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Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Crap or Compos?

08:41 Posted by Sir Scribbles 24 comments
Crap or Compos? I came across this test while wandering round the internet. Wat do u think? it is a load of bullcrap or is there some sense to it?...I thot it was crap btw!

Crap or Compos? The kids in the UK are just so friggin dull, like it's all doom and gloom with them. The only time you can ever see a couple of teenagers simply chatting and laughing is when they are either talking about sex, taking drugs, drunk and absolutely blitzed, planning to shank(stab) someone
or doing all four at the same time. A friend of mine said that the problem is in the society as a whole and we should blame the suggestive movies, the violent video games and the explicit songs, isn't dat just a load of crap? aren't these movies, songs and video games the same ones youths in Naija come in contact with? It's not like David Banners 'Play' was censored for Nigerians or the movie Bruno had some scenes deleted for the african consumer. How can u blame the shooting of school kids on a computer game? or an increase in sexually active youths on a 50 cent music video? I went to school wiv a lot of pple who played video games and there was never an incident where I had to duck under a desk and jump through a glass window cos my classmate had opened fire on us in the middle of our social studies class. In Uni I had a friend who listened to a lot of hard rock and heavy metal but I was never worried that he'd snap one day and start stabbing his roomates, he was 3 playlists away from atheism but miles away from committing suicide...although he did like to cut himself...I shud probably give him a call...see if he's still alive...

Crap or Compos? A couple of days ago my Uncle asked me if I'd heard of a movie called District 9. Now I was shocked cos he never asks me about movies and all of us simply assume that when technology advanced 4rm VHS to DVD he was left behind in d aftermath. I told him I'd seen the movie and in my mind I already knew where the conversation was going. "Some of the pple in the office said it was rascist and nigerians were insulted, is that true?" he asks. Somewhere among the words I will type now was my answer...
Now when I saw District 9 I was tempted to scream foul play but after reconsideration I realised dat the only thing dat felt offensive was d fact that the name of dude in the wheelchair was Obansajo, it was slightest offensive to me but majorly it was hilarious. Apart 4rm dat I actually saw no real insult in the movie. I think pple just like to get worked up on neglible issues and chat shit just to stir up controversy, some pple just like to play the victim all d time cos they love to complain and send invites to their pity parties. Why are Nigerians making so much noise when the pple who shud be pissed are the South Africans, I hope I wasn't the only one who noticed the clever way the writers of the movie disguised South Africa's xenophobia issues under the veil of Aliens vs. Human movie cliches. That is basically what the movie is about and if you really want something to point at and scream racism to then turn to your neighbour and ask them why there isn't a black teletubby. If u feel slighted that we were potrayed as gangsters, arms dealers, scammers and practitioners of witchcraft then u obviously haven't read a Vanguard, Sun, Punch or This day newspaper in a while.


HYAW said...

first of all, i am first!!!

Anonymous said...

i actually thought the movie was racist...i mean that movie is fiction and about aliens why the hell would you put a real countries name as the villian?biko i found it very ofensive and the movie was even banned in nigeria sef to start with.
im tired of people blaming things that happen in civilized countries on childhood...dont even get me started.
and that test up there...a bunch of crap.
these days everyone in all of these so called civilised countries have some kinda of mental disorder..im not about to start taking a test that suggest i have one too.

Controversy said...

hahahahhaa @ 3 playlists away from atheism.
Damn i listen to rock to, does that mean am some playlists away from atheism as well?
Nah mehn scribbles fashi that side, district 9 had me havin a bad taste in my mind. Am not eeeven one to talk about racism much. I watched that movie @ a midnight screenin because my friend works @ a movie theater. Three nigerians came with me to watch that movie and we all felt the same way

Myne Whitman said...

I'm about agreeing with your numbers test, but I'll give it to someone else first. See if my eyes are deceiving me. Hmmm..

I agree with ppl who say western kids are affected bu the violent culture in movies, music and games. But only up to a point. The other part is the family/parents/society has given up their own role as guardians/guidance. Which is why most of urban naija is still sane. We may be getting there though, about your self-harming friend. Hmmm

District 9, I watched it. Enjoyed it but felt it was lazy writing, not necessarily racist. Maybe a little. Otherwise indifferent. It's just another Hollywood sci-fi.

kay9 said...

Load of crap!! I could see all but no.5 - and that makes me, err, what again? Latent homosexual? Lol, somebody missed his medication!

I haven't seen District 9, and frankly i'm not interested in doing so. Why? I dunno, story-line doesn't catch my fancy. But hey, anyone who doesn't like the movie can go make his own, easy.

kay9 said...
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Lady X said...

Mehn I can't see the number in Circle 5 o! And that District 9 movie! KAI! South Africans are zenophobic! WTH was that! It was a direct attack on Nigerians o! They need to stop saying it was just a movie!

Fabulo-la said...

Are u calling me homosexual?

Om days scribbles, i so def agree with you!
Afterall Americans have been insulting mexicans and chinese pple for years kwa?

We all just need to take a freaking CHILL pill jo.

chayoma said...

