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Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Insane Mail

03:31 Posted by Sir Scribbles 57 comments
Make una run for cover oooo! Ms. 'dufa is not in a gud mood mehn! Why? cos none of us been comment on her last post...but does she know that her comment link is not working and anytime we click the comment link it doesn't work? Ms. 'dufa it's not that we didn't want to comment oh, it's cos your blog isn't allowing us to comment...take am easy wiv us na...lol

Now what did i want to say again...

Women I dey pity una seriously, the amount of insane mail u pple get on a regular basis must be seriously annoying. Last week I was talking to my sis and she was complaining about the numerous dudes who add her on facebook and attach some scary "love" messagse to their requests. Some dudes will narrate their whole life's story and include lame lines like "You are an angel that fell from heaven" and "If you add me I will be a gud friend cos all i want to do is get yo know you baby". As is that wasn't enough, a few days back I was talking to a friend and she told me that pple actually proposed to her on facebook....as in seriously....dudes....has technology made us this lazy. I can forgive the proposing thing if you are proposing to someone you have a connection wiv or probably if it's a romantic gesture but random insensitive offline proposals are annoying talk less of dudes doing it online. I think wat some dudes do is just type d first name of their fantasy girl in the search box, do tumbor-tumbor (ini-mini-myni-mo to d more ajebo ones ) and based on ur profile pic and network they decide you are naive enuf to fall for the cheesy intros they attach to d friend request, how else can u explain d way these random dudes find ur profile in d midst of the millions on facebook. When did facebook become and an online dating serive biko? See ehn I am not saying hooking up on faceboiok is wrong *glances towards Buttercup and Chari*, I'm just assuming that all d "love"messages random dudes attach to their friend requests must be really friggin annoying. Me sef, wey get very "motivated" imagination, I can't imagine myself sending some random chick a friend request telling her I'm a student in London and am looking to settle down and she looks like d right kinda girl to....even trying to imagine it sef is both hilarious and annoying.

LOL! Two days ago I got this message in my inbox:
"my name is miss juliet princess i am a young lady,
i real want to know you,
and i have some thing to tell you about my self,
so try to reply me so that i can send you my photo
and tell you what i want to tell you.
Yours Faithfull
Juliet princess."
Hilarious isn't it? At first I though it was a blogger...then I felt ashamed for thinking a member of this fine commuinty, after readin my blog, wud think to send me this. I apologise 4 suspecting you guys. Shey dis pesin feel sey I be Mugu? this is d oldest trick in d parchment not even book sef, Juilet Princess ke?...imagine dis kin craze biko

On a more random note, something scares me about Lady Gaga...same feeling I had about Madonna...still love d song 'Chillin' sha!

ps: i just added this afetr i saw a few of d comments 4rm u guys, i know it's Wale's song but the reason I liek it is cos of Gaga's voice...hence d reference.


CultureCynic said...

i hate to break this to you, but i am Juliet Princess.....

Bubbles said...


Bubbles said...

please every girl has suffered your sister's fate
I just delete the messages and move on
people are just ridiculously stupid really.!

Penelope said...

LOL. Ure a bush Boy. Chilli' isnt even lady gaga's song so its ok to love it. And wats wrong wv gaga now? The only svary thing about her is she has balls. Hermaphrodite!

Ive missed u oh!! Its been wayy too long! lol

And those fb messages mehn...gone are dose days thank God. I am never going back on facebooK! NEVER!

Sumptuous said...

Sir scribbles got a girlfriend* he's got a girlfriend* lol. Crazy mails like dat have become d norm, but I guess for a guy it's kind freaky. Well you can mail her back to know d sumtin she wants to tell u (jus' kidding).

Sumptuous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Miss Loré said...

i lovvvvvvvvvve chilling, but its Wale's song.

Naija bad boi.... said...

tumbor tumbor baskelebu...lol...
meeehn...i read some of them facebook requests messages meeehn and i was ashamed of us guiys meeehn...some freaking hilariois ones dey sef...

umm...umm...i'm betting juliet princess wants to tell u she loves u and would like to marry u but u have to send her $3500 for her plane ticket...parchment sef dey current...tablet na im e be!!lol

miss.fab said...

Lmaoooooo! Is it a bad look on my part to say I got that email from that Juliet chick too?? *considers this*

Anyway, funny post. Online proposals are so irritating. First it was hi5, then they had the guts to get on facebook, and now some of them are on Twitter! Lmao! We girls are not safe sha.

