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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Tonto is the Koko

04:33 Posted by Sir Scribbles 35 comments

Baba God see me oh! Dis babe n'agbaka m isi! she dey scatter my head into many many pieces biko! My pple wahala dey!!! Sir Scribbles II, that is me, don enter gbase. Her name is Tonto Dikeh or should I say Mrs. Tonto Scribbles...ah d name fit sef! but the name is not improtant, the issue at hand is that if you know this babe, if she is your relative, friend, schoolmater, neighbour, customer, infact if you have spent more than five minutes in the same room with this piece of african goodness you must forward all details to me ASAP. I no dey follow una play oh, when Love is involved nobody supposed dey joke nd I am ready to chook pesin bottle and keep chooking until someone spills her email address. KAI! Tonto...Omoge u go wound pesin oh! Shey I never mad as I dey like dis? I'm sorry Megan Good but Tonto na d way forward now oh, besides wetin Umunna go talk wey I carry Black Oyibo reach village. I've heard so many stories about you Tonto but all is forgiven, I forgive you because love is forgiving and it is all inconsequencial cos it's in the past. All dem Nollywood actors wey dem eye dey chook wen dem see fine babe make una hands off oh! Una no reach, no mind Jim Iyke and hyperactive acting skills or Emeka Ike who is more bush than posh or Desmond Elliot who's chewed his fingernail so much that each finger has a different flavour or that Maga Saint Obi who's acting skills lead me to beleive that he's African China's estranged father. Baby girl na you nd no one else oh, HELL NO WE WANT TONTO!!!!!!!!! I wrote this while thinking of you Tonto:

My sister seize TV
come force me watch naija movie
I dey vex cos I no like all these home movies
but today I no wan argue so I just fashi
I just dey watch as Jim Iyke dey shout, d guy sef dey vex me
and Nkiru Sylvanus dey cry, na d only thing wey she sabi
then suddenly
from the corner of the screen
like sey she dey stand beside my TV
waka enter one beauitful beauty
d babe scatter my head thoroughly
and d way she dey waka dey spin my brain seriously
sharp sharp I rush go google
cos I be sharp boy and my mama didn't raise no mugu
Babe your face dey tie my eye,
you dey make my medulla hyper
you dey make my heart get attack
if na you be the reason why dem born me
then time don reach to fulfill my destiny
na u biko
You are the koko


Gochi said...

Lol, u've definitely lost it. But she is one pretty lady...Sorry i can not be of any help lol....

Wait i think she's my cousin sef...

NaijaBabe said...

See your life

Bubbles said...

too much pidgin english
I couldn't understand anything.

Ms. 'dufa said...

Tonto is a fine girl, she's not hawt though. Her acting skillz could be better. I'm not beefin o!

Anonymous said...

lol...i love tonto..dont like her fake accent though.

Sumptuous said...

lol @ ur time to fufill destiny. one of my besties went to high school with her in PH but I no get contact o! I don talk am before u hunt me down.

Splash said...

don't like home videos so don't know her.
she pretty sha.
so Sir Scribbles don knack leg for stone?
this story must happen.
we want to read about the day u make contact o!

Rene said...

i dnt watch home movies so i dnt kw tonto but Robby, u v lost it.

CerebrallyBusy said...

I love tonto :) she's my cousin's wife's sister's aunt :))

Gee said...

see ur life scribbles...
one post all about a woman!!
dat isnt even ur...

lol @ cerebrally busy!

kay9 said...

Come back in 2wks and tell us about Tonto; if you still lov her then, i'll give her email adrress, home address, home phone no, cell phone no - MTN, glo, and Etisalat!

BTW, i no too gbadun naija movies, but she fine shaa.

cutee said...

Lol....come i hav all d info u need,but how much u go pay me?

Miss Natural said...

WHO THE HELL IS TONTO? She's pretty sha, got to give her that. Sir Scribbles are u lusting after imaginary girls?

Devine said...

are you serious???

TaioFierce Ameen said...

its official, u av finally lost it...lol, ope e no be woman wey go kill u.... so u no go crase i go do 3odays fastin nd prayer so u go jam her number or email sumwia...lol

P'sy-A-wana said...

I heard she was engaged to blind,made out wiv bush, played nooky wiv bad slept wiv balloon lol...dude thah is critical seems there is a dearth of black babes over there, abi make i export lol

Controversy said...

Baba Scribbles she is fine o, but i mean she's not like a KNOCKOUT BEAUTY STAR. Come on now, lol am sure u self fit give birth to daughter wey fine pass.

Bibi said...

lwkmd!!! you dey kolo nor be small. but i agree with you sha, say emeka ike is more bush than posh. lol. but seriously sha, na love catch you this one so? abi na lust? if na any of the above, good luck. lol

Ebony~!* said...

I don't like this babe! lol shes too bush jo! her love dey make your heart do yori yori abi??? lol nothing does you! Me no know her oh! kpele!

Anonymous said...



RepOne said...