Okay the test thingy, an eye test for cone deficiencies related to color vision deficiencies. Thank my Physiology classes, they r definitely paying off will not go into details b4 i bore y'all.
Didn't they ban District 9 from playing in Naija? the part that got me is calling the leader by a prominent actual (not fiction) ex-LEADER of the country in question. that was not neccessary. they can jab their presidents all they like, but shld respect our boundaries. That was soo NOT called for.

Anonymous said...

lol.. there's no black teletubby because when they started making the show, black people were not gay!

Devine said...

im sori jo, ive been reading all ur posts bt sm always happens when its time for me to comment
plus ur fast isnt over o, havent seen u on my blog yet......now u have to bring 3 hite goats, a cub, 19 tubs of ice cream, bread, pref, white, eggs, 5 crates, hm, what else did i want to get today?lol
lol, why isnt there a blck teletubby?

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

i could see all clearly except 5 which i think is "88".
anyways, haven't seen the movie and i'm not interested.
the name has never appealed to me and it won't...
hope you are good

ociajan said...

latent homosexual!dat test can like 2 kmt!newaiz...District 9 was downright stupid...so now another name 4 violent money hungry assassins n prostitutes is Nigerian---I dont think so. Every freaking country is corrupt mayne--dy dnt ve to dash us some nonsense title because we are not sugar coating our corruption!Go check out th list of most corrupt countries n tell me what u see!

BSNC said...

a whole dust bin full of crap..
i have not seen that movie, i heard it was not that bad.

Gee said...

latent homosexuality ke?

@ district 9...i guess we leave them to thier ignorance..

Sir Scribbles II said...

HYAW: yes u r

Leggy: U thot it was rascist? understandable. But is it because we were potrayed as scammers nd gangsters nd prostitutes? well then leggy welcome to hollywood! u r complaining cos u r not a gangster or a prostitute nd it is understandable but wat of the italians who r potrayed as mobsters most of d time or the russians who r d arms dealers nd communist oppressors, what of d mexicans who r always potrayed as drug dealers or even the asians who cheap escorts in movies. They didn't say we were scammers nd prostitues hun, they said d ones in d movie were

Contoroversy: Dude u can ask some kin questions sha? i didn't say d playlists made him a semi atheist. I said he, my friend, was 3 playlist away from athiesm, not d general consumers of heavy metal, just him. as for district 9, my broda lighten up naw lol. if we think we have mouth to complain then wat will d russians, mexicans nd asians do cos they have been potrayed in worse ways than us i tell u

Myne: I can bet dat u didn't see number 5 shey? it's just crap to me mehn. u have a point there wiv d western kids argument. parents rely on d society to raise their children nd forget their responsibilities as well. lol i thot district 9 was a gud movie but certainly not enuf to stir up all d noise naija pple r making

kay9: lol i swear i don't think anyone can see d number 5, it's crap joh! u shud see district 9 though, it's a gud movie in my opinion

lady x: i don't think anyone can see d number 5 hun! direct attack ke? calm down joh lol. i didn't see any attack there oh

Fabulo-la: lol i swear no one can see number 5, maybe we r all gay lol. exactly my point mehn, we r making noise cos hollywood gave us small publicity lol.

chayoma: okay i have no idea wat u r talking about but i assume it makes sense. so u think it was an insult too? i don't think so oh.

anonymous: LMAO! so wat exactly are u saying?

Devine: it's alright, as long as u r reading dem. is dat all u want? u didn't mention camel teeth or octopus socks? dis is easier than i thot lol. i don't know why there isn't a black teletubby oh, pple shud ask dat question isn' of making noise about district 9

David:why r u youing me now? wat did i do? dude i don't think anyone can see number 5, it's crap mehn.

ociajan: LMAO! the test is crap in my opinion mehn. no one can see number 5 so far. well dats another view on d whole issue but i think we r just playing victim, other countries get potrayed in worse ways but dat's hollywood for you

BSNC:lol it's definitely crap, the movie was gud in my opinion oh

Gee: lol don't worry, i doubt anyone has been able to see number 5. as 4 district 9, i thot it was a gud movie

Tinu said...

I couldnt see number 5!!!! homo gini??? I like sratch that love boys1heheheheh
what these oyinbo children need is cane!!if ther parents had been flogging them since child birth all this rubbish wnt be happening!!tschewww
on district 9 havnt seen it and not palnning on seeing it!

HYAW said...

How do they talk sex, do drugs, and still get to be dull all at once?

naija and their sometimes useless measures! why bann the movie in naija, how's that going to help

Phoenix said...

OMG!! Im a LESBIAN????

Naija bad boi.... said...

latent homosexuality? figures shei....lol....meeehn...av missed bogsville meehn, but i'm back now....lol....

Neo said...

a world of latent homos? cos i bet no one can see number 5

V said...

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isha said...

I read someone's take on the representation of Nigeria in that movie and in other facets of international media. You may find it interesting: http://www.facebook.com/note.php?note_id=152701654127

9ja's OT said...

thank God it is not only me that did not see No 5 , pheeeeew. not interested in seeing the rubbish movie