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Sunday, 21 June 2009

3: Robby Scribbles' Blog da Blogger

16:27 Posted by Sir Scribbles , 19 comments
Ladies and Gentlemen whatagwaaaaaaan! Sorry, I've been hanging around some Jamo boys lately and that's all they say to me. Happy Monday pple, even though I'm yet to find someone who appreciates the start of a new week I still feel the need to invoke elation before mentioning "Monday". We have another blogger as a guest today and for some reason anytime I visit her blog I have a sudden craving for pastries. You may remember her from posts such as Heartbreaker, I have principles and Ego, put ur clicks together for the one and only Rene!!!
(applause)*(intro: Baby Bash's "Keeper")

Robby Scribbles: Nice to have you on the show Rene...are those for me?

Rene: Yes they are, I baked them myself and I made alot so you could choose, I made Rich Belgian cupcakes with chocolate butter cream, Light blueberry cupcakes with vanilla butter cream and I think there' a White Chocolate chip & Raspberry cupcake with Vanilla butter cream and...

Robby Scribbles: Marry me!!!

Rene: LOL! I'm sorry Scribbles I'm not that easy, a girl needs to be wooed first you know

Robby Scribbles: Well You can't blame me for trying can you? I always ask my guests to tell us a lil about themselves so tell us please...Who is Rene?

Rene: Well I'm complicated let me put it that way, first of all I think I have multiple personalities, I think the way I react in different situations makes it hard for people and sometimes me-to draw a conclusion about my character and who I really am. I'm so friggin random sometimes that it's hard to keep up nd that usually pisses guyz off...plus I'm a cynical by default so guyz either get tired of hitting on me or loose their minds trying to.

Robby Scribbles: Multiple personalities isn't always an asset you know...sometimes it's associated with lunacy...are u crazy?

Rene: lol! Ofcourse not, wat's wrong wiv you? I don't mean "multiple personalities" like today I'm Rene and tomorrow I'm Shaka Zulu. What I mean is I am complex enough to make impatient pple think I'm more than one person, it's a combination of different things really and the way I feel in and react in different sceanrios is what makes me complex...you get me?

Robby Scribbles: The same way Soulja boy gets Astrophysics...speaking of Astrophysics I'm guessing ur an A student right?

Rene: Yes I am Scribbles...it's a tough job but someone has to do it...

Robby Scribbles: I guessed as much, u have dare I say it-the swagger of an intellectual. I've noticed most of the women in blogsville are 'A' students...In my day you'd have to visit a bookstore to meet a smart chick, I guess technology is replacing that lol. We'll be right back Ladies and Gentlemen after a few words from our sponsors.

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Caller Intravenous 1.0, ur gateway to a fairytale. Also coming soon is Caller I.V. 2.0 which comes with an added "Should I shag him/her" feature.
(Blood and Saliva not included for Caller I.V. 1.o and Caller I.V. 2.0 repectively. Use at your own risk as refunds and return are not accepted)

Robby Scribbles: Just a random questiuon Rene, if we were to take a quick tour of your browser history what we we find on a normal day?

Rene: Nothing out of the ordinary, you'd proplay find links to blogs, youtube videos and all that...nothing unusual

Robby Scribbles: Well I'm just asking cos we managed to get Misty to give us a quick run-through of your browser history and we were surprised when we.......

Rene: ....Nooooo!! WTF!!! WTF Scribbles...you've got no right to do that, how dare you...

Robby Scribbles: Well we tried calling you to tell you but we kept getting ur voicemail and we'd already put the Engineer in a cab...Mr. Engineer do you have the records ready

Rene: NOOOOO!!! I'm so gonna kill Misty, Robby Scribbles I will sue the life out of you then then Sue you back to life only to sue you again...U better check urself...

Robby Scribbles: HAHAHA! Calm down calm down...take deep short breaths and relax. Are you hyperventilating? We're just effing wiv you, we're not really gonna show all of blogsville ur browser history...we're not that insensitive...but seeing ur reaction just makes me wonder wat could be so confidential *wink*...Is that a vein I see on ur forehead...oh we got you rattled didn't we?

Rene: Maybe...Not really. It's not like I'm hiding anything...I just don't want strangers going through my computer cos I've got sensitive detail there.

