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Tuesday, 4 August 2009


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First of all I'd like to say that I love blogsville and every single blogger in it especially the ones who commented on my last post. Una too much I swear! if pple in the world could show themselves half the consideration bloggers show to each other we wudn't have so much global headache. I will try and keep y'all posted on how it goes wiv me and her but when it comes to blogging about stuff like that I cannot be trusted lol...see how long it took me to tell u guyz about it sef. Now let's talk about something else shall we?

I read juiceegal's post on Metrosexuality and I cudn't help laughing cos just two weeks before that someone had called me a Metrosexual. Now I treat any word that has "-sexual" at the end of it and is not preceded by "hetero-" wiv caution so for the purpose of this post we will boycott the word "Metrosexual" and use "Metroawesome" instead capiche? Nice one! Now I want you to help me judge if Sir Scribbles II aka Robby Scribbles aka Bobbby-too-much aka Barrister feel-good is truely metroawesome or just plain awesome. Let's go there...

I like to match my shirts, ties, cufflinks, trousers belt, socks and shoes. I don't mean like wearing blue all through and looking like a teletubby's nephew, what I mean is there has to be cohesion between the colours of my outfits...I hate colour riot like Megan fox hates calculus. Wearing any combination of colours that do not match, compliment or associate will drive me crazy. My graduation gown was had green, red and purple on it...I nearly ran mad in the grad. hall lol.

I hate dirty trainers, sometimes I get on d train and I see someone wearing a pair of filthy white converse trainers and I just want to take a machete and amputate their legs. I have to clean all my trainers at least one a week depending on how many times they've been worn that week. If you are picturing me wiv a discarded toothbrush, a little bowl of soapy water, another little bolw of clean water nd a lil rag then ur imagination is on point.

I love suede, right from when I was a kid till dis very moment. If it's suede I want it, shoes, blazers, wallets, wateva! If they had a suede liver I'd sign up for a transplant.

It takes me about a whole day to pick out something to wear to a date. I have to start preparing at least a week before a date cos I know I will be changing my mind on d regular. When I was in Uni it was easier cos I had a rota for my clothes...every shirt, trouser, T-shirt and shorts had a day of week assigned to them and if I had a date sometime during the week the outfit assigned to that week wud be used but wud then have to be slotted in at the end of the rota to avoid repitition within a 2 week period.

I am a sucker for colognes and am therefore a mugu for a girl wiv a captivating scent. If a lady walks past me and smells absolutely divine it'd take 300 spartans to hold me down. I love colognes and can never leave d house wivout using either a cologne or body spray. When I say leave d house it includes going out in my pyjamas to buy bread, post letters or order pizza.

I hate creases wiv a passion. It takes me ages to finish ironing cos i hate creases so much. I hate the lil ones that hide around d shoulder-armpit area of the shirt, I hate d ones that hide around d crotch are of trousers..I hate creases! Cos I hate creases so much I hate linen...linen is a nightmare for me, they say it's supposed to look that way but me wearing linen can be likened to a suicide bomber who has second thoughts, I'm tense, always staring down at what I'm wearing and wishing I'd hadn't worn it in the first place. If you see when I'm ironing a Linen shirt you'd think I was demented.

This is the point where you tell me all this stuff is normal and it's in no way weird or unheard. For crying out loud David Beckham paints his friggin nails mehn...my own is small sef!!!


CultureCynic said...

you are not a metro...u just like to look well put together......do you wax?? is your ball bush trimmed on the regular, do you get peddys and mannys more than you GF, do you get regular facials more on the constant???....if you answered no to any of this....u is not a metrosexual. people think any man who wants to take care of themselves is gay or metro.....so you want a man with mechanic fingers to be touchiing you? and if i hear one more person say skinny jeans=metro...they are getting cited for wackness.

the way i see it, if am taking care of myself, lover better be taking care of himself.....it is not a one way traffic....metro, hetro,homo,quantro, who cares...as long as you dont smell, or why ugly clothes, do the darn thing.

p.s....i dont see why ppl wldnt want to take care of their physical apperance....i think it is a disservice to themselves...u only live once and you want to spend it wearing ill fitting clothes and looking like a bum all the time?? WHy??????

p.s.s....am getting you Suede socks for your birthday...yeah i sed socks.....since you love suede so damn much...

