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Tuesday, 5 May 2009

I am Scribbles again...Part 2

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I was eager to do a sequel but I wanted it to be more natural, more like me on a daily basis so to gather material 4 dis post I did a lil' self experiment, i took a notepad out wiv me yesterday and today and as d day went by I wrote down things about myself in realtion to my reactions in certain situations and events during the day. I won't bore you wiv d things that led to these observations, just the observations themselves

I think I have a high enough self esteem which I hope doesn't evolve into pride but is somewhat fragile. 4 me it's high enough nt 2 care about wat pple think except wen it matters but fragile enough to fear rejection. My sis comes home 4rm skool somedays and tells me how she shunned some guy who wanted her number or how she completely ignored some dude that was chatting her up...dats one of d reasons why I can't do that, meet some random girl on d bus, on d train, in a store or in skool and start chatting her up, my mind always creates a worse case scenario 4 me and I'd rather shut up and sit quietly than have some chick do 2 me wat my sis does to those poor dudes...sometimes I think Karma will pay my sister back 4 all her snobbing by punishing me, even if I chat someone up I neva go as far as asking 4 a number, a typical worse case scenario my mind creates is that when I ask for the number the chick will just ignore me, I ask again and she tells me how she doesn't think giving me her number will benefit her socially, religiously or in any way in fact...maybe I'm just shy..or crazy..all I know is if i'm nt 100% sure I neva do it cos my ego can't handle refusal lol!

Someone asked me why I prefer brains over boobs and wud I rather sleep wiv an intelligent monkey than a dumb supermodel...although it's nt really a complex decision between a monkey and a super model; on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd rather have pillow talk wiv an intelligent 2 than an airhead 9...imagine pillow talk wiv a chick who's trying to convince you that the Teletubbies have a better story line than Barney and Friends lmao!!!

I'm terrible on d phone, especially wen I'm talking to someone I like, forget the blogs and the Facebooking wen I'm on d phone wiv someone I like I'm blank, like wiv every passing second someone is sucking my brain wiv a vacuum cleaner, that's why I love texting, I can text for hours but a 45 min converstaion wiv me will drain me like a marathon..wen i'm talkin to friends I'm awesome but once it's a chick I like I'm sorry but u will nt be impressed

If you see me on d street wivout earphones in my ears it means I'm having a very very bad day. During the undergarduate days it became like a uniform for me, I couldn't live my room wivout music in my ears, if I did I'd feel like I was naked, I have to charge my ipod the night before if I'm going out the next day...I'm charging it right now sef lol. Together I and my Ipod have been through numerous midnight crash course readin' 4 exams, boring seminars and public lectures, long a#* commutes, flourishing and depressing relationships and it's still kicking...I think I might still have it on my wedding day lol

I always lose the staring game, wen a chick nabs me staring at her I avert my eyes immediately and even if we end playin' the staring game I always lose, nt like I'm shy or afraid...just can't hold a stare wen d other person is looking as well...it amazes me how my friend's can do that...sometimes I just pretend nt to notice girls around me so I don't get caught staring, in d staring game I have a 0% win percentage, I'm d worst player, Derby county is to football wat Scribbles is to the staring game...until I bought my mirrored Aviators lol..now they don't know wen i'm staring lol..God bless mirrored sunglasses!!!

So I'm doing my postgraduates now, graduated in '08 nd sharp sharp ran here to continue reading book lol...I think I'm moving to fast...lovin' it though! my vow to remain single until 2010 is officially scraped b4 I die of lonliness, however I will take time off to put my game in order coz i feel a bit rusty...I don't think chicks fall 4 lines like "sugar in my tea" and "is ur father a thief cos you stole my heart" anymore...I think there may be a third installment in this series...we'll just have to wait nd see!


Miss Natural said...

lol you're funny, if I was guessing (I already know) I would say you were a scientist. with ur little notebook haha :)

Meeting smart people is always a high for me, its like drinking from the fountain of life (lol what an exaggeration) but you get my point. To be honest, I do not blame your sis...some guys are totally unserious u know. I love the line about karma will pay your sis back through you. lol, I hope not. that will just be unfair :)

You really know yourself, 'sucking my brain with a vacuum cleaner and as a chick you will not be impressed' haha, it sounds bad but understandable. No chat up lines please, most of them are lame...they make me cringe soooo badly; an instant turn off. The ipod is not unique...that probably goes for every young Briton...jamming music 24/7, its crazy.lol

Once again great post...looking for part 3, whenever it comes.

exschoolnerd said...

no wonder we hvnt spoken on d fone...ud just be acting like a complete doufuss..because of ur crush on me and all..lol.mai ipod is also my uniform and i am never without it..it also deters weirdo's and creeps from chatting me up and wasting my time.

and just like u i prefer smarts over looks anyday anytime.

G-FUNC said...

that line about the story line of tellytubbies being more on point than barney and friends * or was it the other way around *
like I'm lmao.........

yeah smart works it for me too but she gats fine too na,even if na small