Robby Scribbles: *wink* Yeah "reeeal" sensitive right? By the way people, some of you already know about Rene's advertised vacancy but for those of you who haven't heard here's the gist...She's single, looking for a summer "thang", no strings attached and if you are interested send your applications to sugarplumrene@gmail.com

(Man runs towards Rene 4rm the audience but is tackled to the ground by Scriibles and security escort him out)

Robby Scribbles: No need to thank me...somehow you've managed to turn my show into a recruitment drive for you summer 'thang' Rene. It was nice having you on the show and I hope you find ur summer "thang" soon. Ladies and Gentlemen


Rene:....It's been a pleasure...I think.

Robby Scribbles: Before we go Ladies and Gentlemen the identity of the man who ran out of the audience has been confirmed...it is P'sy-A-wana....apparently he wasn't afet Rene...he wanted the cupcakes!! Join us again next time as we have our first male guest on the show, I just hope we can find a chair big enough for him. This is Robby Scribbles saying "I just saw my 2 yr old cousin dancing "Alanta" lol


Rene said...


Rene said...

i'm gud...i'm gud *singing and dancing* blog stalking pays...lol

Rene said...
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Rene said...

OTFLMFAO......true true....so me...speaking of pastries I'm having an unusual craving already......I've got to reward you

Penelope said...

"We're just effing wiv you". who says that in an interview...lool.
and dat ad is not razz atal oh...shii.
LOL at Rene,how did he have you all figured out?
Loved it.

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Rene: Ha! I told you I'd be gentle...Me waiting for reward oh!

@Penelope: lol..who says that in an interview? Chris rock and Jonathan Ross lol...Place ur order now oh...sirscribbles@yahoo.com

G-FUNC said...

Scribbles this thing wey you dey do no good oh
why I go just dey leavr the^page and the next time your stupid blog let me see am,I'll find one girl or another wey you want to "marry me" don comment for my place

@rene:you dey use you unbelievable nicely shaped body and accident-provoking face cause scribbles to do things he won't normally do abi?
he don't even come over to my blog no more

I'm not saying that you shouldn't be bodacious and stuff but at least let the guy dey reason more that you biko!

CultureCynic said...

aahahahahhahahahahahahaahha foolish boy!! mehn where do u even find all these sponsors and their questionable products...SPAM much!! i am even afraid to satisfy my curiosity by clicking on any of the links....now i am starting to think u r nothing more than a champion stalker for u to have all this info ....but i can't even lie, ur creativity is KRUCIAL!! keep it up....

and F mondays yo...wake me up when it's friday!

yinkuslolo said...

i need to learn how to bake some mede medes i eat. rene, u shud help oh

chayoma said...

the caller I.V. 2.0. should be free for special customers like me now!

Now i want cupcakes, and i don't bake for the life of me (i know sucks! Blame my mother...) Beyonce has peeps thinking having a sister to Sasha Fierce is a norm! (make papa Knowles no come sue me oh!)

leggy said...

wat exactly is rene hiding?lmao...and yeah...caller i.v?i loved that.lol

Tay-mee said...

lol..once again I applaud your crazzzyyy mind. I want to come and steal whatever it is that makes you so creative!

Sir Scribbles II said...

@G-FUNC: Guy no vex, I'm coming over to urs now abeg biko no vex lol

@CC: You will come here and be so nice then go behind my back na akpo aha njo! Thanks my dear...ur turn is coming soon though

@Yinkuslolo: Abeg wen u learn email me the recipe..the only thimg wey i sabi na how to make indomie

@Chayoma: The one i'll give u will probably be rigged to read "yes" wen my blood or saliva touches it lol

@leggy: I said I wudn't reveal it but 4rm her reaction i'm sure you can guess

@Tay-mee: Thanks oh! Na bab God give me I say thank you...

Rene said...

@ Penelope, i'm still wondering
@ G-FUNC, i'm flattered
@ leggy, i refuse to reveal

Naija Storyteller said...

Uare hilarious!!! mehn, that was funny. i was also going thru the leggy interview. very cool. as for the commercial, dude where did you come up with this stuff? very creative. but razzbegone? that beats it all! lwkm

Brokeass said...

Dude u r hilarious with those ads!
Caller IV ke?

BSNC said...

You are creative, funny and KRAZY...lol

Your commercials are also funny too, but i still can't get razz be gone out of my head..lol

Naija bad boi.... said...

"I will sue the life out of you then then Sue you back to life only to sue you again".......LMAOOOOOOO!!!!!!
dude...ds dere's hilarious meeeehn...ahn ahn....

y u go do psy like dat? not nice oo....he's ur guy ooo....lol

NaijaBabe said...

I just thought about it. Comment on every post or a very long ass email that will drain you out for the rest of the day...trust me, I can do it!

Classic part of the interview 'are you crazy'? HAHA!!