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Monday, 16 November 2009

Oya collect your usual medicine.....

16:54 Posted by Sir Scribbles 36 comments
Una don dey craze shey? seriously wat the hell is going on? fight fight fight everywhere! Why is there so much beef going around ehn? pple are taking swipes at each other, calling each other names, being hateful and spiteful like it's a normal thing. I tire 4 una oh, there use to be a time wen we'd all laugh, say what we wanted and still be friends after the last full stop. I tire 4 una drama oh, I thot it wasn't getting to me but lately I can't even blog right cos of all d wahala everywhere. It's no longer fun to blog u know, everyone is so cautious, so critical, so uptight now and frankly it's pissing me off. I cnt even read 3 posts wivout coming across a discourteous reference to another blogger. How? wen dis one happen biko? wen we start to dey craze like dis? It's not cool at all! Isn't there enuf drama in our lives already? do we really need to turn blogsville into a living soap opera? Anyways dat one na 4 una pocket sha cos Sir Scribbles' is resuming activties like sey nothing dey happen!

Ladies and Gentlemen my birthday don dey come *gen gen* hehehe! You shud have been expecting this since naw, 4rm Januray till now I haven't said anything about a birthday so obvioulsy it's around d corner. I'm thinking of making a wishlist but it's dat kind of thing dat makes ur friends avoid you till d following year lol. Frankly I dnt do lists cos I think it puts pple who care in awkward positions and takes d whole fun of gifting giving out of a birthday. However, my friend got 2 iphones 4rm 'platonic' friends so I'm looking to invest in dis list making market. WAAAAAAAAAIIT!! Una don dey run shey? dnt worry I dnt want an iphone joh! Not to make too much mouth but I'm a very satisfied young man so wat do u think? list or no list? well I guess the more appropriate question to ask wud be publish the list or not? I have already drafted the it and by just looking at it I know that even the people who care will revolt. If I do publish the list I expect to see a small placared weilding mob gathered on my lawn chanting something like "Hell no! Scribbles list must go!"

I heard Nkem Owoh aka Osuofia was kidnapped lol. I don't know why I find that so frigging funny I swear! I also heard the kidnappers made a ransom demand of N15m LOL! Abeg who is going to pay that amount of money for Nkem Owoh? I'm not saying he's not worth it oh, what I'm asking is who's going to pay it? I'm expecting some of his usual movie co-stars to stand up and be counted, Sam Loco where are you? John Okafor aka Mr. Ibu pay dis ransom, Patience Ozokwor aka Mama Gee show us how much of a mama u are biko! Come to think of it this kidnapping business is a way of measuring how famous you are you know. I forsee a future where if ur an A-list celeb and you haven't been kidnap you'll get demoted to the B-kist and if you still dnt attract kidnappers you get a further demotion. Actors go dey vex sey dem neva kidnap dem, muscians will be hustling to be kidnapped lol. You can trust Timaya to mention it in one of his tracks naw, "My name na Timaya ransomed cos I'm handsome dey strike like a thunder dey blow like a bazooka" LMAO!

I watched a CNN backstory segment about the Mafia in Italy a while back. The reporter was very enthusiastic and I was really interested in the story especially since it involved the mafia. The reporter focused on a particular town and how the mafia had the inhabitants in a chokehold. He said they were forced to pay protection money to the ruling mafia and the amount of extortion going on there was unbelievable. Now you'd think doing a story on the mafia in a mafia controlled town wudn't be risky enuf for this reporter right? well like I said he was very enthusiastic and this man wanted to really capture the essence of a mafia controlled town. He said he wanted to see if he cud get one of the shop owners on a street to confess that he paid protection money to the mafia, LMAO! Dats just mad shey? Now I'm no mafia boss and most of my mafia knwoledge was acquired courtesy of Grand theft auto but I believe getting someone to confess they pay protection money to the mafia on international televisiosn isn't really a smart thign to do, kinda like signing ur death warrant on a global scale. You know this reporter actually walked up to a man in a store and told the man he was on CNN and asked if he paid protection money, Omo u for see d man face naw, I swear he cudn't believe that was wat he was being asked on camera. The reporter was indirectly trying to get the poor man killed. The man didn't even answer the reporter, he just went into his store muttering something under his breath in italian. My Italian is a bit rusty seeing as I dnt speak the language but common sense tells me that what that man said was "Fecking maga! Be like sey bomb dey your papa head"

