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Saturday, 3 October 2009

Spoof ad #4

06:02 Posted by Sir Scribbles 18 comments
Do you have no skillz on d dancefloor? Do u Skank to RnB, break dance to classic music or/and slow dance to rock? Do u consider yourself a disgrace to the art of dancing? Do u want to change all of this? If you recognise the need for cohesive and rhythmic movment on the dancefloor but still move like an epileptic gorilla whenever you hear a tune then we have the solution for you. From the makers of Nutrablog and Virtual Mama 2000 comes a revolution that will change your life forever. Introducing...


LANKO-TILL-U-WOUND is a clinically tested intravenous drug which targets every muscle and joint in your body synchronising them into whatever rythmic motion you desire. Simply visualize your desired dance step, locate a suitable vein, gently inject the bronze coloured liquid into your body through the vein and within seconds you'll be tearing up the dancefloor.

LANKO-TILL-U-WOUND was developed with the initial purpose of aiding paralytics regain locomotive skills and has since been reengineered by the hard working researchers and developers of BUJU CORP. to turn your disgraceful attempts at dancing to sublime feats of bumping, grinding, whinining, jerking, skanking, Lankoing, Alantaing etc.

is the going to change your life forever, no more embarrasing club memories, no more toe stubbing and no more weird looks from onlookers.
Call now and place your order and if you are a current customer who is protected by
you are entitled to a special 25% discount once you can provide the DIBIA-SURANCE customer discount policy statement which wasn't given to you.

Want to grind till you see saw dust? LANKO-TILL-U-WOUND!
Want to stop jerking like you an aroused reptile? LANKO-TILL-U-WOUND!!
Want to skank till u get a migraine? LANKO-TILL-U-WOUND!!!

why wine and dine when you can whine and grind

Product may contain trace elements of morphine and rehypnol and is packaged in an environemnet where cannabis is handled.
Side effects include: subtle halluciations, mild muscle spams, small migraine and tiny paralysis. BUJU CORP. will not accpet responsibitly for any broken bones, lost limbs or uncontrollable bouts of choreography or uncontrollable homicidal urges experinced by customers. Use at your own discrecation...our hand no dey!



Anonymous said...

i actually have a party tonight.so im ordering one now.good to have you back.

Rene said...

twufiakwa! (did i spell that right?)

all dis ur spoof ads self...lol
well I don't need help in that area sha.

Anonymous said...

lmaoo can u imagine "tiny paralysis"

Myne Whitman said...

LWKMD. Sribbles you wan kill person? I beg I no wan Lanko ooo, that your disclaimer na die. Hehehee.

Bubbles said...

oh my gosh.!
the side effects!
you are mess.!

chayoma said...

i am gonna need a truckload.
Know some peeps in great need :)

Ms. 'dufa said...

Lol@Tiny Paralysis. Can't you just give it to us for FREE?

Ebony~!* said...

LOOOL nawa ohhh! lanko till u wound ke??? hahaha see side effects abeg? omggggggg! looool

sunnyside said...

Interesting . . "Lanko till u wound"
. . I no wan wound oo. . .lol

BSNC said...

lol i know a couple of people who needs that..

Neo said...

Scribbles u need help o, lwkm for here! lanko tii u die? how dyu think of this stuff?

miss.fab said...

I'm not quite sure why you're not a multibillionaire yet. All these your innovative products seem to be seriously needed by the majority of people in this world. Smh... lwkmd

catchme said...

imma hit you up on this offer sound good.
love the idea that it is processed in a cannabis handling environment.
nyc imagination

FASCHE said...


Penelope...! said...

yet another one of ur spoof ads. Lol. Onye ara.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...


You wan kill person!!!

In that area i need no help

The Girl with the Red Hair said...


You wan kill person!!!

In that area i need no help

HYAW said...