Anonymous said...

lol....why u scared?
dont tell me that you believe that thrash about her having balls.
i remove my message icon on fb...removed my add as friend icon too....infact me tired of facebook.

chayoma said...

some folks be confessing abt being Juliet Princess. What kinda name is that, Scribbles Prince?
I knw Lady Gaga is off on another tangent but i do dig her songs sadly. Hopefully i dnt pick up her dress code, my mama aint gonna be proud of that :)

Sumptuous said...

@leggy, wetin come remain?

Sumptuous said...

@leggy, wetin come remain?

Sumptuous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sumptuous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sir Scribbles II said...

@CC: Yeah right, nd I'm Romeo Prince shey?

@Bubbles: I seriously pity u pple mehn, it must be frustrating

@Pene: hey u were missed too! shey u r less busy now? I know it's Wale's song jo, I just like Lady Gaga's voice in it. Are u seriously seriosu that she's go ballz...okay weird!

@Sumptuous:Me? reply that mail? Never mehn! I pity u girls sha, una dey try seriously

@Miss Lore: yeah I know ooooooooo, i just said I liek d song cos Lady gaga was in it and I liked her voice

@NBB: u go fear now, dem wan scam me using that kin skillz, dem don see mugu na! chciks dey suffer mehn!

@miss fab: are u serious? so na scam sef? see me see trouble o. wait are they on twitter...oh dis is just terrible!

Sir Scribbles II said...

@leggy: It's not dat my sister, it's other stuff that just bugs me sometimes. I don tire for FB since my dear, never thot it cud happen sha

@Chayoma: I like her voice alright but some stuff about her just freaks me out mehn...if u like go deydress like am...if na my mam na kerosine nand matches go settle everything

LusciousRon said...

All the cockroaches who can't come out in daylight are on FB. Go figure.

It's like a pyscho's world.

akaBagucci said...

LOL.. The Juliet Princess must be emailing every bloke in sight mehn.. Cos I got an email too o...

You are one funny dude mehn...book marking sharpish...

Ebony~!* said...

LoL @ *glances towards Buttercup and Chari*....But mehn girls suffer too much. Princess wants to tell you something, you won't go and hear. Maybe God revealed you will be her prince. LOOOOOL

Nice Anon said...

lol no body takes those love msgs serious? Do they?

Neo said...

lwkmd @ tumbo tumbo, i so remember that.

one dude on fb sent me a msg that the way i was lookin at him (frm my profile pic) made him feel like there was just us in the world. i change the picture fiam to one wey i be like who dem detain for kirikiri.

The Gaga is seriously gaga.

Neo said...

PS: The day i'm first to comment on ur post ehn....hmn....lets wait till then sha.

CultureCynic said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOO at Neo's commment.... i DIE!!!!!

Ro u suck you know why.will deal wiv u later.. GUNNERS 4 EVER!!!!!!!!!!!! (evil laff)

dont think am back here...ur stans can have you.
btw....please go and check you account balance...Juliet Princess will be sending u direct otumokpo in your inbox by 2am tonight...so depending on how Man U does tonight, u may be lost for words...LITERALLY!!

Nice Anon said...

GAYnners ke?
isn't funny how they start off good then by January it is a different story! I cannot even shout sef. Make we just dey watch.

Rene said...

lol@Neo's comment
Juliet Priness....who dash?
I hate chillin' Lady Gaga or no Lady Gaga
I simply ignore the messages.

TaioFierce Ameen said...

lol... I get dose msgs evriday... Me Juliet Princess, U Romeo Prince...lol
Lady Gaga got ballz dts wt scares u ....lol

Tigeress said...

Guilty as charged- i was the one that sent you that FB message. So please reply so i can tell u about myself and send u photo, biko.

I dont get those nonsense messages anymore. My profile is only visible to people on my list.

Sir Scribbles II said...

@LuciousRon: that's a mental metaphor mehn LOL! hilarious

@akaBagucci: bros u got one as well, ahn ahn dis must be one desperate chick mehn! lol

@Ebony: I gatz glance to dat endz na, b4 i carry blog beef lol. u want me to go and hear d one wey go make me deaf shey. noooooo!

@Neo: LOL! friggin hilarious. Come Neo why can't I comment on ur blog? shey u go like fix am so I can numero uno every where?

@CC: CC ur bad belle is wat made us lose, dis is why ur inbox is full of e-otumokpo...udene!

@Nice Anon: As in Man utd want to give me a heart attack u know...baba fergie do something fast oh!

@Rene: help me ask Juliet oh! she dey find igbo boy shey?

@taio: the ballz story doesn't scare me...the chick just gives me bad vibes

@Tigress: as if if na u true trie then how come almost 4 other dudes are sayign they got it lol. Juliet princess is just to hilarious


David Numba-one God'sfave said...

