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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

100th edition. Spoof Campaign: LET'S GO THERE...

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Ladies and Gentlemen, beautiful people of Blogsville, a century of blogging has finally been reached, a glorious milestone acheived and a new era has begun. It is with immense joy in my heart that I blog before you today to make this announcement. I, Sir Scribbles II, am running for Mayor of Blogsville. Some may ask what makes him so special, he hasn't even been here a year and he wants to be Mayor, a century of posts doesn't mean he can lead us, there are others who have twice as many posts. To these critics I say; where are these people when leaders are needed? Where are these more qualified bloggers when a shoulder is needed to carry responsibility of the masses...Where dem dey? Nowhere is the answer my fellow bloggers, in the midst of blog wars, hater comments, gossip folk and an emergence from a blog recession no one will choose to take responisibility and become the face for the faceless and the shoulder for the shoulderless. I have stepped forward and stepped up, to lead the masses and guide the bloggers, to touch your hearts and feed your souls, to point to progress and say....LET'S GO THERE!

Ladies and Gentlemen, who sure pass sure boy? Who maga pass maga? If you maga pass maga you go surely wound! The BUJU BOYS PEOPLE'S PARTY is the only way forward, a party of the blogger by the blogger for the blogger. No be sey one-thing two-thing, we are here to take you there! We are taking over and with the needs of the blogger at heart and the fire of determination burning deep within us we will deliver.

Now I will answer questions that you, the wonderful people of blogsville chose to send in. I am not afraid to share myself with the people, what sort of leader would hide from his followers? These are your questions, unedited and as pure as you asked.... But una sha dey mad! I remeber saying that I doubted anyone could come up with questions that would fluster me...oh I was so wrong!

What will you spend most of the time, which you've used to blog, on if you didn't do any blog-related stuff?
Blogging doesn't take up most of my time ironically, the amount of time I spend of updateing and commenting is quite miniscule compared to some people. If I didn't have I blog I think I'd spend my time reading cook books, learning to play the piano and learning a new language, probably french or spanish.

Do You think Slim Shady is 'childish' for dissing MC and Nick and do you think MC was childish for singing Obsessed?
I've always believed that grown men don't kiss and tell, the answer is yes, Eminem is being petty and even though we've come to expect some brash and non chalant behaviour from him I think what he did was an inappropriate attempt at an ego trip as well as petty. Besides I think it was just an attempt to publicise his comeback album 'Relapse', many artist have used "beef" to sell records, and this might just have been another marketing strategy for Slim Shady. As for Mariah and 'obsessed', I say it was self defence, I like Eminem btu sometimes a bully needs to be stood up to rather than ignored. She could have handled it in a number of ways and in my opinion people like Eminem needa dose of their own medicine to set them straight.

Who are ur celeb and blogsville crushes?
Megan Good and Scarlet Johanson, these two women can threaten any relationship and even marriage lol. As for blogsville crushes, if I'd had just one I would have answered this question in a heartbeat, but I haven't and therefore cannot give you an answer, however I do give myself away sometimes...if you are still curious then you have your work cut out for you.

What inspired you to start blogging?
How I started blogging? Well it was Exschoolnerd's idea. I was talking to her a while back and halfway through the conversation she told me to start blogging ASAP. I asked why and she said it's cos I was awesome (her words not mine...she'll deny it but have I have proof). Immediately she said it everything just clicked cos in addition to my many sketchbooks and journals I've been looking for another way to express myself as well as broaden my horizon so I guess that's why I started blogging...to express myself.

How do I come wiv these things?
Like I said in the blog(s)ville gist Interview, I honestly do not know and I'm telling the truth, it just comes to me unexpectedly. Lately I've had alot of time on my hands sha and my inspiration is random and undefined really. It's like I said "A week in my mind and you won't want to go home...guaranteed!"

When was your first kiss?
Ah that was a long time ago, I was like 13 then, abi 14?...can't really remember. Didn't even know what I was doing, I sha knew that it felt good and consequently it led to other things...what I do remember is that the babe was waaaay more experienced than me...I'm surprised she didn't give me hadnouts and lecture notes afterwards

Describe your ideal woman.
My ideal woman is quite awesome as well, most def she must have a good sense of humour, should be stylish and know what makes her look good, God fearing, intelligent and ambitious. Creative and focused. I like a woman who I can grow with, someone who I can teach and learn from, someone who I can grow with rather than meet up with. My ideal woman knows how to appreciate the little things and big gestures alike....plus she must sabi kiss die!

