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Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Friends, Sex & tings

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It's the age old question peeps, Can a guy and a girl be friends without any sexual tension between them? Can a girl have a guy as a "BFF", as some would like to call it, without any underlying sexual intent? I think it's possible but rare. I think it's actually possible for a guy and girl to be really close friends without thinking about shagging each other. So why do I say it's rare then? Simple, cos Sex is everywhere? It's on TV, it's in games, newspapers and billboards. Sex is everywhere these days and you'd have to be either blind or one hell of a prude not to even have a glancing thought about it. I think it's harder for boys and girls to have that ultimate agape friendship these days because the only way you can escape all the subtle sexually suggestive devices in this world is to lock yourself in a cage buried 10ft in the ground. In my opinion, there are some factors that a totally sexless friendship are based one. It's either:

You've been friends since you were kids and you see each other like family. The mere thought of shagging each other feels like incest and makes you want to barf your entrails and hang yourself with a noose made from your own intestines


You look smoking hot and the other friend in question looks like calligraphy done by a drunk chicken. You love this friend to pieces but you can't imagine having anything sexual to do with them cos you've imagined what their face would look like if it was at the height of sexual pleasure and your imagination started to cry cos of what you saw.


You've known this friend for ages and you've seen him or her slip in and out of relationships like a loose condom on a wingwong. You have given this friend so much advice, comfort and criticism concerning boys/girls that you can't even imagine sleeping with them either because it would just make the whole friendship weird/hypocritical or because you think they've got some deadly STD.

These are just some of reasons I think a boy and girl can remain close friends, BFFs if you will, without any sexual tension between them. If you look at it from another angle, the reasons I gave can also pass for reasons why any one of the parties is always thinking about boning their close friend. You've been friends since childhood? I know a girl who almost got raped by her best friend. One of you is ugly as hell? All the more reason for the ugly one to consider rape. Been with too many people and you're not sure if it's a good idea? Yeah rite, cos rational thinking beats sex everything right? The truth is friendship is a risky business and underlying sexual tension is just one of the risks that come with the job. If you have a close friendship with someone that is completely devoid of sexual tension then brilliant. However, sexual tension between friends is not a bad thing and it only shows you both are human. How you handle that tension is what really matters.

Ps: I'm down with the flu and as usual it's reduced me to a misreable snivelling bag of phlegm.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Your hair has a name?!

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Wonders will never cease! I've heard a lot of interesting and shocking things in this life but the info. I stumbled upon a few nights ago was numbing simply cos it's something that's been all around me and I never noticed. This is the convo that initiated everything and it's between two members of my Twitfam on Twitter:

@tammywarmate to @MsItoro "omg i love ur hair! what is the name of ur weave??"

I was dumbstruck and thought it was a typo to be honest so I decided to clarify:

@Sir_Scribbles to @tammywarmate & @MsItoro "...they have names?"

The replies I got afterwards shocked me. Apparently women have names for their weaves?!! How is that even possible? I was numb I swear! I thought it was some sort of joke and was expecting someone to go "Psych! It's all Jokes Scribbles!". I decided to dig deeper into this weave naming conspiracy and I was hit with another bombshell. The weaves have codes...FRIGGIN CODES!!!!! I was told the codes were used to tell different colours apart and using my valuable sources and impressive analytical skills I gathered some of the names . Here they are with traditional Scribble-terpretations:

Wet & Wavy: I've seen women go mental when water touches their weave and I'm assuming the Wet & Wavy weave is water resistant or something. On the other hand, this just sounds like a sex position involving a water bed.

Beverly Johnson: Who is Beverly Johnson and why is a weave named after her? Have you heard of her before? Cos I haven't. Is it her hair that's being chopped off and glued/stitched together to make the weave? Someone please enlighten me! Tell me why this seemingly non-existent person has a weave named after her and Optimus Prime hasn't got a weave named after him?! If Beverly's got a weave then Optimus should as well.

American express: There's even a weave named after a credit card? Now I understand why the weaves have PIN codes. I can imagine a chick at a store paying for a pair of shoes by feeding her Black & Ox Blood mix weave into the card machine and entering 0350 as her PIN.

Ultra plus: This one sounds like a power-up move in Street fighter. Some female character in the game charges up, screams "Ultra plus!!!" and unleashes a special move where her weave starts hitting you with dandruff the size of golfballs. Instant KO!

Unique weave: I'm guessing the manufacturers realised the numerous "exciting" names that already existed and thought they'd keep it short and simple. Either that or they were just too friggin lazy to think for an outlandish name for their weave

Russian Virgin Remy hair: I understand why Remy decided to share his/her hair with the rest of the world, it's because he/she is a communist. He/she probably believes in the communist ideology and now practices it by allowing his/her hair to be distributed globally. Remy, communism is so 1917, quit with the follicle distribution and go get laid!

