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Thursday, 25 February 2010

On an Aristo and Yahoo-Yahoo ting!

04:54 Posted by Sir Scribbles 15 comments
Before I begin I'd like to state for the record that this post is based on a lot of feasible assumptions. I will not give you examples or cite people or places directly but I'm sure you'll find my assumptions quite realistic and maybe even true if you are or know someone who's in a similar situation.

On an Aristo, Aristos are basically people (usually girls) who 'get with' much older and financial buoyant people (usually men) and are repayed with material things. I think I got the defiinition about right. People have different and rather interesting views on Aristos, their circumstances and motives. I'm sure most Aristos will tell you that a hardship and unfavouring circumstances led them to lead such a life. The usual excuse, I assume, would be "I didn't have a choice". You know what's interesting about these excuses? Their the same one's Prostitutes and Stripper's use. For example: "I have a sick mother who needs to be taken care of", "I am trying to pay my way through school", "I was abused as a child and this is the only way I can deal with it". All these excuses support the grand motive that is "I didn't have a choice". However, we always have a choice in life. Choice is one of the perks that comes with free will and in my opinion the people who say they never had a choice are denying the idea of free will and, ultimately, the concept of being a human being. I understand maintaining values and morals can be hard when faced with hardship. Sometimes the hardest the decisions are the right ones and the consequence of doing the right thing seems to much to imagine or even accept. On the other hand, when you find yourself in those controversial grey areas that appear when everything that's black and white merge some questions must be asked, "Is it worth it?" "Is your soul worth more or less than material things". Aristos usually say they don't have a choice but it looks like they chose not to have a choice.

On a Yahoo-Yahoo ting, Yahoo-Yahoo boys/girls are people who swindle others for profit usually taking advantage or greed, naivety and ignorance. I'm also assuming this definition is spot on. Now Yahoo-Yahoo peeps, like the Aristos, feel they have a valid argument as well. Like I said before most of the things I'll say are based on assumptions and I'm assuming Yahoo-Yahoo peeps blame their choice in profession on hardship and unfavourable circumstances. "I don't have a choice" is what you'll hear from this camp as well and for some reason their argument makes sense. However, just because it makes sense doesn't make it right.

At this point I'm going to assume you have gotten the gist of this post? It's all about choice. In my opinion choice, sacrifice and reward are directly proportional. The tougher the choice, the greater the sacrifice which will lead to a greater reward. Maybe I can't really understand the circumstance surrounding people who say their only choice was to embrace the illicit and illegal but one thing I do understand is choice and free will. We all have it and every situation in life provides an avenue for you to exercise your free will and make a choice. Aristos and Yahoo-Yahoo peeps are not exempted. They claim they didn't have a choice but in reality choice is what led them to thelife they have now.


kay9 said...

I dont issues with Aristos - it's their life. But yahoozee, now that's different; their dirty deeds are giving us all a bad name, say thankya and Jah-bless!

Wait a minute... i'm first? Wow.

BBB said...

the girls that sleep around with younger guys for money are they any better( am just asking oh not commending them)

i agree its a thing of choice

Jaycee said...

I totally agree. Saying "I didn't have a choice" is eradicating free will. It may be hard sometimes, but we ALWAYS have a choice...always.

That's what the "Maga No Need Pay" video is all about...the choice against Yahoo-yahoo.

2cute4u said...

I agree with Kay9
I used to be quite judgmental but not anymore.. not worth it.. I was one of the good girls in school and now, all the so called Aristo chics are happily married, settled.. where lies the self righteous indignation huh?everyone has reasons for different actions.. whatever makes them sleep well at night..live and let live.. hugs!
please I humbly ask that your attention is needed on my page with the first 2 posts you see. thank you so very much

leggy said...