Do you know M.I? I love M.I, Mr incrdible is a genius and one of d most lyrically sound artists of in naija but something always gets to me wen I hear his rhymes. Now those of you who listen to M.I will know that in his lyrics he likes to declare that he is Nigerian and proud, infact he usually says he's a black boy nd he's proud. Now I just think dats stating d obvious, is there really need to reinform us about the colour of your skin M.I.? have u seen M.I? dat broda is blacker than charcoal with a sun tan. He keeps repeating he's black like sey we dey follow am argue. Is there a debate going on somewhere about M.I's complexion? who is d maga dat thinks M.I is a halfcast or mixed race or even oyibo sef? That's like saying Fela never smoked weed or Chris brown pays attention to all those warnings at the beginning of wrestling shows that say "Don't try this at home"

I love blogsville you know, I really can't elaborate what I've learned and experienced cos of the people here and it's soo no cool seeing all this spite and strife. I don talk my own sha!


FASCHE said...

I like your comparison of MI being mixed to Chris Brown paying attention...
But, you used the term "accusing", not quite the most appropriate word!

Bubbles said...

you are such a dodo!
don't worry blogsville will be back to normal soon. give us some time. :)

that CNN reporter obviously smoked crack before he did his report!

sweetness said...

Haha Medicine
1st dose
umm so wetin we dey plan for ur bday...
Nkem was released today i heard
his family paid the ransom
Lol at Chris Brown dont try this at home
u try

Anonymous said...

when's your birthday... I'd really like to see what's on your list... in the mean time I'll get started on those placards... lol... and maybe work out some new chants while I'm at it...
Blogsville fights? it'll pass, eventually...
Mafia news report, was that brotha on cheap crack??!!! Who goes to ask someone if they're paying the mafia? It's like asking if Tupac is dead! We all know it's true but nobody really wants to accept it, so we just don't bother mentioning it. Out of earshot, out of mind...
M.I's the bomb! but I guess he just feels the need to re-inforce the fact that he is a short black boy! and C.B was definitely not paying attention to all those disclaimers... lol
nice post...

UnderCover07 said...

Yup the drama has been disappointing, but hopefully things can return to normal soon before we turn into the crazy Wisteria Lane or reality shows.

Ehen...just out of curiousity abeg mke we see d wishlist; so dat we go fit laugh. U no we r in a recession :), dts d excuse to everything nw ...lol

honey91 said...

LOL scribbles...
u made my day!!!
happy birthday in advance o!

Gee said...

Lol Nkem has been released ooo....i heared by 1.5million naira....

happy bday in advance,
nor worry the love on blogsville is coming back..
i am bringing it bak!

happy bday in adv hun!

burramint said...

love your take on all the "commotion" and u definitely cracked me up with You can trust Timaya to mention it in one of his tracks naw, "My name na Timaya ransomed cos I'm handsome dey strike like a thunder dey blow like a bazooka" LMAO!" omg! i was rolling literally! you are so funny!!

Ebony~!* said...

help us warn your people oh mayor! lol It is so iritating and demoralizing but God still dey kampe! haha at M.I's color, free the black and proud oh!

Myne Whitman said...

Thanks for the medicine absentee mayor. If you dey give us regular, na laff for dey catch us not spite.

Have a great week and don't forget to vote on my blog.

shorty said...

You don go MIA shey?God dey sha

We are waiting for the wishlist o.Happy birthday in advance.

leggy said...

CNN pisses me off eh.
fox news kills me.
ive always admired the mafia,dont look at me that way,those people are just genius.

Ms.O said...

LMAO! This post made me laugh! there is blog drama?!? were???

Ohh when is your birthday! Mines is in 2 weeks! I want to make a wishlist too!!

Lol @ Nkem Owoh story! I dont know why I find it funny!

juiceegal said...

And don't u think that by all of you featuring it on your various blogs you're fanning the flames of the so called ''drama''. I can't count how many blogs i've read that made reference to the ''drama''. In my opinion one or two bloggers disagreeing on something does not constitute drama and you guys are just making a big deal out of nothing. The so called ''drama'' has ended and its other bloggers that keep making reference to it in their various posts, you guys should let it go already. Enough said.