What is/are your ultimate goal(s)?
Well all this book I am reading and planning to read no be for play-play. TBH I want to be comfortable, I want a loving wife, 3 or 4 kids, equally spread across both genders. I want to be able to spend money not thinking of how I'll get it back but knowing I'll get it back, I want to either own a consultancy or be a friggin big shot in someone else's. I have a very active mind and don't want to get stuck in a dead end dulling job playing minesweeper during office hours and I want to contibute something to people's lives near and far.

What is your major in school.
I'm doing my postgraduates in Strategic Business IT

What's your Igbo name?
Lol....it's Odera

What inspires you?
Alot of things inspire me, I get inspired by people alot, people who've gone through similar things like myself, people who I want to be like or even be better than, people's visions and success. Sometimes I even inspire myself by simply recalling moments where I triumphed and overcame certain challenges. However, if your question refers to my awesomeness then I can tell you that Ineed not be inspired to be awesome because na so dem born me lol.

What turns you on?
Very simple, If a girl walked up to me wearing a tank top, shorts and french knickers
underneath and started telling me how her Laptop's Intel integrated graphics card was so useless compared to her desktop's dedicated one....I'd be absolutely helpless

What turns you off?
Bad manners, excessive make-up, Body odour, improper use of high heeled shoes, ignorance and stereotyping.

Most treasured possession
My laptop, if you take it away you'd better replace it with Megan Good or a straight jacket

If you could change one thing about yourself it will be?
I want a ponytail, oh you mean change not add shey? Well, I want to be less rational, take more risks and live more in the moment sometimes

What kind of man are you, Boobs or Bum?
Disclaimer: I have a brains over boobs principle and only consider a woman's physical structure after verifying her intellectual potency. That being said...I am a Boob man lol.

Have you ever been asked to stick anything in ur bum?
No...where did you even get this question biko?

Are you a Virgin? If No, detail your first.

You do realise that every man in the world wakes up each day a virgin, even if you've shagged an army of women once a dude gets up 4rm bed in the morning he is a virgin lol. That being said, I am not a virgin and then again I think I am, I think I've gone all the but my memory is fuzzy...maybe it's because it was so long ago. Well I was 13...abi 14...can't remember really. Her name was Felicia, she was waaaay older than me like I said b4 and waaay hornier sef. It started with smal-small play play, touch me I touch you, then one day, we were at home alone, I was watching Cousin Skeeter in my room, she came in, play play started and then next thing I knew boobs were in my hands and I didn't know what to do with them lol. I think I remember doing more explicit things but like I said it's all a bit fuzzy...infact I am still a virgin abeg...I want to be a virgin cos if that was my first time I messed it up bad! Felicia if you are reading this I would like to say I am sorry...sorry I had waaaaaaayy more fun than you did. LMAO!

Why be sey an only ur Mama you dey talk about?
Well I do talk about my dad and didn't even realise I talked about my mum so much until the Blog(s)ville Gist Interview. My Dad is an awesome guy, we are alike in many ways, too many sef, I'm like the Dj Khaled remix of him, same song, different artists. Sometimes it's both fun and scary to be this similar but my popsy is a cool guy, he's a bit reserved and doesn't really do 'bloggable' stuff. I just felt blogging about Mumsy wanting to break my head was more fun than blogging about my popsy and he's addiction to TIME magazine.

What's ur most embarassing moment?
There are plenty as you might imagine but if I was to pick one I'd have to say Sec School, SS2. Class prefect nomination and election day, they all screamed that I shud be nominated and I put my hand up for nomination along with 2 other dudes in my class. Oya make una vote now, they all voted and when form teacher counted the votes it was just unbelievable. Dozie 15. Osi 18. Robby 1. I swear this is not a joke...the only person that voted for me was myself.

There, I have answered them all, shey I no try? Now that I am one with the masses and have nothing to hide I ask of you one favour, look deep inside your hearts and your wallets, consider the community and how much this campaign will cost, sum it all up in ur mind and your chequebooks and make a contibution to blogsville and it's destined Mayor. With your help we can effect change and restore order. Let the sure boy lead you, Sir Scribbles II, a true Buju for Blogsville...LET's GO THERE!!!


Rene said...


juiceegal said...


Rene said...


Rene said...

sorry juiceegal....haha

juiceegal said...

Lie lie o..rene i no go gree o...lol

Lady X said...


Fear de catch me! As in chei! Even though Scribbles told me right when he was posting it yall still beat me to it!

Rene said...

i'm first....deal with it!

Rene said...

reading cook books???reli? is cuz u heard itz sexy if u can cook...haha
lol@ ur first kiss, n ur first time.
hehe...sorry bout ur nomination o...lwkmd.

