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Sunday, 31 May 2009

In other news...

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Today I feel like talking about relationships and Guy-Girl association, it's such a juicy controversial issue that I can't wait to hear whta ll of you are going to say. Okay so there's so much I want to talk about that I'm going to try and arrange the issues as conhesively as possible, I think each situation I'll talk about revolve around the same issue though...Let's go there!

A friend told me that she knew this chick who really liked some guy in her uni, it was a classic girl-crush-on-guy scenario but the guy didn't know who she was. Everytime she saw this dude she'd always stare and fantasie about him coming over and talking to her and this went on for several months without the girl ever saying a word and the dude never noticed her cos she never showed any sign of interest. Sometimes she'd walk right past the guy in d library or cafeteria and wudn't even throw a glance his way or show any sign of interest but wen she got to her room she'd lament about the dude not noticing her. My friend told me that weneva dis chick saw this guy talking to another girl at skool she'd run back to her room and cry her eyes out. If she even saw the guy saying Hi or waving to some other chick she'd immidiately start beefing the other chick and it was eating her up inside. Now this is my opinion....MADNESS!! Yes it might go against the status quo and contravene everything that he naija culture stands for but seriously do you think this chick shud have opted for silent death than take a chance at something more beautiful. If she wasn't so sprung I'd have said she shud just get over it cos it cudn't be guaranteed that the guy will notice her let alone like her but the chick was filling buckets wiv tears in her room for crying out loud...abi wat do u think?

Second situation, I have a friend and wen it comes to women I wish I had this dude's luck wen it comes to girls. Trust me wen I say that wen it involves chicks Sam's luck can an Irish man look like he's got a black cloud over his head (coz Irish pple are generally considered lucky if you didn't know). Ever since the day I met this guy I've never seen him go after any chick but somehow they all seem to let him know how much they like him, I've talked about him before in a previous post, Sam is the most shallow dude you'll ever meet and I think the reason why he's that way is cos he's hardly ever had to work for the attention of girls. A typical day out wiv Sam will involve you running into a group of chicks u know but he doesn't, you introduce everyone and y'all having a good time, he's getting to know everyone in a very platonic fashion wiv no strings attached, two days later one of the girls you are closer to tells you that one of her friends who was at the table that day really like Sam. When you tell Sam this he tells you he already knows cos yesterday, the day after we all met they exchanged numbers (prompted by the chick) and she sent him a very elaborate text detailing her feelings and some other unprintable things lol. It's like having a real life Vincent Chase as your friend. The koko here is that there was one chick who I consider to have been obsessed wiv Sam, we'd be having a boys night out and she'd just appear 4rm nowhere and start flirting wiv him, we "conincidnetally" ran into her everytime we were out and she'd always make it so obvious that she liked him...it irritatedd us!! Not her emotions but the way she expressed them. Guys like being chased sometimes but not hunted, she told Sam on numerous occasions how she felt but Sam never felt the same way about her and was to chicken to let her know in full detail. Even wen he did gather enuf cohones to tell her she was either to stubborn or blinded by infatuation to reason wiv. It was a very pitiful sight wen Sam got into a relationship wiv someone else and this chick started beefing Sam's new girlfriend. I think she crossed a boundary she didn't even know was there but Sam like d attention so he never told her where the boundary was.

Final scenario is another friend of mine, Kay is what you call a nice guy, he's cute according to numerous compliments, he's smart, funny and witty and is someone who cud make a girl happy....So why was his luck wiv chicks so shitty! Every girl he'd liked, had a crush on or even had a relationship wiv has somehow managed to twist the guys heart into a painful knot. Kay is one of the most courageous suckers I know, he sees her he likes her he tells her...nd then he gets dumped! That's the regular tory wiv my Guy kay! It's happened so many times that oga Kay gave up on the whole idea of love and a concrete relationship as a whole. He had this girlfriend who he really liked and after introducing her to the fold we kinda liked her too...until she dumped him for another guy who she'd had a crush on before she met Kay! In our records she automatically went 4rm Babe to B#t*h status. That one just finished my guy Kay, he turned into this dark predator who only had boobs, butt and sex on his mind, he was like a Sam's lil' disciple lol! Still the chicks he really cared about always found a way to hurt him...it was painful to see and funny as hell to recap but the issue was anytime he made d first move the chicks always had a critical counter!

