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Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Transformers: Obi's H.E.A.D. II

18:01 Posted by Sir Scribbles 35 comments
Episode Recap:
Dr. Saint Obi: Formerly in possession of the Sphere but killed while being pursued by Eguje
Eguje: Anunobicon who transforms into a Police car. Ordered to retrieve H.E.A.D. at all costs
Somto Okoro: Nephew of Dr. Saint Obi and currently in possession of The Sphere
Gidibee: Robot who transforms into a Yellow Black Taxi. Currently protecting H.E.A.D & Somto from Eguje.

and now for Part 2.....

Somto sat back in the passenger seat of what he now knew as a talking robot transforming taxi cab, GidiBee, speeding down the highway with a another transforming robot car in hot pursuit. A little light on Gidibee's dashboard lit up and "PING!!" flashed across the windshield followed by "Gidibee! Is the sphere secure?". 'I think someone's.....texting you?" Somto said. Gidibee remained silent but another message typed it's way onto the screen "Yes Prime. I've gotten H.E.A.D. Currently in my possession as well as the nephew but...", a second reply followed "...Eguje is in pursuit. Rendevous after neutralisation Brb". Seconds later, a reply flashed on the screen, "be careful Gidibee. Protect the sphere and Somto at all costs. Ttyl". Gidibee sped into a junction and swerved left, screeching tyres leaving a thick scent of burning rubber, "Somto, I need to draw Eguje away from innocent civilians. Geo-scans of the area show an abandoned construction site 0.5miles from our position so that's where were headed. Hold on"

They crashed through the loosely chained gate of the construction yard and Gidibee sped towards a dusty skip at the end of the yard. The passenger door popped open and he swerved infront of the skip tossing Somto through the open door onto the a pile of abandoned timber and mattresses in it. "Take cover and wait Somto. Keep the sphere safe and stay low until I'm done" said Gidibee as he shifted into Robot form and aimed at the construction yard entrance with a massive revolving canon which had egressed from his right arm. Eguje sped into the yard and Gidibee fired several shots at the pursuing Anunobicon who veered, transformed mid-drive and rolled under the last 2 shota before diving headfirst into Gidibee's midsection sending the grunting yellow & black robot crashing into the uncompleted building behind. Somto watched as Eguje threw punches at Gidibee who blocked and ducked each one before landing a metal crunching uppercut, sending the Anunobicon flying backwards. Eguje rolled to its feet, pulled out a canon from it's left thigh and shot at Gidibee who took cover behind subsequent pillars as Eguje blasted each one to bits. The Anunobicon charged at him shooting as Gidibee pulled out a thick metal rod from an uncompleted pillar and hurled it at Eguje, spearing him in d shoulder. He pulled out the rod from his shoulder, which bled sparks and pieces of metal, just in time to parry a Gidibee left hook but not the following midriff kick which sent the anunobicon staggering backwards. Eguje fired at the advancing Gidibee who deftly sidestep the shot, grabbed its firing arm and crashed his elbow into it, severing it from Eguje's body. He then grabbed the severed arm and swung it at Eguje, smacking the damaged Anunobicon in the face. The defiant one-armed Anunobicon threw a fleeting punch at Gidibee who leaned away from it and blasted the arm off with a severing canon shot to the shoulder. The armless Eguje feebly kicked Gidibee backwards & shifted back into its police car form, in an attempt to escape but it was futile as Gidibee took aim and fired a flurry of shots landing scorching hits on the fleeing police car which flipped and spun with each hit before hitting the ground as a lifeless heap of metal. Somto, still hiding in the skip, emerged with the sphere in hand as Gidibee approached him with his canon retracting back into his right arm. "Are you ok Somto?" He asked. "I'm fine" Somto replied, staring at d downed Anunobicon, "...that was friggin amazing!!". "Thank you but we must move quickly and rendevous with the others" said Gidibee as he shifted back into the yellow and black taxi cab. Somto slid into d passenger seat and they pulled out of the construction yard and drove off.

They'd parked in large backalley and Somto stood beside Gidibee while he transformed into Robot form, pulled out a little black device from its left wrist and began typing on it "Wait while I ping the others" said Gidibee. A few minutes later, Somto heard the sound of approaching vehicles and a series of bright headlights appear at the other end of the alley. As they got closer, Somto recognised each vehicle: a silver Honda Accord on the far left, a black Hummer right beside it, a red volkswagen Camper on the far right and Big blue Tipper with a red bonnet in the centre. The vehicles stopped a few yards from Somto and Gidibee with d Tipper further forward than the rest and, just like Gidibee and Eguje, they transformed. The Accord shifted into a mid-sized robot who stepped over to the wall on his right and leaned on it playing what sounded like "Bad Guy". The Camper shifted into a larger-sized robot and step forward towards Somto. The Hummer transformered into a bulkier Robot than the last two and finally the Tipper transformed into a gigantic Robot who walked towards Somto, crouched and spoke

"Good evening Somto Okoro" it said.

"....Goo-good evening..." replied a stuttering Somto.

"Do not be afraid. We mean you no harm" said the Tipper robot.

"err ok. Shey you will explain what's been going on abi? cos one minute I'm getting a glass of water at home and the next, I'm being chased by a crazy police car robot and watching two robots beat the crap out of each other from the comfort of a skip".

"All will be explained soon Somto. Do you have the sphere?" asked the Tipper.

"Yes I do" replied somto, handing over the seemingly coveted object to him. The robot took the sphere and latched it onto an exposure in its chest which clamped the sphere down.