TaioFierce Ameen said...

Chei!!!!! I so wnted to be 1st, I av been waitin patiently since... lemme go nd read nd stop lamentin....lol

cutee said...
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cutee said...

rene u no try at all...lol

cutee said...

Damn!!! i cnt remember how many tyms i checked 4 dis post!

cutee said...

Lol so u like readiin cook books,u shud be a gud cook den
No scribbles u shud hav a blogsville crush na
Honestly ure awesome gud u started bloggin...tnx 2 exschoolnerd.
Lmao! at ur nomination o.

TaioFierce Ameen said...

the long awaited 100th post... lol, congratulations on it and it wznt disappointin.... lol@ u readin a cook book nd evri1 has bin embarrassed dt shld mk u feel beta abt it...lol
Sir Scribbles for mayor of blogville!!!!!!!

african beauty said...

i felt like u were blabbing on the virginity question ....nice image did u do that urself?

Anonymous said...

first!! lol..not. Finally shey we can now rest? lol....wetin we go come take Mayor do again? carry this your political campaign dey go jare...lol @ everything infact. Oga Scribbles is 100.

Ms. 'dufa said...
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Qube The Wordsmith said...

SMH...dude u r so unwell...


Mz. Eniola said...

LMAO! hahah!! Rene nd juiceegal u guys comented @ d same time !lool! its a draw joH!

Dark Neo said...

"If a girl walked up to me wearing a tank top, shorts and french knickers
underneath and started telling me how her Laptop's Intel integrated graphics card was so useless compared to her desktop's dedicated one"

lol ... I think you described a myth there...
Buju Boys People's Party For life!

Ebony~!* said...

Have you ever been asked to stick anything in ur bum?
No...where did you even get this question biko?

That had me rollinggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!! people sef!

I really liked this! congratulations oh our mayor! Keep it coming!

Anonymous said...

the class prefect ish was dang funny..lol

Ms. 'dufa said...

Finally Sir Scribbles is 100! Buju Boys Peoples Party all the way!!!

LOL@your nomination! Really! That was funny!

David.фаворит Бога номер-один said...

HAHA!!! bro, good job!

LWKMD @ your first time...hmm???
**crazy thots**

you've got brains and i'll give you that..

Bubbles said...

this made my day love :)

Yinkuslolo said...

u running for some supposed mayor of blogsville position?

lol, i hope the election doesnt turn out other than expected.

i was nominated for class rep in college here in uni and was busted...

Anonymous said...

Lol..this your 100th post has finally come. Congratulations!

I like your campaign poster though, so I might just vote for you...but just because of that oh lol.

Naija bad boi.... said...

LWKMD!!!...guy ur so effin hilarious...
congrats on ur 100th post oo....but u know say we gats see opposition before we choose u...
but sef...ppl of blogsville, we dont need all these old politicians to come and thief our money...100!!! we need some young energetic individuals to lead us meeehn......lol...

but still meeehn...ur funny die....

Neo said...

nice one odera!

this ur 100th post has finally come and gone! lol at "ïmproper use of high heeled shoes"seriously? like wearing it on the head or wat?

i'll vote u mayor of blogsville if i can be ur special adviser on legal matters!

P'sy-A-wana said...

sir scribs how far okay i must admit u rock...but I must ask wat r u gonna do to top this, or is this the end of The Royal Scribbles "pouts"P.S shey na u call me yesterday????

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Rene: YAY! U go fera fight now! as in htis is hilariosu mehn. LOL! The cookbook thing is purely because it is sexy lol. the person who asked me those questions obviously needs want to embarrass me lol

@Juiceegal: Eyaaa! Omo babe no vex na...blame it on windows lol

@LAdy X: LOL! u go fear now, shey dem dey trip you, I wonder how they all knew lol

@cutee: Eyaaa, sorry oh! Lie lie, I ain't saying nothing mehn, shey u want me to enter problem. tHe stories dey make u laugh shey...u r not serious! Thanks for the compliment oh

@Taio: Eya! Rene no correct stalker shey? no vex! aww thanks babe! I'm glad u liked it. Buju boys run this now mehn!

@african beauty: that was the whole point mehn lol. u no even happy sey i answer d question?lol. Yeah I did it myself.

@Nwanyi: BEEEF! lol. ehy u dey beef me mehn! lol. Thanks alot o! I am feeling very old now sef

@Qube: HA! Dude when it comes to me that's a compliment. Thansk mehn

@Ms. Eniola: You shud have seen the way the notificatiosn were pouring into my mailbox when Rene and juiceegal were commenting...friggin hilariosu lol

@Dark Neo: Dude shey we can dream right? Buju Boys for life mehn!