I had a poll a while back asking if guys shud always make the first move and some said yes, some said no and some said not all the time. The Chick in the first story went through self-imposed emotionally torture cos she never told d guy she liked how she felt. Sam never went out wiv the chick in the second story cos she did make d first move and tried imposing a relationship on a guy who was too shallow and irritated to agree. Kay was a victim on numerous occasions cos he always made d first move and even wiv gud intentions never really had his emotional requirements fulfilled. I think the problem in all these situations is wrong pple, wrong timing and wrong approach. Picture this:
  • If Kay, who likes to make d first move, had been the dude in the first story who the chick had a crush on I'm sure the story wud have been a bit different even if it'd take a mind reader to notice that the chick had feelings for him.
  • If the chick who cudn't let Sam be had fallen for the guy in the first story who's to say d outcome wud be d same as wen she tried to tie ol' black heart Sam down. No other human being on this earth is as shallow as Sam (slight exagerration may have been employed) so I'm guessing she's have had better luck there.
  • The thing about pple who are shallow and vain is that wen they meet their own kind in the opposite sex they tend to attract! It's not a perfect theory but one wiv a lot of supporting evidence. Imagine Sam running into a chick who didn't give a sh#t! about him and treated him like evry other guy. I can assure you that wen it comes to guyz playing hard to get is sometimes the more productive strategy and wiv Sam it's the only strategy, all Kay's potential girlfriends wud have given Sam a run for his money and in the end we have a couple of consisiting of one determined shallow dude and one conceited chick who absolutely love each other lol.
I'm just making assumptions here but you grab wat I'm talking about! I'm a guy so the status quo dictates that I walk this earth as the first move maker but wen it comes to chicks I think if you want something bad enough it's worth the risk to try and get it but wivout making urself look desperate sha. Some guys are totally oblivious as some chicks are totally immune to pick up lines so a perfect first move for both guys and girls will involve researching your target, good timing, personal boundaries and one hell of an opening line!


naija shawty said...

first baby!

in ur face scribbles. muahaha

naija shawty said...

hmmn, sir u never cease to amaze. when did u become r/ship potential analyst! i have to consult u maybe. lol. mehn! that Sam is just darn lucky. im never jam sharp babe. as for Kay, he shudnt give up cos there are girls out there who feel the same way and give all they have once they are in a r/ship. eg me, yes me! in short r/ships are just trial and error. some have it good earlier, some carry a lot of experiments before they get the exact match

Nice Anon said...

kay will meet his match. Soon enough

Rene said...

first scenario, the chick is just the definition of STUPID, if i like a guy i would make him notice me a little bit, God wont fall and open the guy's eyes.
If you were like Sam u would turn to the guys with ghost of girlfriends' past. Sam get luck pass Irish man...lol...like naija shawty, he never jam im type.
I feel sorry for guys like Kay but mehn the guy has to probably step up him game.
I don't really agree with researching but good timing, personal boundaries....most def....opening lines, to me don't really matter.
I would shout third! but I can't wait to beat naija shawty and proudly shout my first!!! av achieved....lol....i'm feeling crazy right now.

juiceegal said...

Ahn ahn Naija shawty move 4rm my spot jo.
Sir scribbles so uv become relationship analyst abi??
Newaiz lemme give u my own opinion:
The babe in the first scenario is def stupid,cuz dere are ways of givin a guy greenlight without lookin like u are doing so,she cld have started d process and left it to the guy 2 take it up 4rm dere,in dat case if d argument was 2 eva come up bout who made d first move...well u kno wt i'm tryin 2 say.I think she was just very immature bout the whole thing

As for sam,its obvious that he thinks he is all that and a packet of crisps,personally i love guys like that cuz i love 2 show them that the world dsnt revolve around them,i see them as a sort of challenge.But u cnt blame him,i wld blame it on the gameless chicks that make him feel that every girl is at his beck and call

Finally as for Kay,lets just say he has rotten luck,thats life for u,the nice ones tend to be treated like shit whilst the ones that are full of shit tend to have it all,i cnt blame him for his new attitude,but then patience is the key here,he shld take his time to find the right person,there are girls out dere(like naija shawty now...lol) who are lookin 4 guys like him,he'l soon find that nice girl.

Gtay said...

dude i cant say anything cos 1stly sams luck is about 2 run out and kay is just raising all kinds of hell wiv d ladies coupla 1 nighters and stuvz d 1st chick is just plain old fasined shy

Miss Natural said...

hmm interesting...Im going to comment later but having said that well that's some interesting topic u mentioned. plus tmrw i'll be more free to give a whole lot of my ideas!!!!!

Lady Koko said...

