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Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Revelations of little insanities part 5

10:53 Posted by Sir Scribbles 22 comments
It's been a while since I did one of these, quite odd really considering the world has an endless supply of craziness. Anyway as usual these are observations that you shud not waste your time googling unless you take shit way too seriously and consequently may end up in the next installment of the series lol...enjoy!

The human race has been seen alot of technological advancements, for example we've put a man on d moon and are now bombing the heck out of it, we've moved from computers which were bigger than an Audi TT to Laptops and smart phones. It is quite ironic that after all these technological advancements we are still stuck with a very common and basic problem WHY THE HELL CAN'T WE UNDO TEXTS? As in it is mind boggling, we have call waiting which practically allows you to put one convo on hold and attend to another, we have 3G telephony which gives most of us (who aren't with shitty service providers) access to the greatness that is the internet on the miniscule screens of our phones, yet wen u send a text to the wrong number you can't undo it! Have u ever mistexted someone and just wished u could cover ur phone with a pot so the text wudn't get out? A few days ago I mistexted someone and cos of the extent to which I knew I had effed up I actually tried to catch the text in the air, I swear I thot I saw the text leave my phone nd float through the window! Is it too much to ask? I mean we have sattelites in space and bladeless fans, I doubt it'd be a big deal for someone, Samsung, Microsoft or T mobile, to simply allow us too 'ctrl z' a text even after sending it. Now I have to cook up a damn gud excuse 4 dat text...SHITE!

Dialling a wrong number seems to be the curse of the telecommunication. I can confidently say, without any statistical support, that you have dialled a wrong number at least 5 times in your life. You know d funny thing about it? You realise it's a wrong number about 10 seconds into the conversation, first of all the voice on d other end is definitely not the one you were expecting but you still proceed further into the convo, then u mention the name of the person you are trying to reach and the person on the other end gives you the reply that you knew deep down u were going to get. Some pple even argue oh! As in it's obvious it's a wrong number but u keep telling the person on d other end that u r sure you have d right number and you are sure that he or she is the person you are looking for when all d evidence presented to you so far proves that he or she is not. You know what's even funnier and crazier? some pple will end the call, stare at the numbers on the paper or on their screen like it's the number's fault and then dial it all again only to get the same voice on the other end, have the same conversation all over again and reach the same conclusion, IT'S A WRONG NUMBER!.

Apparently research has show that if you put a frog in a pot of hot water it will jump out immediately but if u put it in a pot of cold water and boil it the frog will stay in there completely oblivious to the increasing temperature and die...now isn't that exciting? That's a thrilling piece of information right there isn't it? Scientist have alot of time on their hands shey? WHO THE HELL AUTHORISES THIS SHIT? obviously the cure for cancer can wait and the discovery of alternative fuels can be pushed back a bit to make space for more importantt scientific research like trying to get a steriod hyped baboon to beat the guitar hero high score by playing the elctronic guitar with it's butt cheeks! Doesn't it bother them that something as common as a cold can't be sorted, that after years of medical breakthroughs there isn't a defined method of preventing, curing or eradicating the common cold? Next thing you'll see on Yahoo news is that Scientists in Russia are trying to figure out how many Chocomilos an agama lizard can swallow b4 it cocks it's head and chokes to death!


Naija bad boi.... said...


Naija bad boi.... said...

in ur face baby,....yeah...i'm back babay!!!!!!

Naija bad boi.... said...

lol..oya catch it in the air naw...lmao....

yeah that wrong number stuf happens to me too mehhn..lol

Naija bad boi.... said...

gone to read...and back...still first!!!! na wa oo...blogsville must be sleeping ooo

Anonymous said...

i dont get it.why exactly are they bombing the moon?

Bubbles said...

go and sleep!

and I have only called the wrong number once

Quaggar said...

LMAO! lizards swallowing chocomilo.

Yea the texting thing is pretty annoyin as i'v fallen foul of it one time too many.

P'sy-A-wana said...

if i dial a wrong number if its a girl with a nice voice i wing it...

Controversy said...

