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Friday, 25 September 2009

A whole week?!!!

01:37 Posted by Sir Scribbles 19 comments
I haven't blogged in a week....dat is just wrong...what is happening to me? You know what the problem is? TWITTER!!! Lord help us all, Twitter is....some addictive sh*t! I swear I have woken up everyday after joining simply wanted to tweet. You see you can never understand the magnitude of Twitter until u join, you'll never know how engaging it is until you follow someone and then someone else follows you and then you end up following 145 pple and 178 are following you and you can't think straight. You think it's just a glorified version of FB's status updates? YES it is and it packs alot of glory mehn. I apologe for not reaching these endz all this while, I apologise for not commenting on my fav blogs and updating mine as well, I apologise for going AWOL altogether but trust me Twitter is d bomdigidi!!!

I was in d barbershop getting a haircut last week, it's a unisex salon so there were some women in d salon getting their hair done as well. There was a TV there and Ricki Lake was on at the time. They were talking about women who wanted to get platic surgery and as u can already imagine a major part of the show settled on breast augmentation. As you can imagine my attention was divided, on one hand I wanted to hear and see what these women had against their own boobs and on the other hand I had to keep my head still so that the Barber wudn't slice my head open with his clipper. As the show went on teh women in teh salon began to argue and I must confess that I was more irritated than interested. You'd think that hearing women talk about their boobs wud interst me but not these women oh, they managed to turn one of the most cherished appendages of a woman into a friggin science experiment. One woman, who looks like she's in her late 40's, stood up, grabbed her flappy boobs and measured it with another women's! It was hilarious and irritating I tell you. You know d problem? I cudn't leave, cos I was getting a haircut and didn't want to be seen around town looking like Mr T from The A-Team. I sat there for 30 minutes as they compared and contrasted Bra sizes, screamed at some of the women on the TV who they thot didn't need plastic surgery and concluded in unison that men shud be blamed for it all. I left that barbershop feeling abused and violated by these women.

Funniest thing happened a few days ago. Okay my Uncle was in d storage room a few days back and saw a mouse, we were sha vexed dat a mouse cud get into d storage room so I bought a mouse trap and set it at the door of the store leaving it slightly ajar. Two days later I'm in d living room, my baby cousin, 2, is runnign around d house and runs out of the living room screaming in a language I will never understand. Anyway I'm sitting there, alone in d sitting room when I hear a 'SNAP' outside d room, next thing my cousin runs into the room screaming and waddling. I ask her what teh problem is but the kid is too shaken to reply and onlfy after a while did i notice dat there was a mousetrap on one of her toes. I actaullay laughed for about ten seconds b4 taking it off. Now she must know how Jerry feels whenever Tom catches him in one of those things hehe. Thank goodness it was this oyibo type mousetrap and not those ones in naija with the jagged mouth dat look like they've been designed to catch Ojuju calaba.

Have you ever thought about the phrase 'Funny as hell'. It always makes me wonder I tell you. If we were to analyse the etymology of this word our findings wud be really bizzare if not disturbing. We shall therefore assume that a comedian journeyed to the depths of hades just to bring us this phrase. He probably did a show for all d minions of evil and just to show their appreciation they branded his jokes 'Funny as hell'. I mean the origin of this phrase is in the words itself...FUNNY AS HELL!!!

Okay I'm off to Twitter...been sitting here for about 20 minutes and bodi don dey scratch me so see u soon...I hope


tunrayo said...

IMPOSSIBLE!!!! first!!!!!!

tunrayo said...

...done reading and still first. must be my lucky day *runs out to get lottery tickets*

lol at nigerian rat traps and sorry you had to go through the salon experience. i cant even imagine it.

TRAITOR!!! you're cheating on us

histreasure said...

ah, even thou, o scribbler!!
traitor thou art..cheating on blogger with twitter..

ah, thank God it wasn't the Nigerian trap o..ah, on a 2-yr old that probably would've sent u straight to the A/E

Anonymous said...

see why i will never join twitter?im already obsessed with fb and im trying to wean myself of that sef.

UnderCover07 said...

So u're cheating on us with Twitter abi? Wahala no dey...wat kind of Mayor abi na Govn'r abandons his people after making promises ehen!

Scribbles! Scribbles! Scribbles! Hw many times I call u? Warn yaself o.

Neways gud to knw u're aiight!

Anonymous said...

Sorry you had to go through that pain, i hope you are not off boobs sha!

~B~ said...

rofl @ flappy boobs

lol, u wiked sha, d poor child was in agony nd u're laffin!

twitter?? *le gasp* how dare-th thou desert-eth thy faithful follwers?!

Myne Whitman said...

Twitter again? That little bird has a lot to answer for. When you said the trap caught your lil coz I almost screamed till you explained. Thank God oo

Bubbles said...

why haven't you told blogsville about our twitter wedding.!

LMAO@ the nigerian mouse trap LOL
that was funny

Controversy said...

Lol i just can never get what this twitter ish is all about lol

HYAW said...

I have a feeling something very bad is going to have a twitter. how can one website have the power to cause so much distraction

Rene said...

more reason for me not to join twitter....highly addictive.
I feel so sorry for ur cousin.

G-FUNC said...

Like sey you no come blog today
me for go call police

so na that yeye tweeter naim dey do you this kind thing

no worry this one wey all this oyinbo dey make law anyhow I go soon go report sey tweeter is destroying the creativity of our bloggers and hence should be scrapped deleted without a trace

This time it was one week,only God know how long it will be for the next time


G-FUNC said...

God punish tweeter too hehe

Devine said...

LOL...IM ANTI TWITTER, and its going to stay that way
ps. i need a favour fro u, but need ur e-mail address

Ebony~!* said...

loool att u felt violated and abused! I would probably lafff at the mouse trap incident aswell! loool

Naija bad boi.... said...

Ds d same scribbles dat made mouth that he can't be caught dead on twitter? Huh?
I'm on it too sha....lol...I only joined o, avnt evn tweeted anyfing sef n I get followers...me I don't understand o

Dat bird eh, if I catch it, I'll so roast it and eat ehn...
U berra come backe here... Twitter ko, speaker ni

miz-cynic said...

when i got to the ojuju clabar part, i actually burst out in lafta...ur funny and mean too....a lil baby's toes...eeyah...as long as it was designed to catch a mouse it'll be painful,poor baby!

bob-ij said...

loool..I know Scribbles I keep telling people and they're like what so exciting about following people.. It's like instant blogging you tell everyone what's up there and then...plus ummm maybe you let me follow you... just maybe LOL!!