@Ebony: Omo help me ask am oh, that question trip me sef. Glad u liked it

@Leggy: LOL! it wasn't funny that day oh, see how i was betrayed!

@Ms. Dufa: Buju Boys people's party all the way mehn! It's funny now but that day it was oh!

@David: LOl! Now that I think of it, I probably ahd more fun than felicia did. Thanks man

@Bubbles: LOL! u didn't call me Dodo today? Glad you like it oh...u knwo Odera is not a name you shdu joek wiv lol

@Yinkuslolo: It's just me messing around lol. altough it is a gud idea no? I will never forget that day mehn, I fely liek a total pant

@Tay-mee: As long as I have yoru vote I'm gud. if u liek dis oen then u'll like d enxt one

@NBB: Dude ur own na just to dey counter me up and down...wen u dey reach area guy? shey u go liek holla

@Neo: Odera no be 4 play play oh lol. Adviser on legal matters? Confirmed. U r hired! Welcome to the Buju boys people's party

@P'sy: O bou ask me oh, dis na d height of my madness, anything more and it's me in a straight jacket lol

CerebrallyBusy said...

aha! no 100 at last!!!

LOL, only u voted 4 urself??? lol, u shld have killed those pple who nominated u!

Splash said...

"improper use of high heeled shoes"?
aw-in-the-hell does one do that?

enjoyed the read.
awesome aye!

Just...Toluwa said...

lmao! at ur most embarrassing moment...i vote for u as mayor jo!

1st tym hia...enjoyed it!

Myne Whitman said...

Vote the Buju boys party jare. So scribbles you be cook eh? Well happy centenary.

miz.lola said...

lmao!! nice read x

Quaggar said...

lmao! scribbles u're just too much.

u've really moved on from your ss2 ordeal.

And yes, you have my vote!

kay9 said...

See Robby dey form Obama o, chineke umu-ala-Israel! lol.

Shebi centenary post don come and go, now you can hapu umu-Blogsville nuo mmiri debe iko.
Enjoyed yo post shaa; so u b "booby-bobby"? correct man! No wahala, i go vote u in for mayor... but we gats talk am well-well, u know naw

Nice Anon said...

lol.. lead ke? biko ga duru ala!

chayoma said...

it is finally here.
we no go hear word for u abi?
seriously, no one voted for u(@ class prefect thingy)
Odera....awww cute
u beta answer when i call u oh

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Congratulations on your 100th!!!

I am in love with you poster,for that only will i vote for you oh!!! Except you make me your chief of staff will i campaign for you...Lol.

Enjoyed the post and am seriously laughing out loud.

LWKMD@ your embarrassing moment.

Yemi David said...

OMG...Why I'm I jst seeing this blog?..I lurve!x

Buttercup said...

Lol well done. I like the poster. Lmao @ the embarrassing moment..dang!

Sir Scribbles II said...

cerebrally busy: LOL! they are all mad, i still remind some of dem till today sef

@Splash: they do it by walking like they've got hot dodo burning dem betwwen their butt cheeks. Thanks

@Toluwa: Omo ur vote is appreciated, Glad u liked it o! Let's go there

@Myne: Omo i neva sabo oh, i'm still a student but i shall get there

@Miz.lola: thanks

@Quagger: oga no make my head swell too much jo! thanks bruv much appreciated. Buju boy 4 laif!

@Kay9: Omo obama no reach sef, me i am full buju, he's just half. Omo u know sey pesin don call me dat name b4 *raised eyebrow* who u be sef?

@Nice anon: calm down jo, oya i go make u chief of police...deal?

@Chayoma: Lol. Omo i am now a 100 years old mehn, u think sey e easy? Odera is sexy shey? thanks babe but i will not answer unless...u know now lol

@The girl with the red hair: the vacancy is still there so nothing do you lol. glad u enjoyed d post

@Yemi: Nd sir Scribbles loves you too

@Buttercup: thanks oh, as long as I have ur vote I'm gud. that day wasn't funny oh, that stuff can wreck self esteem u know lol

miss.fab said...

Omg lol. I just want to say I know this is late, but I absolutely loved this post, hahahaha! All of a sudden you seem more human. Hmmm... strange!

isha said...

I would vote you for Blog(s)ville Mayor...

After you cook me somethin fantactic, of course. I recommend starting at Pasta, and working your way up. Lol.