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Monday, 1 June 2009

Scribblenation: Random, gathered and posted!

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Obviously I spend waaay too much time on my laptop! 21 posts in May alone...Wahala dey o! I didn't even know those were my statistics...I talk too damn much mehn!
The doors of Scribblenation are open again and as usual it's filled wiv numerous random thoughts which are ironically cohesive seeing as it's my nature to be random
and still maintain lucidity!

I read Afrobabe's post about Madam Koi Koi and how the girls in her boarding skool use to be scared of the her. It made me wonder why Madam Koi Koi never bothered to haunt my secondary skool back in the day, I went to an all boyz boarding skool and never for once heard anyone say they saw Madam Koi Koi. I'm guessing she was scared of haunting an all boys skool, wiv all the puberty stricken lads in the dormetory I'm guessing a women in high heels whether real or ghost wudn't think it wise to show up wivout a chaperon ! Imagine Madam Koi Koi trying to explain to her gurls in the spirit realm how she got knocked up by a Jss2 boy "It wasn't my fault I took a short cut through their skool and they jumped me near skool refectory"

Everytime I turn on the TV all I hear is bad news, plane crashes, shootings, bombings, Celebrities flashing camel toes in public, it's like the world is tearing itself apart slowly and violently. I'm trying to stay optimistic and hoping everyone just starts calming down and the economy picks up and pple start riding bikes instead of flying but it's like it's getting worse...or maybe I'm just exaggerating? I don't even want to hear that the world is coming to an end coz that is just so unfair. I didn't go through all this educational torture and moulding just so the world can end before I see my son graduate from Uni. The world can end either after I get my first official paycheck, if not then it has to wait till 4 weeks after my honeymoon, if not then it has to wait till My first child graduates Uni, if not then it has to be after my last child gets married, if not then it has to be after I die...If armageddon decides to happen outside the stipulated times above then there's going to be one very upset Igbo boy on the queue in the afterlife!

I've been a fan of Eminem since I heard the "Real slim shady" but after a few years I kinda grew out of his kind of music. Then he had the whole drug addiction thing and I really never had the same appreciation for his songs again. He's got a new album now and since he's been out of rehab and appearing on TV again he looks better...but he never smiles! I've never seen the dude smile since his return. I watched him on the Jonathan Ross show and for those of you who don't know who Jonathan Ross is just picture Basket Mouth wiv a big desk interviewing pple. I don't think Eminem smiled more than once throughout the interview and in response to a question about his controversial "We made you" music video he said he'd like to nail Sarah Palin...well payback is a b*#ch! I turned on the TV last night and I cudn't help but laugh wen I saw what Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat did to him. If you'd like to find out then google/youtube it but I think it serves Slim Shady right, Borat nailed Em back mehn! Karma don't take credit cards!!!!

How many of you remember this song?

Return of the Mack - Mark Morrison

Heard it on an episode of "Entourage" and I've been hooked on it since, I remember hearing it as a kid and listening to it now made me realise I must have had tar in my ears cos I was singin the chorus all wrong back then lol! Speaking of Entourage, am I the only one who thinks Ari Gold is the BOMB!!! I love that guy mehn! he's got this persona that just makes me want to wear a suit every minute of the day! Granted he can't utter two sentences wivout cursing but his passion and drive for his work is just too much, if you take away the swearing and the constant mutilation of other pple's charaters through racial, sexual and occupational slurs he's exactly what I want to be like in an office...too bad IT isn't that exciting! It's funny that a character like Ari Gold wud motivate me like this but I learned alot 4rm him, he's a go getta, a workaholic but a priciple family man as well! If he wants something he goes out and gets it and that's what I love about his charater in the series. Is it just me or are all the chicks in the series hot! Whether it's a scene in a bookstore or supermarket it's like they live in a wolrd where all the are women between size 8 and 12...anyone know how I can get a visa lol?

I had to add this here cos it just happened real time. My younger sis is writting her first exam for her course today and I've been tense since my alarm went off this morning. I offered (more like imposed) that I follow her to her exam centre cos I'm better at finding places than she is. and wudn't be able to think straight unless I see her walk into the hall myself. All through the journey it was like I was the one writting the exam and she was escorting me, she was so calm and cool and I was sweating like R-Kelly at a PTA meeting! I was so tense that wen I left her and was on my way back home I called her 3 times to find out if she was okay! I was sitting her e typing up this post and she called me and said she'd just finished one paper and it was beautiful and she's having a second paper at 2pm...I was just so happy and relieved but I didn't want her to know so I formed "big bro" on her and told her to eat and revise...anyone who says being and older brother is easy shud swallow a monkey!!!