Happy Birthday in advance and make your list, you know u're my number one sweetheart. Your wish is my command..lol

Azazel said...

Bible talk say, when two or three naija people are gathered together..
There must be drama in their midst. Lwkm..
Maga @ that dumb CNN reporter, why was he tryin 2 get that man killed.

Neo said...

I hd missed ur blogs men esp with all the "demon tins" that have bn goin on in blogsville.

Dont wori i laffed too when i heard they kidnapped Osuofia.

I was addicted to GTA too so i know how the mafia run things they cld still off the store owner sha jus so others arent dumb enuff to even let the reporter in!

kay9 said...

Robby, Robby; so after u don go M.I.A, u come wan yab M.I? abeg chill!!

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! You are soooo funny!!! now I see it..

where have you been? I was free but you are no were to be found.

Fabulo-la said...


Oh jeez u always give me a good laugh.

m1ke said...

lmaooooooo. this guy u know well o. soap opera. east enders nko

cerberus said...

nna thanks for the dose.. will be back same time next week.

chayoma said...

i hear say them don released Owoh, after the N 1.4 abi na 1.5 Million Naira ransom money. Now they r holding his car for 100,000. Na craze be dis.

Na all this beef too wan tire person oh! i am just turning a blind eye to it, hoping that IT too shall pass.

Abeg when is this ur prestigious birthday?

Princess X said...

Na true... I'm like relatively new on Blogsville but then everyone just sends all these horrid vibes! We need LOF AND AMONY o, fellow bloggers! After all, blogging is about speaking (or is typing, now?) what you feel, let's not take stuff personally :D

Happy Birthday in advance! Cheers. x

Anonymous said...

lol@ "who born the maga that says M.I is half-caste"
scribbles i love you!

Sir Scribbles II said...

Fasche: lol 'accusing' wen did i use dat word? *wink* lol I'm glad u liked it

Bubbles: All the parties involved better sort themselves out sharpish oh. I swear if I was d man he tried to interview I'd have broken a bottle on his head

Sweetness: omo no plan 4 now oh! prolly somethingn smalll sha but i dnt knwo 4 now. oh he's been released lol smh.

Fierce: it's on d 19th of dec and I'll publish d list soon dnt worry. if i see u in my yard na catapult 4 ur eye lol. btw i loved ur comment :)

Undercover07: where u don dey since? r u on twitter? if u rnt get ur bum over there ASAP! lol desperate bloggers shey, ddat even gives me an idea for a new blog series. dnt worry i'lll publish d wishlist nd i'm not dat expensive so dnt worry :)

Honey91: I'm glad i cud be of service oh! :)

Gee: thanks 4 d wishes hun, hopefully all d warring parties will sort themselves out soon

Burramint: thank you very much i appreciate it. see u here next time :)

Ebony: dnt worry ur mayor is on d job sharpish.

myne whitman: lol omo dnt blame all d wahala on me oh! how cud u let all dis happen under ur nose ehn

shorty: dnt worry i'll publish d list soon. all of u asking 4 d list hope u wnt dull me sha

leggychukwuu: lol how r u leggy? CNN can craze sumtimes sha nd i dnt like fox news much

Ms. O: ah no be me go point u to where d drama dey sha lol my bday is on d 19th of dec sha, wat dates urs exactly?

juiceegal: u know u r mad nd u also know dat i say dat wiv luv. u will get d list soon wifey lol

Neo:u plyed gta too? interesting :) blogsville residents want to misbehave but trust ur mayor, he is on it sharpish!

kay9: omo i no dey yab am now, just making an observation dats all biko

Anonymous: well i'm around now nd it wud be so much better if i knew who i was replying to lol. glad u liked it :)

Fabulo-la: glad u liked it hun :)

m1ke: lol om oal join 4 blogsville now. u no see d wahala wey dey area?

cerberus: lol no worries. see u next time

chayoma: wait! did u say they r holding his car? like the car was kidnapped? omg pls tellme dats nt wat u mean. d nday is on d 19th of dec. :)

Priness X: lmao@lof and Amony. hanks 4 d bday wishes :) nd welcome to blogsville, where d drama never ends

Anonymous: nd Sir Scribbles loves you too

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