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Tuesday, 12 May 2009

I just remembered...Part 2

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So soon u say?...well I can't help it, I've got time on my hands and an evergrowing manuscript...

I remember...

The Asian racist...I was thinking of putting this story under the "Revelations of little insanities" series but I changed my mind....A friend of mine had an encounter wiv one of the many lunatics who roam this earth claiming to be lucid and the Asian rascist, who we will refer to as 'ARS' lol!, is the most crazy person I have heard about this month (Inference: I hear about crazy pple every month lol) According to her, she (A black girl) and a few friends (races nt disclosed) were out to see a movie in the Essex area and had just boarded a bus, the bus was kinda full and she was about to seat beside this Asian woman when the woman began to push her away saying she didn't want to seat beside a black person, she said they should all go back to their country and she didn't feel comfortable seating beside a black person, to top it all of she concluded by callin them "Flippin' Immigrants"...isn't that just crazy! First of all this is England, I'm nt a history buff but I believe it's the homeland of the English, so technically she was an immigrant as well...nd let's nt forget crazy! So in summary an Asian women in England told a black girl in England as well that she didn't want to seat beside an immigrant...how ironic!

My moments of ignorance...I don't get many of these but when they crop up it's always a very embarrasing situation...bear in mind that I'm a very inteliigent, young man lol. Okay here goes...

1. It was just a few days ago that I realised Hannah Montana and Miley Cyrus were the same person, I never really pay attention to dem types and I always thot they were different celebrities, So I'm walking down an aisle in Tesco and I see a DVD wiv both of them on it..or shud I say just her...I pass it but then I backtrack and start staring at the DVD...the gong of enlightenment songs and I feel very stupid...did I forget to mention I was on d phone wiv someone at the time nd I while staring at the DVD I ask the person on d other line if she knew they were d same person, she doesn't even answer me, she just laughs at my ignorance... lol.

2. This was a while ago but I can't seem to forget it, after the Rihanna song "Shut up and drive was released" most of the girls in my uni were chorusing it up nd down campus. I was in a discussion wiv a few of my friends and we're talking music and disecting songs nd then one of them mentions how much she loves "shut up and drive" nd my response was "Yeah it's a nice song but why is she singing about cars"...You know those silent moments in movies where you hear the sounds of crickets and owls hooting, that's wat I heard in my mind, they all stare at me and start laughing, I'm like "why r they laughing?" and then they tell me wat the song's real connation is...moment of enlightenment gong sounds again! At that moment I knew how Adam felt after eating the forbidden fruit, it suddenly made more sense, I wish they hadn't told me cos I like my lil' naive innocent assumption, that chick stole my innocence...not like dat sha (get ur mind out of the gutter)!

The Foamy head....Now this was nt one of my wisest decisions, or proudest moments, I can talk about it now cos it happened back in d dorky days lol. So it's freshman year in uni, I'm getting ready for a night wiv friends and I'm shampooing my hair (Yes pple, I shampoo my hair) then I notice how silky and shinny my hair looks when the shampoo's foam dissolves into my hair, the hair looks wavy and sexy if I do say so myself lol. SO wat do I decide to do in my most wisest of decison making moments, I decide not to wash it off, it looks nice, it makes me look nice, why don't I just leave it like this, I'm sure the ladies will love it, plus it smells kinda nice so I get to look nice and smell nice at the same time lol. So I'm wiv my friends and we're laughing and all dat and then I lean over to one of my friends on d table, Ayo, and whisper to him wat d deal was wiv my hair, he just smiles and we continue talking...If I had known that 4yrs l8r Ayo wud have become an infamous prankster nd trouble maker I wud have kept my mouth shut. A few minutes later Ayo asks the girls wiv us if they liked my hair cos I just got it stlyed, they all agree it looks nice and even ask me what I did to it, I just laugh and pretend not to hear the question, Ayo excuses himself to wash his hands and leaves d table...10 seconds later he creeps up behind me and sprinkles water on my hair nd then rubs it mercilessly wiv his hands...I want u to imagine wat happened next...YES! My hair began to foam...and foam...and foam! I'm standing there shocked, slightly amused and looking for the nearest exit, I ran out of there looking like a mad man holding my foamy head. A few days later I nearly tear his head off, a couple of years after that and we were laughing our heads off about it as well lol.

To all of you who take time to read my frequent babble I'd like to say thank you, I know I'm awesome nd everything but you guyz make it worthwhile lol! Seriously though thanks a lot nd much love!


Zena said...

Stop Apologizing, we're not complaining

The Asian woman is an ass, I'm surprised ur friend didn't say anything...I would've given her an earful, and she'd never utter such rubbish in her life by the time I was through with her, I ABSOLUTELY cannot stand people like that

It's not moments of ignorance, lol It's just you're not concerned with things of that nature,My younger sister had to "school' me on some things, I for instance didn't know who runz brown was, I thot he was the fat kid that sang " your just a beautiful girl" cant remeber his name, the song with suicidal or something in it

But"shut-up and drive" was quite obvious man, lol

lmao@ the foam situation, lol

Who dash you awesome? shiooooooo, lol you welcome

Miss Natural said...

lol lol that's crazy. I do not know what I would have done had I been placed in such a situation, I don't think I would have kept quiet though. I'd have definitely moved seats and continued an exchange of words lol.

Ok I'm with you on the next part, I just realized a couple of days what Rihanna's song meant...I never realised and just didnt even bother lol. I also realized yesterday what Britney's song meant, if you seek Amy. I thought it was a reference to Amy Winehouse but didnt know the connection. I never knew haha. So you're definitely not the only one.

As for the shampoo ok that is something I cannot relate to haha. It's a good thing you put it down to your younger 'nerdy' days haha lol. But we all do stupid things though

G-FUNC said...

Yeah I think I kinda did the shampoo thingy as well actually hair conditioner,didn't let it rinse too well and had like nicely perfumed nice hair

Luckily I neither told anyone or had crazy friends