CultureCynic said...


dude do i see a colabo with Websters coming up...if Bey can get Bootylicious in the dictionary, i think we can get these words to pop off!

Yinkuslolo said...

coordinated come to mind but not metro...

UnderCover07 said...

Lol @ CC and mechanic fingers!!!! Ewww.

I agree wiv CC, I think u jst like to look good and on point. A person look creates a first impression b4 they open their mouth to speak.

Jst as long as u dnt let it go overboard and become annoying to those around u especially like GF or in the future, ur wife. I think u're gud.

PS: If u dnt blog about dat stuff, we'll light fire under ur butt till u do...lol.

Bubbles said...

You are metroawesome.!
not metro-sexual in any way
just awesome.!
do you wax?
shave every part of your body before you leave the room?
manicure your nails?
paint them sometimes?

Anonymous said...

Lol..you are far from metroawesome? You are simply a tidy person which is very much acceptable. I mean who likes to see anyone with creases on their clothes? You're perfectly normal jo!

Peaches said...

a man with taste & style who knows about fashion, art, and culture (that's my thing)i like a guy who takes his time to look & smell good...and there's nothing wrong with that...it just means you are 'awesome'

as far as you don't wax, you don't wear make up and you don't paint your nails...then it's all good.

so you're just frigging awesome...

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

you are firggin awesome!!!!

You pay attention to details and that is soooooooooooo good.

Splash said...

do you get a bikini wax?

Splash said...

male diva i'm thinking.

Miss Fizzy said...

Dude you are absolutely without a doubt almost metro. Wait do you get manicures and pedicures and get your eyebrows done? Don't lie...

bob-ij said...

Lol @ bikini wax! lol... As for 300 Spartans holding you down, hehehe My brother loves cologne... my friend hates creases...I'm not well-versed in these metro-awesome things...so I can't say..I go for no though. Don't quote me!...

CultureCynic said...

also no discerning Metro will leave teir house in their PJ's to go and buy bread.....bush boy...u think this is the village where they sell Agege bread...:P?

Qube The Wordsmith said...

Love d term bruv!!

My friends call me metro smetimes too...drives me nuts...dunno wats wierd abt sme1 filin their nails...

Nice Anon said...

Mr Suede man I shall call you from now on. It is about time men put some effort into their appearance as much as women do. It doesn't hurt to have a man that dresses good and also smells great! I am a sucka for those.

Rene said...

You already know I'm a sucker for suede. I love colour cordination....this isn't about me.



Anonymous said...

i just read ur last post and dats wat im commenting about..
all i hav to say is
ha ha ha ha ha
scribbles is sprung
so behind all those jokes is a heart.

Naija bad boi.... said...

ummm....ummm...shooot... i dont even know wat to say sef...*laffs*...ur feeling like one neat boy ehn??? if i shuld open ur yarnsh here ehn??? nonsense...mscheeeeeewwwww!!!

kay9 said...
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kay9 said...

@bad boi - lol!

Different strokes 4 different folks; i dont know ish about being metro or not, but its obvious u put a lota stock on wat u wear. Good'o; my kid brov'd luv u.

Of cos i pay more attention to wat i wear now, working in an office and all. But i sure miss them good old univ days, when all a brother needed was a nice t-shirt and a pair of jeans - with pockets big enof to put your class notes in!

Repressed One said...

lol@ metroawesome...Hia!!!

"If you are picturing me wiv a discarded toothbrush, a little bowl of soapy water, another little bolw of clean water nd a lil rag then ur imagination is on point."...THIS had me dying. LOL! Uz on another level, biko!

...nothing do you jare!

Fabulo-la said...


LOL..U actually had ur clothes on rotation???
I cant get past that line!