Darling Yaky: From what I heard this is a very razz weave and the "posh" ones among the female folk don't think it's any good. Why the hell is it called darling then? If you don't think it's a good or pretty weave then darling isn't the most appropriate term for addressing the weave now is it?. I suggest "Dreadful Yaky" "Gruesome Yaky" "Horrible Yaky" & "Ojuju Yaky".

There's no way I could have put up all the names I discovered and even as I was typing this more aspects of this hair naming conspiracy were being revealed to me. In addition to the hair names and colour codes there are also length codes?! My people I am weak! I say I don weak. I don't know whether to feel ignorant for not knowing or thankful that I don't have to memorise names, colour codes and length codes. Ladies, respect! Una dey try I swear!

Monday, 15 March 2010

Old loves & Hate...

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Seeing as I'm going back to my old loves I've decided to blog as often as an idea hits me. I was doing a little introspection a while back and realised I was tired of the Spoof Ads and the Celebrity blog brawls campaign. I can't explain it really but I feel it's time to rummage deeper into myself and blog about things that mean more to my readers than just a few laughs. The things is, no matter what I talk about there'll always be an element of humour in it because that is how I'm built. I'm not saying the old Sir Scribbles is obsolete and I'm not saying there's a new one either. See it as a remodelling process where I, Sir Scribbles, add and remove things that I consider necessities and excess respectively.

First order of business, I've changed my blog theme...again. Within the last 24hrs I've changed it about 10 times trying to find a new theme that fits the blog and me. I know some of you preferred the theme that had that kid with the headphones at the top but I needed to change the theme because it felt like I'd been wearing the same clothes for ages. I thought I'd found the perfect theme last night but I didn't like some of the feedback I got so I've chosen this one and it's probably the last one I'll try out so if you no like am you're going to have to deal with it because I no get energy to theme-hunt anymore. I say that with love though.

Speaking of love, is it alright to hate someone? I asked this question on Twitter and got some interesting responses. Some people thought it was okay to hate someone if the person did something heinous to you or your family while some thought hate only felt appropriate at that very moment when whatever had been done had the most effect. Someone also said that at that very moment when you feel hatred for someone it is not that person you hate but the situation. At the moment I am still trying to decipher that response. Finally, someone said hate was too strong a word and should be replaced with "Strong dislike" or "Loathe". What do you think? Is it okay to hate someone or is hate too strong to use on anyone? Cats hate dogs, Jews hated Hilter and Decepticons hate Autobots, are all of them wrong?

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Back to old loves

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Wagwan peeps?! I know it's been a while and I sincerely apologise for the inconsistent updates. I've had a lot of things to deal with lately and blogging seemed more like a burden to me. However, in light of recent events I've decided to go back to the things I love, the things that made me happy and the things that compensated for all the nastiness planet earth has to offer. I'm close to a rant at the moment so I'll change the topic before I bore you.

I'm moving house Ladies and Gentlemen! I'm so excited and I keep daydreaming about how life in the new crib is going to be. Found a nice flat with my Sister in Essex and I couldn't believe how lucky we were to get such a nice flat in that area. Anyway, I just thought I'd let the blogfam know in case you want to pay a visit to Ol' Scribz. Please note that my cooking skills are abysmal so bring your own food and drinks sha! If you like pretend you didn't see the last sentence and come over empty handed, it's me and you that'll count the tiles on the kitchen floor until hunger kills you.

I'm officially a believer in Karma. Well not Karma in the religious sense but in theory. I use to think that if you did enough good it'd outweigh a bad thing that haunted you but that's not the way life works I guess. I've realised the authenticity in "You reap what you sow" and I've defintely reaped exactly what I sowed. The thing is, if you get a consequence for every action then mistakes become something you fear to make. I thought life was about making mistakes and learning from then? Isn't it? So why then those a mistake have to have a consequence that somehow feels unfair and irrational? It's probably because a mistake without consequence eliminates the ability to learn and grow. If we didn't get punished for bad decisions and unjust actions then we'd have no reason to fear repercussions. It's funny how I'm asking myself, and you, questions I already know the answers to right? You reap what you sow Ladies and Gentlemen and life is not the least bit lenient with that rule.

I really hope I can keep up with the updates now that I'm more organised and clear headed. Sometimes it's hard to believe that the people who smile and laugh all the time have issues of their own to deal with and sometimes constant outward joy sends a false message of perfection. I'm going back to my old loves people and I hope they take me back.