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Wednesday, 22 April 2009

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Wats up Chicks and Dudes of the Blogoshere this is DJ Scribbles bringin u the latest gist 4rm the Music industry, 4rm bumping beats to lyrical mayhem there's so much to talk about but urs truly has selected only a few to bring to your lovely ears (eyes lol) today. First off I'd like to say that the music industry seems to be getting a bit repetitive in the sense that songs are actually starting to sound the same, it's lacking some originality these days...or maybe it's just my playlist. Anyway, I've got a new best friend on itunes and his name is Asher Roth and for those of you who don't know him I'll give you a short intro, THE KID IS OFF THE CHAIN!!!!! I'd been seeing some posters and adverts about this kid but never really took notice until I ran into his version of the "A milli song" originally performed by Lil Wayne. I was sooo impressed that I did a lil' more digging and I must say I was impressed even more, give a listen to his version of Roc Boys as well tagged "Roth Boys"

Yes pple he's a white kid! The first comparism that springs to mind is Marshall Mathers but I doubt he'll be the butt-flashing maniac that Eminem is or was lol. I won't bore you with his bio or stuff like dat but I suggest you google him, youtube d dude or just buy his CD, here's another song of his that's also racking up play counts on my itunes playlist,

Next I'll take you to Naija for another personal favourite, now DJ Scribbles may not be the as up to date as before wiv jamz 4rm the motherland but I'm a sucker for killer beats and choruses and these gentlemen have found their way into my headphones one way or the other. The first is Ill Bliss and Terry G's "Aiye po gan"
and the second's Ruggedman's "Bangin"

Finally, the last but definitely not the least on my list is Clyde Carson wiv The Game and Sean Kingston, a definite beat bumper nd I personally love d chorus...

Okay pple till next time this is DJ Scribbles for 87.9 FM Scribbleselecta saying "If we all show some love to the person next to us we'd all be living in a much better planet" Peace!!!!


exschoolnerd said...

i heard asher roth's i love college.am lovin that white kid o!