i think that if you havent been in a situation you can never know what you will do.its all good and well to talk about choice cos you are well off and ish but i do know there are some people who do aristos only to put themselves through school.
everyone sees something and because they have never been in that situation they talk about how they'd never do that thing.
when the nazis were on trial for killing the jews, there was a poll in america asking if anyone would do what they did..a whopping 96% said they would never do it.
when an experiment was conducted where random people were chosen and made to shock people mainly cos the doctor said...shock them...you can read it all here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milgram_experiment
its all good and well to talk about having a choice when youve never been in a position to make that choice.
that said..i know there are also some people who do aristo simply cos they are greedy,young and want all those sparkley material things to flaunt in school.
im not commending or judging anybody but at the end i say..'live and let live'..i dont really care one way or the other..its their body,their life.they can buy and sell with it if they choose.
the yahoo-yahoo thing is just different..it is not an agreement between two people..its a crime which is why i dont agree with it at all plus it gives naija a really bad name.
nice post.

Suru said...

I completely disagree with you. The way you say it you make their life situations such as poverty or being abused seem like it's not serious. What exactly is their choice. They live in Nigeria it's not exactly the land of opportunities of working hard and getting somewhere with that. What exactly are their other choices? At least they're trying to create a better life for themselves. I doubt if they were given a chance to go abroad they will decline and say they want to continue to do yahoo yahoo. It's not fair to just judge them like that when you have no idea what it's like to be in their shoes. These people are still working tirelessly for a better life. It might not be morally right but that goes in the trash when it's about surviving.

Myne Whitman said...

Hard times do not justify illegal or criminal actions like Yahoozee. As for Aristo, if you choose it, don't come and say na condition. Other people in the same situation are noto doing it. But it's their life so rock on.

Miss FlyHigh said...

I'm with leggy & Suru on this.

Though I know if I was in any situation i wouldn't result to that. I rely on a higher being.

Tisha said...

hey you got it wrong

An aristo is the guy who hooks up with a college girl and aristo is short for aristocrats.
Where did you go to college?

yahoo, yahoo, aristocracy, there is no justification.

F said...

Tisha is right to say "aristo" is short for "aristocrat" but the term is also used as a slang to describe the girls into the trade, e.g. aristo babe etc. In fact, recently, it more often describes the girls than the old men. I have no idea how this change happened but it has.

About aristo and yahoo... I do agree with the seemingly general consensus that they are not the same thing. Many women do what aristos do, and get nothing in return. Nasty, pornographic shit... Cos "your man likes it"... Only for "your man" to decide he wants to be someone else's man... A lot of these girls just put 2 and 2 together... If they have been doing it for boyfriends and remaining in squalor, why not do it for financial benefit?

Liek Leggy said, there are those who do it just to maintain their "bigs gehls" standing. However, some genuinely feel trapped. It is easy to speak of choice when one isn't in that position. I know girls whose family members ask for sexual favours in exchange for financial help. When all other doors seem to be closed, morals tend to seem overrated.

Yahoo guys remain a mystery to me... I think this is more to do with trying to maintain the "bigs boys" image than any other thing. I don't think the element of hopelessness exists in their case as it does with some of the girls who do "aristo".

Bubbles said...

boy please!
what do you really know about what those girls are going through!
yes! most of them had no choice!
ahn ahn at least some of the girls are trying to pay their way through college! now if they don't go to school, people will start to insult them and look down on them.

allow them

LusciousRon said...

Leggy and F are totally right!

Of course there are girls who do it cos they want to. Some actually like it. One way or the other it doesn't matter to me.

On yahoo-yahoo, that is a crime.

Azazel said...

nothing justifies illegal actions


Can't really question or add jara to this one. You yarned too much sense...

Hoping all is well.

cosmopolitandiva said...

it's a thing of choice but regarding the aristos i like to say that all pre-marital sex is prostitution, you do it for something, whether it's for money or love or lust or to feel good or whatever. i was super critical of girls that did aristo but when I spent 4 years giving it up in hopes of getting my love reciprocated i felt stupid. frankly i'd have been better with some material gain. hiss.

yahoo yahoo boys - no comment. let them keep embarrassing themselves and the country