All the ladies, ndo...but come to think of it, you should be happy that you get attention...it means God did a very wonderful job creating you.

Some girls out there want sturvs like that and don't get it so be grateful..but i still understand the uncomfort and turn-off behind it and some guys dumb sha...lol!

Dame Halos said...

haha..about the chillin song..love it....but i heard a rumour that the reason y him and gaga were never in the same scene is because she couldn't be bothered to go and shoot the video wif him...lol..when did she become a star that she's alredi pulling levels...
nway as for ladies and the numerous messages..i honestly don't get y some men r so shallow..do they really think telling us all dt crap about being an angel and what not will get them aniwhere?..lol..me i've learnt sha...my facebook privacy is set to the highest...my name is not even searchaeable...and you can't click add as friend either..or send me a message..if i dont know u..lol...thats d way forward jo...bloody senseless jobless guys cloggin up peeps inbox..(hehe..now im sounding bitter..) but rilli its annoying tho...
lol..scribbles so girls do it to...shwo!..u must be a hottie o...babe asking for u picture..she ll just go and use it for juju or something...hehe ..juliet princess..she wants u to be her romeo prince..(lol...if u laffed at that dry joke then u r as insane as i am...)...k....nuff said

Anonymous said...

can u tell that neo girl that her post doesnt allow comments?wats yp with people on blogville today?

iphyigbogurl said...

lol@ tumbor tumbor.....memories mehn

see ehn.... princess juliet is the one for u my brother........u dont kno...this could be a match made in heaven....lol

but omo shun..naija guys dey make me laff die......somebody will send u a message on FB saying
" oh baby girl, welcome to my world, my name is honorable John...and i LOVE u, and i want to show u some wonderful time together..U and I my love....forever"

wen i see such messages i feel sad for the future wives of those fellas sha..like wth???

Anonymous said...

loooooooool....scribbles your yansh oh!

Nice Anon said...

I cannot help but imagine what C Ronaldo thinks about all of this. Common Burnley! Chei!

TRYBES said...

Facebook is what i call home of the absurd where all sorts of unimaginable things transpires ..Have had my fair share of the good, the bad and the ugly and still i aint ready to go through it on my life, ever again..

Suru said...

Thankfully I don't get those facebook emails as much anymore... I'm so late to comment :(

Ms. 'dufa said...

LOL...I feel so shy...i just realised that the link insn't working..dang! my whole blog is upside down all in the name of trying to put a new template.

Splash said...

i have received enough of those messages and it's so so pissing! the pictures nko? nothing to write home about. i just delete pronto.

shame on you. but you are forgiven for suspecting us.

really like the song.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Juilet princess! The name sef! That's crazy. LOL@proposing on FB. The random messages are so crazy! FB don tire me sef.

Neo said...

That Neo girl has noted that ppl cannot comment on her blog and does not know y o! Yes o leggy one!
@Ms Dufa i think we have the same problem, all in the name of funkyfying my blog! Chai, is there a god of blogsville we can appease somewhere???

Neo said...

Eureka! I have resolved the issues with my comment link. please feel free to stop by and comment away.
@Ms Dufa, have u resolved urs?

BSNC said...

butter and chari, is that true. this is news to me ohh.

princess juilet instead, all scamm hisss.

rayo said...

abeg hope Dufa read this oh. i thot twas jst me it hapnd to on her blog...
so girls do this stuff tooo, jeez u shld c my fb inbox nd friend requests, all sorts of nonsense msgs. annoying.

Rose said...

LMBO!!..That's Hilarious Mehn..

kay9 said...

Juliet Princess... teeheeehee! Scope 101.

faB!! said...

I love that Wale Chillin song tooo. Too much sef. I'm addicted....lol!!

All those random Facebook boys r so annoying. They don tire me finish. i seriously can't stand them.
When I get such messages on FB, I just ignore them cos replying them would give them room for discussion which my mind is too busy accommodate.

gwynne said...

its crazy,y cnt guyz just send friend requests without adding rubbish msgs to it.
1 dude has bin snding msgs to my inbox on FB,gt so bad,he sent me his contacts to add him to my yahoo msger.me,i left his msgs as unread,he's lucky my MR B has nt had time for me and my FB,he will smell pepper,foolish boyz.

Elusivebabe said...


I actually Laughed out loud at the juliet princess bit. Was tempted to type "LWKMD" but i've yapped ppl that use it so I can't...lol.

Welcome to the 21st century homie. Babes are really stepping up their game! Kudos to the babe mehn...*giggle*

@ Penelope..never!? Hmm..when I grow up I want to be like you oh. As per the facebook! I'm getting there slowly sha...lol

Hmmmm..I don't get requests from razzites...just friends of friends & etc. I guess my name definitely isnt one they would be typing!