Lol sir scribbles..
They have found some cure for cancer my broda, u sabi say cancer is a very broad disease..
Lol but give scientists some credit bro..
They are not that bad lol, and they've done a lot. Trust me.

miss.fab said...

Lol it's a mad world we live in. You actually tried to catch that text though??? Lmfao

Fabulo-la said...

Loool! U tried to catch the text in the air?

Alligator choking on chocomilo?

L M A O u will not kill me u this boi.

bob-ij said...

OMG! I'm like laughing out loud for real! Not just the expression. lmaoooo I don;t know which was my undoing... the watching the text float out of the window?? Or the retarded frog?? Or a baboon playing guitar hero?? Or calling wrong numbers! All i can say is.. we need to publish a book called "Diary of the Royal Scribbles"

But on a more serious note, that whole wrong number calling isn't cool. and 5 times is a major understatement. And you're right they won't learn how to take your damn message back!! I've gotten a dozen wrong messages and I know they're not mine when the guys start saying "hey baby, want to come over tonight?" And they are like older brothers to me..lol... I don't respond...just act like i didn't see anything.. maybe it makes them feel better yeah??

You just made y sleepy day!!

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

lol@ lizards swallowing chocomilo.

lmao@watching the text float out of the window

You are driving me nuts with laughter

Sugarking said...

"You know what's even funnier and crazier? some pple will end the call, stare at the numbers on the paper or on their screen like it's the number's fault and then dial it all again only to get the same voice on the other end, have the same conversation all over again and reach the same conclusion, IT'S A WRONG NUMBER!.

sooooo true!!! Nice post man!

Yinkuslolo said...

u back

Neo said...

lol at covering the fone with a pot! u better have a good explanation for that girl..btw read that ish abt the bladeless fan too!

read somewhere that showering too often was bad for the health! imagine.

Qube The Wordsmith said...

Baboon playin guitar hero wiv its butt cheeks..


Dude u r mental i swear!

Anonymous said...

hiiiiii...this isnt random or a virus or something lol
you know? you have to check this blog out!
there's something for everybody!

Tisha said...

i don't send any crazy text
too cautious
i just safe them in my drafts
then delete them cos i have not the guts to send em'

Tisha said...

i don't send any crazy text
too cautious
i just safe them in my drafts
then delete them cos i have not the guts to send em'

Dark Neo said...

I swear mistexting is just horrible once my brother smashed his phone while the "Sending" bar was filling only to assemble it and get a delivered to.

How do you know the weren't trying to boil enzymes out of the frog to use in trying to cure cancer when they discovered that you have to start with cold water?

Sir Scribbles II said...

NBB: come why u dey make noise 4 hia? u dey mad abi?

Leggy: in sumary they r trying to find out if we humans can live there

bubbles: again wiv d hostility. I am so divorcing ur ass ehn!

quagger: as in if u hear d lie i had to tell to get myself outta dat problem u'd think i had a plot of land in hell

P'sy: lol we all know u r a pant man so we expect nothing less lol.

controversy: guy why u wan kon fight me 4 hia? u do realise it's all jokes lol. scientists have tried naw i know dat

miss.fab: leave me alone oh! if u know d implications of dat text u'd have tried to catch it 4 me too lol.

Fabulola: but everything i said is tru naw ehn. nd free me wiv dat text oh, the wahala it brought me was too much sef

bob-ij: confirmed babe! dis is def d longest comment u've left on my blog nd it's much appreciated. that book seems like a gud idea mehn as long as i get paid lol

the girl with the red hair: mission accomplised then. glad u liked it nd thanks 4 reaching these endz

sugarking: thanks bro. wats gud at ur endz?

yinkuslolo: i neva left naw. y'all me pple nd a mayor never deserts his pple

Neyo: Miss Mile end where did u hear dat one naw, see problem oh, is there anything we can do these days dat doesn't have adverse effects?

Qube: i'll take dat as a compliment bro. thanks lol

tisha: lol well u r lucky cos stuff like dis will hardly ever happen to you. I on d other hand had to lie my pants off

dar neo:LMAO now dats just mean! even afta smashing d phone? Damn!!! nd dude shey d cure 4 cancer is in frog enzymes shey? u dey mad