1st scenario= SOME CHICKS MUST LIKE PAIN OOOO...pls ask me why i dnt feel sorry for her??? I WAS HAVING THIS SAME DISCUSSION WITH MY GIRLS YDAY AND HAD THE WHOLE SHOUTING AT ME OOO.....fair enuff i might be a cold hearted bitch..but pls tell me why i should feel sorry for someone who would rather sink into self pity than TAKE A RISK??? ITS LIKE THE PERSON THAT DREAMS OF WINNING THE LOTTERY BUT STILL WONT COUGH UP ONE POUND TO BUY A SCRATCH CARD.....u will do exactly just that! DREAM!!
TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE..SHE IS NOW A CRY BABY..urrghh...i dnt even knu the girl and she is irritating me ALREADY.....i have very little patience for people like this! HISS

now if both girls in scenario 1 and 2 were my girls(WHICH THEY WILL MOST PROLLY NEVER BE COS THEY WILL JUST IRRITATE ME lol) i would have to sit them down and teach them a coupla things.....U CAN ACTUALLY MAKE THE FIRST MOVE....IF UR BOLD ENUFF.....eg...go up to him...drop a couple of witty, smart non-pick up like lines....engage in an intersting conversation AND SAY BYE!!! WALK AWAY.....IF U'VE LEFT A GOOD ENUFF IMPRESSION.....AND HE WANTS TO GET TO KNU U FURTHER...U'VE GIVEN HIM A GREEN LIGHT...its up to him now to either take it or leave it! IF UR REALLY FEELING ADVENTROUS.....AND SITUATION PERMITS U TO....drop him ur number...DNT TAKE HE'S...if he's interested and wants to get to knu you better..HE WILL CALL! IF NOT...HE AINT THAT INTO YOU...MOVE THE FUCK ON!
AND AS FOR Mr. full of himself....HI5 DUDE...i dnt balme you....if girls are stupid enuff to fall all over ur egotistical ass....HOW IS THAT UR FAULT??? DO UR THANG BOO!!! *wink*
now final scenario......what more is there to say??? he is a NICE guy! EXACTLY HE'S PROBLEM! now he is the only one i feel sorry for...becos u knu..u wud think we girls just want a nice...good ..sweet...guy.....SEE WE WOMEN HAVE ISSUES REALLY.....i guess all that sweetness and niceness is just BORING! it pains me to see soo many "nice" guys turn to predators becos their experiences led them to give up on LOVE!sad...but nigga purrl;ease.....IF THE SAME THING KEEP HAPPENING TO YOU....WITH EVERY SINGLE GIRL U DATE..AND THESE GIRLS ARE NOT RELATED IN ANY WAY..then why wont u just take a sec and say to urself..."AM I THE PROBLEM?" I mean ur the only *common factor* LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

leggy said...

bia sir scribbles before u post nytin let me know so that i cn come and shout first...lol.i ndt no y shawty just dey stalk blog like that!
anyway,that kay guy is prob too emotional and protective with hs gfs which is a no no...i think he shld learn to give them a ll space..and as for sam now thats a guy i cn give a run for his money..im a real bitch!lol

Sir Scribbles II said...

@naija shawty: Sacrilage, u bring this fight to the steps of my blog...how dare you lol! I am willing to have a seesion wiv you but I charge by the hour lol. make una pity sam abeg he's still a good friend who's just very misguided lol

@Rene, juiceegal: Okay all y'all saying the same thing, that my Guy Kay is shud man up and my guy Sam is a narcisst right...and the chick in the first story is a mad woman! I agree wiv u all and I swear that's wat I've been telling these guys siiiiince ooo! but no one ever listens to Robby!

@Lady Koko: Mehn that is one loooong sensible comment lol...love it and the sense in it. It is just ironic that it's Kay who's the shallow womanizer now and Sam who's a been bitten by the love bug...ironic isn't it

@Leggy: Naija shawty is just showing herself lol! Mehn the two dudes have changed ooo! it's like they switched personalities...Sam's now in a relationship which is going on a full year and Kay is a weapon of mass shagging

koga said...

i see destruction in the path of sam if he's really changed o....cos...a full year relationship? hmn...he's prepping up himself for a huge heartbreak.
And as for kay...way to go bro....but....wat goes around comes around o....dont overdo it..
The gurl in d first story is just plain funny...thur's noin wrong with walking up to a guy..(trust me i know dat cos i bn there)...but sha....maybe they'll meet l8r...met a gurl in uni who told me she had a mad crush on me in high scool...still worked out....so maybe her night in shining armor will find her....lol....i know ds is kinda boring but...am bored joo..so joke production is on the low....