Maiya said...


I am with you on the smells thing. Scent is everything.

You're not metro love...at least I dont think you are. You're just conscious. The schedule is a little strange but I understand your reasoning. The same clothes twice in a week is just...

TaioFierce Ameen said...

U r not metro... u r jst organized nd u luv lukin gud...

Gee said...

hahaah...scribbles c ur life..!
u r just using this post to get girls to be eyeing u in this our blogsville cityy!
taking style to sell ur good sense of dressing so b4 u kno how crushes begine to fall in.
lol...i kno ur trick mr royal scribbles..i have caught u!
but yeah afterall my ranting..i sooo love ur style..i can alredy tell!

Lolia said...

Lol I don't think you're metro.

Blogsville loves you too.

And make sure to keep us posted okay?


Sir Scribbles II said...

@CC: NOOOOOO! My onw no reach manicure and pedicure please nd skinny jeans are a no no in my book. HA! so i'm not a metro..simply awesome... YES! and as 4 me nd my Pjs...leave me alone...u don dey mad CC lol@agege bread!

@yinkuslolo: as long as i'm not comnpared to beckham i'm cool wiv wateva u say

@undercover07: I am far 4rm mechanic fingers lol. U sha like tory shey? well i'll do my best to keep u updated

@bubbles: No i don't ooooooo! waxing ke? manicure? painting nails? hell no mehn!!!!!!!

@Peaches: LOOL! Why thank you my dear. I do liek to take care of myself...not in that way lol. waxing and make up are a no no. Awesome it is then!

@girl wiv the red hair: Thank you my dear. I do like to pay attention to the lil things

@Tay-mee: Tidy? that one i will not claim just yet but metroawesome i will deny outright.

@splash: male diva? I no like dat one oh...anything wiv diva is not for me oooo!

@Miss Fizzy: a conflicting view wiv d masses? I don't do manicures and pedis jo...leave me alone lol

@bob-ij: lol@ ur mini disclaimer. U don't want me to blame u wen i end up in d psych ward shey?

@Qube: DUUUUDE!!!! U file ur nails...dat one pass my power...u r sooooooo metro!1

@Nice Anon: well howz about me and you ctach a movie then..i'm thinking youtube lol. I like to look gud yes, thank goodness i ain't no metro

@Rene: thunder scatter u there lol. I reject it! I am not a metro!!!!

@leggy: ur own will always be different leggychukwu! At least me i can come and declare my own..unlike u..wiv ur "fictional" stories. U think sey we no get sense for blogsville? lol

@NBB: Guy shey u dey threaten me! U dey mad! No let me vex oh! U no sey I get the 411 any and all runz u dey do!! Mugu!

@kay9: are u minding that idiot, if en just do pass enself i go open fowl nyash. Omo i even think i dress pass my age cos i love shirts and ties but nothing do us!

@Repressed one: HA! I don't know whether it's d sentence u liek or the fact that I am a crazy trainer cleaner...which ryhmes wiv rihanna lol!!

@Fabulo-la: ehn ehn! No start to judge me yet ooo! it was simply and organised way to prevent waering the same thing twice to often lol

@Maiya: No wthat I think about ti it was a lil strange shey? well I'm not a metro and dat's been decided. Thank goodness

@taiofierce: On point. Luc looking gud, not a metro

@Gee: LMAO! Ur head is not correct, i dey come ur blog now make noise oh! shey u want t be lookin for my troublee in public..it's on mehn!!


Sir Scribbles II said...

@Lolia: Yeah i will try my dear. thank goodness I'm not a metro, the word sef scares me

chayoma said...

who said you own is small?
Maybe u shld come live with me. i hate ironing for the life of me.

i just think it's plain ol' metroawesome :)

Sir Scribbles II said...

@chayoma: me i don't w3ant metroawesome ooo! just plain awesome is gud for me mehn!

Neo said...

Just read your blog for the first time today and i am officially in love with you. You're like Man-me. lwkmd!