Lady Koko said...

ahahhah!!!!! OH MA GOSHH!!!!!!! that is totally how my BIG BRO IS!!!!!!!! looooooool......"EAT AND REVISE"....sigh......BUT I HAVE A LOOOT OF LOVE FOR BIG BROTHERS THAT hold it down and play their fatherly role! its too damn cute!!! hehe..this is the part where i squeeze ur cheeks..lol

i guess you were right when you said, " if you spend a week in scribbles mind...YOU WONT WANT TO GO HOME" *double sigh*

Rene said...

lol.....u r more random than me joh! u were even more tense than the person writing the exam and you could still play big bro....hmmm

juiceegal said...

Ehen....big brother.....nawa o,nw ur makin me wish i had one...lol
Lol at the boys jumpin madam koi koi,no wonder she dint even attempt to go that route.

juiceegal said...

And i hate that the world is gettin so depressing,that air france incident affected me cuz i cld have been on that plane too or any member of my family,heck it cld ahve been any one.

Roses said...

LOL! i love how u equate celebs flashing camel toes with bombs,plane crashes and other highly serious international type fiasco's :P.
back in the day that song was my jam jorrr. lol
i saw that eminem thing! made me laugh...he shouldnt dish it out if he cant take it. i love Sacha baron Cohen tho...he does the voice for king julian in madagascar two.
omg how cute i wish i had an older brother!
x x x x x

OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz said...

havent been here in a week, and i missed ur mind seriously i did ,
dont have a big brother cos i am first and its always nice to have someone fuss after u....

dont really like eminem so whatever....
i will be on that queue with u in the afterlife if the world doesnt end after i am 90.....

naija shawty said...

i watch the mtv awards like and still wonder why Borat did that shit to eminem. wish i knew. madam koi koi na fable

Anonymous said...

lol...i really laughed after reading this and ur really funny but i guess u hear dat all the time..anyway..im with u on the bad news thing i dnt watch cnn or read d papers anymore i love my ginorance...and the world coming t an end thing..oh u said it all..one mad igbo girl for here too!!!
he he he..

Penelope said...

lmfao!! eat and revisee...hahaha. ure jst lik my elder brother!
that eminem got what he deserved mahn, no doubt! lol
I loveeee thiss bloog, lmao at the madam koi koi theory!! lol
i shall be back i promise!

P'sy-A-wana said...

ODERA how come say na soso gals dey comment 4 ur posts anyways stuff be crazy evrywhere murder in d niger delta but y u dey form big bruv wen na she dey take care of u u don too dey lie 4 dis ur blog sef i don finally join d bandwagon so sir scribbles lets duel. http://psyawana.blogspot.com/

LovePaprika said...

ah ahn this make over odikwa teww heavy! lol I was watching the news yesterday night and I thought the same thing! It is so sad... oh maybe you haven't seen the 2029 or some year in the future that is proposed to be the end of the world because some fire like thing from space (you can tell I am not into stars and the galaxy...but my sis is!!!) is consuming the whole earth...ahh.. anyway no one knows except God so...

Gochi said...


I need me a big brother too :) Men being older get wahala kai, always worrying over the little one's.
My little bro gave me a heart attack this morning and he doesn't live in the same city as me. So obviously I’ll panic till i see him tonight.

I used to love that song, lol how did u use to sing the chorus then?

I watched Eminem on Ross it was so boring. Dude looked so miserable. I swear it felt like he sapped Jonathan’s entire goof vibes, at some point i'm sure Ross was like i wish this dude will hurry up and leave already!

@ Madam Koi Koi trynna explain to her gurls, Dude u crazy :)

Got ur wolverine comment, thanks!

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Lady Koko: I'm glad u have decided to extend you stay lol If you love big bros then u'll definitely love me lol

@Rene: don't even try ot jo, that ur random post beats all of mine hands down!

@juiceegal: If she had tried hauting any boy in our skool he'd go down in hsitory as the boy who knowcked up Mdam Koi Koi! The world is seriously depressing h! The air france thign hit me real bad!

@Roses: King Juilian was actually my best charater in that movie, at least there's something put a smile on our faces in this depressing world

@Optimistic_alyzzz: where ahev uou been jo! Big bro work isn't easy oh! plus majority of the blame falls on our head

@Naija Shawty: I like Eminem oh but he's ha dthis coming for a while, shey he likes to insult pple..well Borat returned the favour

@leggy:yeah I do get that alot but I don't get tired of it sha lol. Holla if you want me to save u a spot on the queue

@Penelope: U better come back o! cos my blog loves you back lol

@Gtay:U know u don't have sense..I don show u website now nd u r now talking shit..u dey mad lol!

@LovePaprika: I don't even like hearing about the whole end of the world thing...it scares me jo!

@Gochi: I shud put that into my CV, "intelligent, hard worker and big bro lol". I think Jonathan Ross jsust gave up trying to get the dude to smile..he just dulled the whole show..i've seen longer comments lol

cerberus said...

You like entourage...

My Man.