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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Mekus my guy!!!

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This is a true story, the names have been changed to protect Identities

I looked out the window nd the clear blue sky fueled my enthusiasm even more, I felt like doing something for a friend today, I just woke up and felt like making the day special and doin something for a friend that we'd both remember and possibly share a laugh over. Another reason why I wanted to do this was cos a few hrs b4 at about 12am a friend had infact done something for me aas well nd I wouldn't forget it for a long time, it was only fair that I carry on the good work and do something really memorable for someone else afterall I am a nice guy. I thought long and hard about whose life I'd affect, who I thought about the perfect candidate and a bunch of my friends came to mind but one stood out, he was such a nice guy, a real good fella nd doing this to him would mean alot to me and he'd probably never forget it ever, I planned it all day, I wanted it to be a surprise, he'd neva see it coming.

I walked into Emeka's room smiling and if he'd been psychic he'd have known it potrayed my intentions as well. I sat down and the following conversation ensued:

Scribbler: Guy how far wetin dey happen?

Emeka: I dey oh! Wats gud? dis one wey u kon see me so shey mosquito chase u comot ur room abi u miss road?

Scribbler:"U see wetin I no like about u 'mekus, I come here peacefully but u wan start war abi? anyway I wan ask u something.

Emeka: No vex na I just dey follow u play. wetin u wan ask?

Scribbler: Guy I wan know whether u get Visa, u don travel go jand b4?

Emeka: Which kin question be dat? na so dem dey ask question? If I neva go b4 nko wetn happen?"

Scribbler: Guy no be fight I just wan' know coz I get something wey fi' interest u but if u no wan answer no wahala

Emeka: Ehn I neva go jand b4 but but dat one no mean anything wetin u bring come 4 me?

Scribbler: Well my papa just call me 2day tell me sey embassy send am letter, sey dem don select some pple wey get Visa b4 to suggest one person wey we sabi nd we fi' vouch for make dem give dem visa too, I think it's like a raffle draw and na our names comot

Emeka: Na lie!, guy na lie!, no follow me play o! u see dis iron i go use am scatter ur head, if na joke stop am?

Scribbler: "guy dis one wey u dey show violent tendencies I no go fi' vouch for u oh! u fi' be terrorist"

Emeka:"Nooooo guy no vex u know sey na so I dey play, Omo me go like Visa oh! how e go be"

Scribbler: "Okay I no know the main stuff yet but u go just write ur info for paper give me and I go call my papa tell am l8r today, stuff like date of birth, state of origin nd all dat"

Emeka:"Guy no dull me oh! Me sef wan go jand go chop mcdonald's nd all dem oyibo ishe"

Scribbler: "Nthin do u guy, just give me d paper nd by evening I go let u know wassup"

Emeka:"MY GUYYY!!!! U know sey na u be my guy if anybody fi' be my only guy na u guy!!"

Scribbler: "No whine me jo make I reach girl's hostel I go show ur side l8r. safe!"

Emeka:"U don dey go fin' woman shey notin do u ooh! no dull ur guy sha!!!"

9:32pm, I'd told my friends about what I was up to with Emeka a they seemed eager to know the outcome of it all so I called Emeka into the room where we all were and started giving him the details of the situation

Scribbler: Mekus my guy u know sey I gat ur back

Emeka: Baba no dulling oh! wetin ur papa talk

Scribbler: Well en talk sey no problem sey en go forward your name to embassy very soon, of which no be only u sef but en go call me when en hear anything 4rm them. Shey u grab?

Emeka:Okay oh! Guy u wey no like to answer phone shey u no fi' give am my number at least? I no trust u oh wen it reach phone call side

Scribbler: Guy no worry dis one na serious matter I no fi' fumble, anyway I just talk sey make I tell u wassup, I dey go my room

Emeka: Anyhow na, we go see later.

I stood up to leave the room and my friends were snickering but I pretended not to hear them, As i turned the door handle I glanced back at Emeka with a grin on my face and said "Oh! 'Mekus I forget tell you one other thing.... APRIL FOOLS MAGAAAA!!!!"

You should have seen the look on his face it was priceless, shock, disbelief and anger all in one...the anger was probably what led him to chase me round the hostel with a plank but it was worth it...oh it was worth!!!


Qube The Wordsmith said...


Nice one! hope say d guy no break ur head sha

s.chic said...

Oh gosh! that's a bit of an expensive joke...

G-FUNC said...

this must have been crazy
me for break your head
but too bad sey I for no fall for this kind thing

G-FUNC said...


Dark Neo said...

Guy this is still as funny as it was on that day the others hv got to see this
Nyce! Curious what did this Mekus guy do to you prior this .... hilarious prank

Whosaynah said...

Now, thats a guyz hope falling lyke a pack of cards.CRUEL