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Saturday, 25 July 2009

Beasts in our midst

17:17 Posted by Sir Scribbles 20 comments
This post is an aftermath of my english exam, remember the friggin english exam my skool had me apply for? Well I've done it and it went pretty well even though my interviwer seemed so surprised a nigerian could speak fluent english, he even asked if he had Universities in Nigeria...nearly slit his throat wiv my leer. Anyway, after the exaa I strolled into WHSmith and came across a book that ressurected an immense disgust in me. You know I have come to realise? I have concluded that sane, compassionate people will never truely understand the twisted nature of abominable men who act with utter vileness. I'd felt this same disgust a few months back when I heard this story for the first time and now, staring at his picture again, my mind began to regurgitate revulsion making me feel sick emotinionally and physically all over again. To make matters worse I actually started remembering other people who'd shown a special kind of wickedness in their time and I realised something else, the most dangerous people aren't the ones who can be publicly identified and you can point a finger at and say "There's an animal right there", the most dangerous ones are the ones who hide in plain site inconspicuously and discreetly carrying out their acts of evil, the ones who are on the queue wiv u at the supermarket, the ones who sit opposite you on the bus, the ones who walk past you on the street looking so plain and ordinary that you won't believe they've imprisoned and raped their own daughther for a qurater of a century....the ones like Josef Fritzl.

I've come across alot of vile things, heard about men and women who behave like animals and trat others likewise. No doubt some familiar names will pop into your mind...You say Hitler, I say Anini, He says Indi amin and she says Ted Bundy. However, it takes a special kind of evil to hurt family in a way that's this depraved and beastly. I know this story is a bit old now, it happended last year I think and the media has done a good job in keeping us informed but just standing there in the aisle staring at his picture on the cover of this book made me wonder how his mind worked. Josef Fritzl locked his daughter up in the cellar of their house for 25 years constantly toturing and raping her. If you are not familiar wiv this story and just read this paragraph you'll realise that this didn't happen long ago at a time when "BC" preceeded dates, It went on for 25 years and was uncovered just last year. I am not a fan of the death penalty, I believe killing a man as punishemnt for a crime is actually commiting a crime on some intangible level and the life of some people, commited to wrong doing as they may be, should rest only in the judgement of God...however I am willing to look the other way when it comes to Josef Fritzl and his disregard for humanity because a mere prison cell will be an immense act of kindness to him. His daughter had seven children for him, and the ones who survived are marred for life. What will you call them now? their mother is the daughter of their grandfather who's actually their father...a family tree that is sure to mess anyone up psychologically.

Sometimes we don't appreciate love, friendship, prosperity and comfort but when you hear stories like this you cannot help but wonder that among us, the seemingly normal people, with friends who care for us, families who love us and lives worth living, there are still beasts hunting the innocent and imposing evil of unimaginable proportions on people who do not derserve it and they do so in d corners where our curiousity may never lead us allowing them to wear the disguise of normality in our midst hiding their wickedness in plain sight. They say we are all animals...well some are are more animal than others.


NaijaBabe said...

the title is a bit scary o

NaijaBabe said...

right, now I see
. It is beastly indeed and I do wonder how we differ so much in our thoughts and actions. How people are cold blooded and others are so loving that it borders on ridiculous. I wonder how a human being can live with this for that amount of time and at no point in his life did he feel the need to desist from such despicable, rotten, nauseating acts.

May God help us really!

Fabulo-la said...

True talk.
"The heart of man is desperately wicked."

G-FUNC said...

there I was thinking I was first
All these people sef them noo dey sleep or work or...........hehe

Death penalty might be a little bit mild for that dude oh.person like me wey dey like dey creative for torture techniques hehe

Congratulations Oga scribby
So oyinbo don acknowledge sey you sabi speak english,your own don beta oh


chayoma said...

as soon as i saw the name "Josef Fritzl" i shuddered! i remember it like it was yesterday!
Death penalty u say! He shld be raped, tortured, given a dose of his own medicine and more, what wavelength is his freaking brain on?
Reincarnated Beast!

May God be the judge of this ungodly immoral act!

Penelope said...

ArgH!!!! Thia is soooo disgusting, and dat look on his face is very disturbn. I hope d bastard is dead!!! U cant have sum1 lik dt alive on, God forbid!! Its tru tho, lik dt sayin "the devil u knw is better thn the sain u dnt kno??" lol. Sumn of a sort. Some humans are just beyond heartless!!!! They're DEMONS!!

Miss Fizzy said...


I was so digusted when I heard that story... I mean... uugghhh what kind of mind did he have to do such?

Fucking evil bastarded asshole.

I'm gonna go swear some more.

Lady X said...

He should be Castrated.

Mz. Eniola said...

i herd bout dat story..its sickening...dat a man woud do such to hez owN blood...words cant describe him....turthfully only God can forgive him for hez indecency

Mz. Eniola said...

i herd bout dat story..its sickening...dat a man woud do such to hez owN blood...words cant describe him....turthfully only God can forgive him for hez indecency

Anonymous said...

It really is a very scary thing that someone could do this to their own blood. I once did a post about this guy and I think its just subtle signs that the end is near. All the things plus plane crashes and deaths scare the crap outta me. It's diturbing though, it really is.

Rene said...

Now I feel sick. You've got to be extremely insane to hurt your family

Nice Anon said...

I get that too. "oh you don't have an accent" What the hell is that supposed to mean?

That guy is a creep!

~Chocolate and Caramel~ said...

i can relate with alot of this esp the 'accent'....And i honestly cannot be bothered. This was long kaiii....i had to hold myself down to read!lol

Yinkuslolo said...

I was just thinking about ur not-blogging in 2 days o. unknown to me, u've dropped a scary post yday.

Man! I am just hearing of this. I cant even think of a suitable punishment for him sef

Anonymous said...

personally...i think that if its in naija where nobody minds their own business this would have been discovered a long tym ago when peeps would have asked u for ur daughter 1000times.
i dont know how a father will do this to his daughter oh...when my dad heard ds u shld have seen the disgust on his face.he doesnt even want ny man touching his daughters talk more of him.
nd r there universities in nigeria?!!send that man to me..lol

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Abeg where is that your interviewer from...Doesn't he use the internet or what age does he belong to.

I totally support leggy, that would have really been discovered long since.

Dark Neo said...

My boy sabi English oh!
PLEASE send that person to Leggy let her tk cr of it!
Now about the death penalty, I support it. Don't get me wrong like you said human beings don't have the right to kill other people, But this guy is clearly not human. He is a dog in human skin put him down for the good of our species.

My World said...

That is just d height of man's inhumanity to man!!!

Sir Scribbles II said...

This dude is just evil in my opinion, as in his mind must be filled wiv all sorts of vile things, off all the women wey dey this world he had to prey on his daughter...he disgusts me