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Monday, 23 November 2009

The Wish list

13:46 Posted by Sir Scribbles 20 comments

So here it is, my birthday wishlist! My Birthday is on 19th of December and this is a list of things I'd love from anyone and possibly everyone planning on getting me a gift. I found it hard to narrow down some of my choices because I liked different styles or colours of an item in a category so I decided to give those of you who are interested options to choose from. You know I don't have wahala and as expected this isn't obligatory, the list doesn't mean a card of a text won't be appreciated.

~Hawes and Curtis Shirt~

I love Hawes and Curtis, they do the most alluring shirts I've seen so far. Here are a couple I'm partial to and they're arranged in order of decending preference. Just by looking at the colours and patterns I'm sure you've deduced that I have a thing for striped brightly coloured shirts :)

~Diesel: Fuel for life and/or Hugo Boss Ambre Baldessarini~

I'd love to get a a bottle of any one of these colognes. I've used tons of colognes in my short life and any one of these two would be absolutely awesome. Is it too much to ask for 75ml and above? well that's up to you really but like I said I'd love any one of them.

~Fred Perry Track Top~

They look good right? yes I know! Once again anyone of these would be perfect, I kinda like the red one better but blue stripes on the black one keep stalling my decision on which one I'd prefer. I'll let you decide. My size in these should be Extra large (XL), can be found at JD.

~Royal Republiq 'Be Open Eagle' leather belt~

I like the belt and it's as simple as that! I think it's because of the buckle, don't know really. Can be found at equip.com

~Fred Perry and/or Nanny State Plimsoll Shoes~

Sir Scribbles loves plimsoll shoes and Fred Perry and Nanny State know how to make konfirmed Plimsoll shoes mehn. Once again anyone of these would be awesome. I'm usually a size 46/12 but it'd be safer to go with a 47/13. I know shey? my feet are massive lol. Can be found at Asos.com and JD

So that's my birthday wish list for the 19th of December 2009. You see? I told you I wasn't fussy :). Any questions don't hesitate to ask. Peace out!


Anonymous said...

short list :s

bonnie said...

those Nanny State Plimsoll Shoe...one word: sick!
i was expecting a longer list. lol.

Yinkuslolo said...

no way, ure my bday mate!

Ive met only 2 other bday mates of mine. others are usually 'i know someone who blah blah blah'

ill make mine and see what ure gonna get me

Azazel said...

Such a short list.
I feel u @ hugo boss mehn..
That is the best, lol I have one and it smells very good.

leggy said...

nice list.happy birthday in advance.

UnderCover07 said...

Ahn ahn after all the noise making I was expecting a rather long list. Ok totally lovvvve those shirts...as in majorly...and that belt buckle is noiccceee!

Myne Whitman said...

I'm a Hawes and Curtis fan too. So where do we send the gifts to? LOL, no seriously...

shorty said...

Yes o,the list is so short was waiting to see a very long one. I loveeeeee those shirts have to get my bf one.lol
As myne said where do we send the gifts to?

Neo said...

wait o, is it virtual present or real life one u want, cos i can gladly copy and paste one of these pics on my blog and dedicate to u.

(Yes, ur feet r huge! But u know wat they say right)

Gochi said...

You haven't left an Address where we can mail your gifts.

Quaggar said...

Hmm... neo, what do they say? :)

Dude, those shoes are on point.. can we send u ecopies of this gifts?

chayoma said...

December cherubs!

Go Hugo Boss.
Diggin those shoes.
Nice choices.

I need to come up with my own list too.

sunnyside said...

the shirts, track top and the perfume.. wow ...good luck getting them, hope you will tell me when you do.. cherio

Rene said...

first d list is short
second no addy 2 send it 2.

Fragilelooks said...

ain't it a lil bit early to start ........ dnt mind me jo.
nice list and happi b.day in advance. in btw how old r u gonna be?

Ms.O said...

Yo i love hugo boss!!! that was on my list too! Shey you will get it for me scribbles?!?!?

Anonymous said...

interesting list, shorter than I expected, I'll probably have to make do with a message though... Anyway, your birthday's only two days after mine, how cool is that?? :D

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

how about the simple pleasures in life.......like a simple happy birthday lol

olaoluwatomi said...

My birthday is a few days after yours, do tell if your list worked so I can put out mine:)
Have a very happy birthday in advance and may you receive blessings worth more than the items on your list!

P'sy-A-wana said...

you dont want much do you...so i guess its safe to assume you got the iPhone right...and whats wiv this brightly patterned shirt fetish hmmm