GiDiPwInCeSs said...

ive got to hand it to u!!! of all the razzest ones ive come by... urs carries 1st place!!!!!!!! u better look for her in gidi and claim ur princess!!!!!!..
again... im suspecting its a yahoo scam... fall in love with the babe...send money...tell her to send a photo... she might send one of ini edo...lol!!

Anonymous said...

wait....I never get messages like this....WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bonnie said...

lmao @ ini mini mini mo...LOL! wow how did you even remember that?!?

and omg! at Juliet Princess...odikwa serious. you know it might even be a 'HE' with real name: Romeo Prince.

bob-ij said...

Scribbles your blog wasn't allowing me either but I'm a fighter hehehe... The "baby" part irks me..I;m so glad I changed my settings on facebook, No one can search for me and non one can add me...Life is so simple..no more bad feeling for ignoring friend requests!! yay! but really how do those guys do it... LOL @ "ni-mini-myni-mo to d more ajebo ones " Scribbles and those of us that know both??


Buttercup said...

Ah, I've made my profile available to my friends ONLY..the stupid messages and requests were increasing by the second..mschew! Lol @ glancing at Buttercup and Chari! I'd normally ignore but Chari was rather smooth..hehehe. Argh, Man Utd! I hate to admit it but we are lost without my ex boo! :( . Make we dey look sha..

Buttercup said...

I spoke too soon! 5 goals! 5 freaking away goals! WOOHOO!!!!!

Sir Scribbles II said...

@David: My broda thrue talk, but na every man to en tent and sometime d women who get this kinda attention don't even want it sef...ironic yes?

@Moni: ahn ahn|! how far gaga na? if it's true then dat's just conceited. lol@ Romeo prince...I actually wanted to put that in d post but it sounded to cheesy to go in...i see we think alike lol

@Leggy: coem can't u be ncei leggychukwu...we don't tolerate dat kind of tone here o!

@iphy: which honourable sent you that message please lol. Omo na die oh! I see u want dem to kill me, how will u say juliet princess was made for me biko?

@Chari: Chari why u dey vex na? I dey even give u props sef...*shakes head* ungratefull pple everywhere lol

@Nice Anon: well hope CR7 saw us take out wigan mehn! didn't even watch d match but i'm glued to my tv until they show d highlights

@Trybes: it's like d thing has sections, on one side u have d sane pple and on the other side you have d lunatics

@Suru: better late and never Suru! I'm even considering leaving facebook u know

@Ms. Dufa: U r forgiven my dear no worries. FB don tire me too, the fad has died for me and now i'm even considering leaving it altogether

@Splash: shey I sadi sorry na, why u dey attack me now ehn. I say i pity u girls seriously cos it must be so annoying

@BSNC: Omo na wetin i hear o, one pesin tell one pesin wey tell tow pesin wey tell me sey na so dem jam

@rayo: I think this one was a scam sha cos it was too disorganisd and generic to be for just one person

@kay9: the pesin think sey i be mugu nonsense

@Rose: ...and annoying

@Elusivebabe: ur blog exodus is not appreciated you know..just so u know. Juliet princess thinks I'm thick i swear, as if i'll fall 4 dat and FB is becoming a hunting ground now u knwo...women beware

@fab!: I know, it must be friggin annoying, me i dey evn fear to send requests to my firends cos everybody is consideree as annoying now oh!

@gwynne: lol I say FB is a hunting ground for the very desperate men and it's true.

@Gidiprincess: LOL!dis one that u have directed me to gidi to get my princess..*raise eyebrow*...u r my prime suspect mehn

@Temite: u know ey ur own dey alwats different lol. Don't worry ur own is coming

@bonnie: Omo whether it's a he or she me no send...d message is too razz for my concern

@bob-ij: LOL! u r feeling like a razz-posh shey? You have just gone all out on dem razz peeps shey? I liek ur attitude lol

@Buttercup: OMO we r too much, d one match i didn't watch nd we nearly kill Wigan...waiting for highlights sha

G-FUNC said...

oh boy where you dey now
how many days now you never blog
wetin dey do you? eh
no try be like me oh
e no go favour you
e go just surprise you sey all your followers go dey come my blog you never hear sey I donn buy that your blogging machine thingy and oh boy the thing dey work die
daily blog visits increased from 1 to 4 in two weeks now can you beat that it was a bloody 300% increase

don't say I didn't warn you sha at the rate I'm going I could have 28 1/2 followers by 2015