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Sunday, 26 April 2009


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Some of my friends think I'm crazy, they so I'm so random I make the word sound consistent. It's nt my fault that's the way Scribblenation works....Scribblenation is the name I gave my mind...I'm crazy right? lol. Anyway I was thinking of something to blog about and I decided to talk about myself and where else wud I start than in Scribblenation. So on Tuesday I watched another episode of Heroes and read a few comics, yes I said it, Comics!!! Under this flamboyant persona is a lil' Nerd and I can't deny it!! I started thinking about Superman and Batman and realised how poor their tastes are in fashion, Superman can shoot heat rays from his eyes, stronger than a moving locomitive and faster than a speeding bullet right? Batman is like mega-super rich with all his gadgets right? yet both of them wear tights, then wear big-ass pants on the tights and with boots to match, Superman wears a big red pant for crying out loud and batman dons the black leathery version...thanks for saving the planet man of steel but wen r u gonna come out of the closet?!!!

On another random note it's been eight months since my last relationship, personally I don't like the way my CV is lookin wen it comes to girlfriends, at the start of the year I planned to be single till 2010 cos I wanted to concentrate on skool, work and all d other boring stuff in this life but it's almost May and I'm going crazy here...the environment isn't helping either, I go out to buy milk and there's a fine girl in the store, I go to the Library and there's a fine girl sitting beside me, I get on the friggin bus and that's wen all d pretty girls in Essex want to get on the bus lol...maybe I'm just paranoid. Anyway, if I do make it to 2010, which I seriously doubt, whoever ends up going out wiv Scribbles should just be prepared for some crazy pampering and attention...don't say I didn't warn u though!!!!

People say I'm random, can't imagine why, BTW wat's up wiv this friggin "global economic crisis"? I don't want to hear stories wen I'm done wiv skool and lookin 4 a job! I've invested half my youth to be in classrooms enduring hours of frustrating lecturers and nerve wrecking examinations so I expect my divident to be paid in full including benefits no jokes! If they wanted to crash the economy they should have told me on time so I'd change my career prospects from educated unemployed graduate to uneducated friggin rich footballer or rapper lol

I'm nt that random...noooo!!! I prefer dynamic..speaking of dynamic DAMN YOU FACEBOOK AND YOUR FALSE PROMISE OF IMPROVED SOCIAL SKILLZ THROUGH ONLINE SOCIAL NETWORKING!!!!! I need to meet new pple, preferably chicks and Facebook friend requests don't count. I'm a bit reserved wen u see me 4rm afar but totally different wen u get to know me so maybe that's why pple seem to shy away 4rm me at first...well that's probably going to change 4rm now on...gonna be very spontaneous. The problem is once I've posted this blog I'm gonna type in facebook's address and be back at square one...I feel very ashamed and weak-willed lol.

I've just taken you on a tour through Scribblenation but unfortunately due to reader frustration wiv long posts and my need for a social networking fix I'll stop here...speaking of which I use to have this pen pal...no no no that's a story 4 another blog. Peace out and as a wise man once said "To infinity and beyond!!!"

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Miss Natural said...

LOL so i can win an award for most attentive blogger to your page but that's because its so damn interesting! lol...i'm known to be so random myself, I live in Essex haha and I study Law (you study law dont u). hmm similarities abound. Good luck with your abstinence only till 2010. Plus I thot u'd graduated, are u doing a pg or something? oh yeah, I can be very observant.

Sir Scribbles II said...

...and the winner is Miss Natural!!! Thanks 4 compliment oooo!!! I've gradutaed Uni yea, read computer science and I'm doing a PgD and MsC in Strategic business IT but I'm really a super hero sent here 4rm a distant planet to....U SEE, I'm SO DAMN RANDOM!!!! I don't know why I even typed that lol. 2010 looked so near in January but now looks so friggin far..Ironic! I live in Dagenham btw

Qube The Wordsmith said...

Dude...seriously...u r random..lol
Nice post btw

Whosaynah said...

Wow I mean WOW, I'd say you are gettin better.Wen I get Broke u will pay now this is a sure competition,FACEBOOK beware!!!!