their circumstances and motives. I'm sure most Aristos will tell you that a hardship and unfavouring circumstances led them to lead such a life. The usual excuse, I assume, would be "I didn't have a choice". You know what's interesting about these excuses? Their the same one's Prostitutes and Stripper's use. For example: "I have a sick mother who needs to be taken care of", "I am trying to pay my way through school", "I was abused as a child and this is the only way I can deal with it". All these excuses support the grand motive that is "I didn't have a choice". However, we always have a choice in life. Choice is one of the perks that comes with free will and in my opinion the people who say they never had a choice are denying the idea of free will and, ultimately, the concept of being a human being. I understand maintaining values and morals can be hard when faced with hardship. Sometimes the hardest the decisions are the right ones and the consequence of doing the right thing seems to much to imagine or even accept. On the other hand, when you find yourself in those controversial grey areas that appear when everything that's black and white merge some questions must be asked, "Is it worth it?" "Is your soul worth more or less than material things". Aristos usually say they don't have a choice but it looks like they chose not to have a choice.

On a Yahoo-Yahoo ting, Yahoo-Yahoo boys/girls are people who swindle others for profit usually taking advantage or greed, naivety and ignorance. I'm also assuming this definition is spot on. Now Yahoo-Yahoo peeps, like the Aristos, feel they have a valid argument as well. Like I said before most of the things I'll say are based on assumptions and I'm assuming Yahoo-Yahoo peeps blame their choice in profession on hardship and unfavourable circumstances. "I don't have a choice" is what you'll hear from this camp as well and for some reason their argument makes sense. However, just because it makes sense doesn't make it right.

At this point I'm going to assume you have gotten the gist of this post? It's all about choice. In my opinion choice, sacrifice and reward are directly proportional. The tougher the choice, the greater the sacrifice which will lead to a greater reward. Maybe I can't really understand the circumstance surrounding people who say their only choice was to embrace the illicit and illegal but one thing I do understand is choice and free will. We all have it and every situation in life provides an avenue for you to exercise your free will and make a choice. Aristos and Yahoo-Yahoo peeps are not exempted. They claim they didn't have a choice but in reality choice is what led them to thelife they have now.

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sir Scribbles' Super Uber Mega Celebrity Blog Brawl #2

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The Celebrities are Brutal, the Commentary is unforgiven and the Rules are non-existent. Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to another episode of violent nonsensical outlandish fun! Our gladiators tonight are well known, famous and talented in their own way so without further ado let's bring them out!
ROLL CALL PEOPLE!!!!! He's Loud, he's rude and packs some heavy bass tunes! Ladies and Gentlemen...LIL JON!!!! "YEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! LET'S GET CRUNK!!!"
And his opponent. An artist who claims he has more enemies after him than an Israelite crossing the red sea. He's the Ekperi Papa One of Bayelsa. TIMAYA!!!!!!!!! "Na Baba God send me! You cannt stop me!"

"Omo Nigga you cannot kill Timaya! Na Baba God send me do this work! If you block my way fire go burn you" Typical Timaya stuff, He opens with a classic threat. And they're off to a blistering start! Lil attacks first throwing a flurry of jabs at Timaya. The bayelsa man is caught totally by surprise but is quick enough to parry and duck. Lil jon isn't done yet, seems like he wants to end this quick. He steps back and palms Timya in d chest, Timaya doesn't budge. Lil jon palms him again. He doesn't budge. Timaya parries Lil Jon's third attempt, grabs his left arm while reaching into his pocket, pulls out a metal plantain and swings it into Lil Jon's throat. The attack stuns Lil jon and as he tries to wriggle free of Timaya's grasp the plantain boy proceeds to batter him. Lil Jon is taking a real beating now and it looks like Timaya is in total control of the battle. Lin jon drops to his knees as Timaya keeps landing hit after hit then suddenly Lil Jon produces a Pimp cup from nowhere and whacks Timata in the nuts. "YEAH!!!!" He screams as Timaya releases his arm and recoils clutching is 'nutella' area in pain."WHAT YOU GOING TO DO PLAYER?" Timaya drops to d ground still clutching his crotch and tapping is foot on the floor. "YEAH PLAYER DIS IS HOW WE DO IT IN THE A'". Timaya seems to have recovered now and tries to get to his feet but what's this? Timaya reaches into his pants and pulls out a cutlass! Is there no end to d wonders of his pants? He swings the cutlass at Lil jon who jumps back to avoid the swipe. Timaya swings it again and this time Lil jon blocks the attack with his pimp cup. The clanging of cutlass and pimp cup is deafening and Timaya seems to be getting d upper hand. Lil jon blocks another attack, scurries back, takes a deep breath and let's out a devastating scream. The force of d scream pushes Timaya back, Lil jon inhales again and let's out an even more devastating scream which fractures the ground and pushes timaya back even further. "THIS IS IT PLAYA!!" He screams, "LET'S GET IT CRUUUUNK!!!" immediately his pimp cup is filled with crunk juice, he gulps it down, snaps his fingers and spits a massive ball of fire on Timaya. Timaya is engulfed immediately, surely this is the end! Timaya's clothes are reduced to ashes as the violent flames scorch the Bayelsa man. "I am timaya..." He says "I dey hot like a fire..." the d blazing flames disappear. "Na me be the Ekeri papa 1 of Bayelsa" he says as he gets to his feet "WHAT?!!!" Screams Lil jon "I dey blow like a bazooka!!!" The pimp cup explodes in Lil jon's hand. The blast severs Lil Jon's arm and he screams in pain. "Dem mama no fit stop me, dem papa no fit stop me, whether u like am or you no like am TIMAYA don blow!!!" The ground around Lil Jon explodes and he's knocked several feet into d air. "U no fit stop me. I be Timaya! I dey strike like a thunder!!!" A bolt of lightning strikes Lil Jon in d air and seconds later a lifeless body falls to the ground. The blackened corpse is enough evidence Ladies and Gentlemen,TIMAYA IS OUR WINNER!!!