"Finally brothers, we've retrieved H.E.A.D. Please Somto, permit me to introduce ourselves." He turned to the accompanying robots and began:

"We are the Lasmabots. This is 2-Shot" pointing at the Hummer Robot to his right. "My Lieutenant and our weapons expert. We've seen many battles together and he's both a fine soldier and a loyal friend" 2-Shot pulled out massive glowing canons on each of his arms and looked at each of them before staring at Somto saying "..492 and countinng....".

"He's been keeping count of the number of Anunobicons he's deautomated." said Egbon who proceeded to his left, "This is Panelbeater, our chief medical officer. Many Lasmabots have been saved from de-automation thanks of him. Panelbeater, who'd been approached by Gidibee, seemed to be scanning his fellow Lasmabot. He nodded at Somto and said to Gidibee "No serious damage detected Gidibee. Nice work"

Egbon continued, "Our intelligence expert, Diskus" gesturing to the leaning Honda Accord robot who immediately stopped the playing music and sprang towards them on introduction "Yes boss!" Diskus said. "How far Somto wetin dey happen? I hear sey you and Gidibee enter small gbese before. Gidibee handle the situation like a boss abi? Sure bot!"

"Where did you learn to talk like that" asked Somto, to which Egbon replied. "Gidilounge. He's spent quite some time studying human culture and communication. Apparently this language & English are the most common syntax of communication." Suddenly the music started playing again "Yes boss" said Diskus "Somto no worry, boyz don show and Egbon dey your side so, nothing dey happen."

Egbon proceed "You've already met our recon officer Gidibee. I am Egbon Prime, leader of the Lasmabots. We have come here from our home planet Alabatron in search of this sphere, the Hyper Evo-Alabatron Database or H.E.A.D. You must have a lot of questions and hopefully this will answer them"."Alabatron was once a peaceful planet where our race flourished for many megacenturies, surviving on our power source, Alomogeon. As our technology and intelligence evolved, a rogue faction called the Anunobicons, led by the malevolent Eucharitron, sought to seize power of our planet, all its Alomogeon and thereafter, the galaxy. We, the Lasmabots, chose to fight back and thus began the Alabatronian civil war. We fought for many centuries and inevitably depleted our planets resources, draining it of all its Alomogeon. In the end, our planet could no longer sustain our race and the battles between the Lasmabots and Anunobicons spread to other parts of the galaxy. This sphere is the origin of our planet. It is the pinnacle of Alabatronian engineering and contains the purest known form of Alomogeon. It basically holds the key to saving Alabatron. Many years ago, the first Prime, Arugbo Prime, embarked on a mission to discover a planet void of life so we could rebuild Alabatron with the sphere. However he was ambushed by Euchariatron and his fiendish Anunobicons before he could locate a viable uninhabited planet. He fought valiantly and managed to fend them off but was mortally wounded and couldn't complete his mission. He made it to earth and that's where your uncle, Dr. Saint Obi, through circumstances we are not quit certain of yet, found him and the sphere. We sent Gidibee in search of both of them and after searching countless planets, he tracked them down to Earth but only found Arugbo's crashed ship which was void of both Arugbo and the Sphere. We had hoped the knowledge of its location was only known to us but after Gidibee encountered Anunobicon presence on earth, he pinged us for reinforcements. The Anunobicon you encountered earlier was Euchariatron's, as human's call it, hitman. A ruthless assassin who was probably ordered to retrieve the sphere too and even though Gidibee handled Eguje, I fear Euchariatron will not be so easily swept aside"

"Seeeeeeeeen" said Somto, who had been listening intently. "So basically, that thing I was carry about is capable if birthing a planet? Na wa! and Gidibee tossed me into a skip with it in my hands? what if it had exploded or something? hmmmmm!. Ok so now that you have it, what will you do next?". he asked

"I'm hoping we can use the sphere's original schematic to rebuild our planet somwhere else. Euchariatron seeks to use Earth as a draft from Alabatron, wiping away humanity and replacing it with Alabatronians. Dr Obi had transcribed Alabatronian text he received from Arugbo Prime before he died and the schematics of the sphere must have been in his possession."

"Err..schematics?" asked a puzzled Somto. "Nope. No idea about that. I did notice some suitcases back home when I first saw the sphere though"
"Then they must still be in those suitcases. We must head back to your residence and retrieve them before Euchariatrtron. If Eguje knew the sphere was at your house then the other Aninobicons must have been informed too. We must......." Egbon paused mid-setence, staring intensely behind him...

"What is it Egbon" asked Panelbeater.

"LASMABOTS!!..." bellowed Egbon, who had suddenly unsheathed a glowing matchet from his right hand and had a massive canon in the other. "Battle formation! We have company...."


@monteaguh said...

Egbon you don come again oh

honey91 said...

I seriously never saw this coming.
Well done, I'm hooked!

Laurenta said...

im loving the detail put into the action
well done

Anonymous said...

naija version of voltron abi? Love the narrative sha. Lets try getting it into a movie, shall we? Lol

Anonymous said...


bizkit said...

Yay! Awesomeness! dat means der's so gonna b a Part 3 ryt. Was just wishin I cud sketch, wud luv 2 c GidiBee come to life!

@Anonymous post w.r.t Voltorn. . . sMh!

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rhymeup said...

This is the bizniss...cant wait for the remaining parts.

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Anonymous said...

LMAO!Who is Royal Scribbles?!Dude is crazy awesome.....

Anonymous said...

LMAO!Who is Royal Scribbles?!Dude is crazy awesome.....

Outlier said...

u are really crazy on twitter nd up in here,just followed u here sha...u in real life must be something else.

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