LWKMD...this guy you worry oh...

Tonto too dey over act jare. Her gragra plenty. Have you seen her cry?? ewww. lol okay i sound like a hater...i'm really not but she's pretty tho' :D

GaGa said...

lwkwm..-saint obi is african chinas estranged father..cracks me up!!

bob-ij said...

loool.the pidgin was intense! Scribbles lol @ you go wound person... Kelly Handsome is your #1.. Who is this Tonto oh??

iphyigbogurl said...

u need help....
come make i pray 4 u

TayneMent said...


Quaggar said...

Bia nwokem, na my wife be dat na! Take down dat picture sharp sharp, or else...

Anonymous said...

Obara Jisos!
No abeg scribbles! I no gree for this one! lai lai to lai lai! NEVER!
Fine boy like you no suppose follow tonto, abi na trip you dey trip? babe don dey act nonsense films abeg.
make i dash you Genevieve, i know say she be cougar for you, but she be correct pesin!
1) she fine die!
2) she get money
3) una pikins dem go fine finish!
u want make i further my list?
abeg shun tonto, follow another pesin!
this my "chapter-long" comment no be for play, better consider am well well.
God bless mehn.

G-FUNC said...

I saw the babe and was thinking she was your girlfriend or something KPSHEEEWEWWWWW!!!!!!

If you get girlfriend now and you no do this kind post 50 times for her,I go advise her to leave you,rubbish!

Who the heck is the Tonto sef?

All these nigerian so-called stars wey go dey form like sey dem no dey shit,I won't be surprised if she acts that way

chayoma said...


Scribbs so she's ur latest?
the descriptions of Nigerian actors, was hilarious mehn

i cant help u, but i knw Oge Okoye, maybe she can hooks u up...i doubt thou.

Neo said...

for real??????? Selfish girl! she joined the queue for lips twice!

Sir Scribbles II said...

gochi: she's fine shey, confirmed! no dey play lei dat oh, dis is not a joking matter

naijababe: lol quiet beautiful with her in it

Bubbles: eya i'm sorry, it was just a sporadic thing...awww how cute, u don't understand d pigin lol

Ms. dufa: u r beefing joh, I am in love nd u r against it lol

leggy: d accent is a bit off btu she is still fine abeg

sumptuous: omo u can liek to find dat bestie oh! i am not playign here

splash: omo i don knack leg big time oh! we r keeping our fingers crossed sha

Rene: I know, i have lost it for Tonto

cerebrallybusy: Omo whether u r playign or u r joking u don buy problem, i want the contact to ur cousin's wife's sister's aunt

Gee: omo free em oh! just leave me as I dey. d babe is fien joh

kay9:ofcourse she fine, see her naw, she is too fine sef. I will remind u afetr two weeks, if u liek mess up

cutte: how much do u want

Miss natural: Omo no vex oh, merely d love of my life nothign more lol

devine: yes I am, help a broda out

Taio: omo shey na only me get all this insult, free me oh, Me nd Tonto gonna be together mehn

P'sy: Omo i go kill all of una then, d babe is mine!!!!!!!!

controversy: Omo d babe is fine don't tell me anythign else lol. no lie, if dem give u u no go collect?

bibi: emeka ike pisses me off period! no be lust oh, it's seriosu love

ebony:too bush? Ebony dis means war!

Anon: LMAO, omo all is forgiven it's all in d past lol

RepOne: Omo wats with teh beef na, free d babe joh, love is blind lol

Gaga: Confirmed, i see too much similarities in their bushness lol

Bob-ij: Confirmed babe!!! Kelly handsome is just a mad man lol. Tonto is d mother of my children

Iphy: omo if ur prayer will bring Tonto to me then no problem, else carry ur mantle nd run

Taynement: why u dey laugh? shey u see sey i dey play 4 here? dis is a seriosu matter

Quagger: LMAO! Omo u can like to figth me oh, i dey read to chook anybody bottle now mehn

Anon: OMO! take am easy oh, shey u go find me anothe rwife, I fancy Rukky Sanda too but Genny na real cougar, i no want sugar mummy

G-FUNC: omo free Tonto oh, no dey beef the mother o fmy children

chayoma:omo she's my latest nd my last. Oge okoye is not my type sorry, but if she's friends with Tonto I'm ready to connect

Neo: LMAO, all d better for lip locking

Ms.O said...

LWKMD! she is hot tho.. so i cant even knock your hustle!...xx!

Sir Scribbles II said...

Ms O: very hot oh, like showering with hot water in summer kinda hot lol

isha said...

Isn't Tonto quite a questionable name?

First time here. I made noise around the hottest bachelor competition, and made a trip to your blog.


Princess X said...

Hey!! How come I ddnt see this before? I have her e-mail address, I actually have Nonso D's one too.

Just joking, dnt know her o. Is she an actress? WOW... didn't even realise... :D

She looks hot sha. WAIT! U are lusting after a Naija celeb? WOW, WOW, WOW.