What a cracking fight Ladies and Gentlemen! Join us next week as another pair of Celebrities battle it out in Sir Scribbles Super Uber Mega Celebrity Blog Brawl!!!!

Tuesday, 16 February 2010

It hasn't been that long has it?

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SHET! E don tey oh! I haven't been here in a while. Just looked at my calendar and realised I hadn't been here in a long while. Shameful? yes! Disappointing? I know! Got an excuse? Yes I do and it's called school. Yes I am a student, again, and for those of you who's jaws just dropped to the floor you can like to pick them up cos your eyes rnt deceiving you. I'm back in geek mode and loving it mehn! Na so so book man pikin dey read sha! . Tbh the postgraduate diploma I just completed was a waste of my energy but I guess God has a reason for not divinly smacking bad ideas out of our heads when they first hit us lol. I stumbled upon a very interesting project for my Masters and hopefully it'll lead to a lot of open doors for me. Enough with all this serious talk. Make I gist you.

Being a Nigerian these days his hard oh! We should get paid minimum wage at least for all the stress we have to put up with recently. Look left at Aso rock and spirits have kidnapped our President. Look right at international airports and we are suspected terrorists. Look Up in Jos and your head will be chopped off and when you look down your head has to stay there because everything else is shamelful. Forget all these "Flygerian" and "Proud to be Nigerian" propaganda for a bit. WAHALA DEY! Whether u accept it or not wahala dey! Even pple who aren't nigerians know there's wahala so why pple dey act like sey everything dey alright? Some pple say that I shouldn't complain if I don't have solutions. So if I dnt have a solution I shud shut my mouth shey? If you are walking on the street and you see dog poo wnt u say "phmnnn! See shit" before you think about packing it. (btw if you think about packing random dog poo on the street then ur own wahala is a different brand). All I'm saying is WAHALA DEY! I'm proud to be Nigerian and that's why I'm shouting WAHALA DEY! Moving on...

If you aren't into football please skip this paragraph. Thanks. If you are reading this then you must have an interest in the beautiful sport. If you are not a Manchester United Fan this is you bus stop as well. Are all the haters gone now? good! MAN UTD Kwenu! Anyone catch the AC Milan v Man Utd game? Ronaldinho was behaving like a pant shey? Thot he cud harass our boys but we showed dem!!!! Rooney is really impressing me and our victories over Man City, Arsenal and now Milan have brought a wide and bright smile to my already awesome face lol. (No jealous me pls and if u dey jealous me u can like to hump a blender). I know some haters still read the paragraph up until this point and might even go as far as dropping a derogatory comment but for every hater comment against Man Utd Rooney will bang in a goal so please feel free to express yourself lol.

Is it wrong to call people ugly? I've been debating this with a friend, hobblescotch, and we still can't come to an agreement. I think it's wrong to call people ugly but then again shudn't ugliness be treated the same as beauty. If you see a beautiful person you'll say "Hey, that's a beautiful person" so why shud it be wrong to also say "Wow, that's one ugly somborri"? Maybe it's because we aren't really supposed to say things about people that will hurt their feelings but in theory a beautiful person should get compliments and an "ugly" person shud get...consolation. I know it's a touchy issue and tbh I dnt think "Ugly" people shud be called out until they look for your trouble in an area related to appearance. See it this way, if I have a blackberry and you have a 3310 and you say d internet on my phone is slow I have the right to crack your skull with the crackberry. PEACE OUT!