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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Transformers: Obi's H.E.A.D. I

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6:34pm. Somto slowly walked home, he recounted how dreadfully boring another day at college had been. He'd managed to muster no motivation for school so far, nothing in general excited him anymore and once again, he felt like his sanity was gradually sipping away courtesy of his constantly dreary life. He tapped a button on his phone, stared at the screen for a few seconds and let out a defeating sigh. "No mentions. No DMs" he said to himself. as much as nothing mattered to him anymore, it also seemed like he didn't matter to anyone either. He arrived at the gate to the house and banged on it, waiting for d gateman to respond. As Kasali unbolted the gate's locks, Somto noticed the police car parked across the street with its tinted windows. "...still there sha...weird" he thought as he once again tried to catch a glimpse of the driver through the tinted windows but couldn't. He'd noticed it 3 days ago and thought it was just making a routine patrol of the neighbourhood but it had parked and not moved from that spot since. Kasali opened the gate, distracting Somto from present thought, and greeted him with his trademark "welcome small oga." Somto walked past the gateman, who looked slightly irritated and hasty, and entered the house with only food & sleep on his mind. Kasali, relieved to see the back of Somto, locked the gate and returned to the Indian porn VCD which small oga had rudely interrupted. Somto made his way to the kitchen, mentally noting the voices in the living room, and as he pulled out a pot, plate and 3 satchets of Indomie noodles, he realised the voices belonged to his father and Uncle Obi. Somto urged himself to pop into d living room to say hello but the need to feed himself and sleep wouldn't permit any detours tonight. 5 minutes later, with a bowl of steamy indomie in one hand and a glass of water in the other, he retired to his bedroom for what would be an almost acceptable end to another boring day. Meanwhile, the parked Police Car, which hadn't moved in three days started it's engine....

Obi could only pray it was safe. He'd handed over 2 suitcases and a large cannister to his brother for safe keeping but made sure he convinced him it was merely excess luggage which he could not take with him on his little vacation to London. Obi knew it was the only he he could guarantee it's safety and hopefully, if he hadn't been followed, it would stay safe in his brother's care until it was needed. "Heaven forbid it fall into their hands....." he thought, as he drove out through his brother's gate and sped off towards the airport. He loved his brother dearly but he knew secrecy was the only way to ensure the item's safety and ossibly the safety of mankind. His conscience tore at him like a invisible beast and deep down, a pestering voice reminded him that he had possibly put the his brother's entire household in danger. He glanced at the rearview mirror and spotted a police car, with tinted windows behind him. His gazed returned to the road ahead momentarily before quickly snapping back to the rear-view mirror again. "CHINEKE!" he screamed as the police car passed under a lit streetlight and he recognised the glinting insignia on its bonnet. He planted his foot firmly on the accelarator and the needle on the speedometer swung across the dial. Obi swung his steering hands to the right, hurling his 1997 Peugeot 504 into a right turn as it's tyres screeched on the road beneath. He looked up at the red light he'd just sped past and then behind to see the Police car speedily giving chase and just then, he felt a sudden crushing pain in the left side of his body just before his world went dark. The Tanker had come out of nowhere and smashed into the left side of the Peugeot hurling a grotesque mixture of metal, flesh and blood through it's passernger window. The Tanker screeched to a halt and as onlookers gathered and gasped at Obi's bloody carcase in the driver's seat, The Police Car pulled up behind the wreckage....

"Eguje transmitting.......
Target Obi: Terminated........
Scanning for H.E.A.D...................N/A. H.E.A.D not found.
Awaiting orders...."

None of the onlookers heard the car's transmission but and some started to wonder why a Police car was parked so idly at the scene of an accident. A few seconds later, it received a response

"Transmission received.
If H.E.A.D is not with Dr. Obi then he must have left it at his last location.
Return to the Okoro residence and retrieve it at all cost.
End Transmission"

Egujecon screeched into a 180 degree turn and sped down the road back to the Okoro's. It weaved past other vehicles whose drivers honked their horns in complaint, and swerved away from screaming pedestrians who scuttled to pavements to avoid the speeding police car.

"Orders confirmed.
Enroute: Okonkwo residence. H.E.A.D must be retrieved.
All Hail Euchariatron"

Back at the Okoro residence, Somto's had awoken with a thirst. He made is way down to the kitchen and noticed the odd looking cylindrical cannister on the dining table. Curiosty overtook thirst now and he grabbed the cannister, twisted the top off, turned it upside down and tap it's bottom until an odd looking spherical item fell onto the table. It was an odd looking thing with weird markings across the surface. Somto picked it up and stared at it confusingly for a few minutes before it suddenly started vibrating in his hands and glowing. Somto, confused and curious now, attempted to recognise the markings on the sphere and at that very moment, a yellow & black taxi crashed through the kitchen wall. It stopped in the middle of the room amidst a pile of rubble and Somto watched as the cab creaked and twisted until bonnet broke apart into chestplate, tires flipped into ankles and what was a cab a few seconds ago, had now become a Huge Robot crouched in the kitchen possibly to avoid destroying the ceiling.

"Somto Okoro?" It asked. Somto, frozen with fright, stared back without reply. "Are you Somto Okoro? Do you have H.E.A.D?"

"ye-ye-yes...I'm Somto. What the hell.....wetin be dis? What the hell are you?!"

The Robot glanced at Somto's hand, spotted the sphere and immediately shifted back into it's previous yellow and black cab form. Somto could hear Kasali screaming in hausa outside the house but his mind was far more interested in the Robot-car transformation going on in the kitchen. The passenger door opened by itself and the car spoke more urgently this time...

"Your life is in danger Somto. You must come with me now. Get in now"

"Come with you where?" Somto asked, clutching the sphere close to his chest. "Na so people go just enter moto wey dey change to Robot abi? What is going on?"

Before the cab could reply, a burning bright wave of light shot through the kitchen wall, past Somto and hit the wall behind him. A series of shots followed and Somto caught a glimspe of what looked like another Robot, with Police car parts and markings, running towards the house.

"SOMTO! get in the car now!" commanded the cab.

Somto dove into the gaping passernger's seat and as the door shut behind him, the cab reversed out of the kitchen, slammed into the shins of the oncoming Police car robot and sent it tumbling over them. The cab spun the other way and accelearated out of the Okoro residence as a watching Kasali wailed "AHHH! Gaskiya Oga go kill am por me tomorrow. Kai!". Somto stuck his head out of the window to see the other robot shift into a familiar looking Police Car and speed after them.

"WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?!" screamed Somto. "Abeg wetin be all dis one now? what are you?!"

"That was an Anunobicon Somto. I am Gidi-Bee and you need to hold onto that sphere tight and brace yourself. Eguje can be very persistent...."


briefessentials said...

Very interesting post.. When are you publishing the next episode? We can't wait.

Myne Whitman said...

Long time, you always deliver your punches, lol...

EyeVee said...

Lmao....I love dis.

BBB said...

yay welcome back!!!
you and transformers ehn!!!
i cant wait for the next one, pls abeg dont keep us too long oh!!!

Euchariatron, anunobicon , egunje??? lmao i just cant with you

Loving it

Laurenta said...

Yay!!!!! you are back!!!!
loving iT!!!!!

how did u think this up

~B~ said...

LOL! Robby ohhh!
I died at 'Euchariatron'
Welcome back!

CeeJay John Nweke said...

Euchariatron? Anunobicon? Good stuff man! The things that go on in ur head mehn....

bizkit said...

I am Gidi-Bee . LmAO

Dude wer hav u been, i Hav been Blog-Starved. Nice Storiiie