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Thursday, 16 April 2009

Thoughts of the Scribbler 1

05:31 Posted by Sir Scribbles 1 comment
Why am I a man? I use to be a child, carefree and non-chalant, I had no worries and no troubles, my mind use to be filled with unimpotant things and caution use to be constantly thrown to the wind....I use to be a child but now I am a man. Money, Women, Power and Achievement never thrilled me like the adventures my imagination created for me...I may be a man but as a man what am I supposed to do? One must ask these type of questions at certain points in life to really know the purpose of living. The simplest answer could be that I am a man because that is who I was born to be, I may have been born with no worries, no troubles than those created for me but my life as a child was without responsibilty because a man prevented them. I was a child yes; but today I am a man, grown out of a child into fullfilment. I am a man who will worry, fight, struggle, face trials and make decisions so that the children are safe. If I do my job well then children will learn, emulate and later become Men of a similar nature. Sometimes I fret, I shudder at the thought of my job, one I did not apply for but was ordained to perform....sometimes we need help from this world and beyond but in the end if all men took their job seriously maybe this world would be a better place for children....afterall they say it's a Man's world.


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