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Thursday, 18 June 2009

Robby Scribbles' Blog Da Blogger

18:41 Posted by Sir Scribbles , 26 comments
Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to the show once again. Before I bring out my guest tonight I'd just like to make a lil' announcement. I am taking a vow of celibacy for three months in an effort to curb my flirtacious blogging habits lol. During this period I will restrain myself from blog and cyber philandering because my significant blogger is going away on holiday and I have promised to behave myself while she is away. However, I will not be held liable for my actions or reactions if I am approached wiv comments or emails of ambiguous and invitingly lucrative nature. I will also not be held responsible if my seemingly innocent comments are misconstrued to habour ulterior motive. Now let's bring out our guest for today's post....

She's one blogsville's finest and lengthy bloggers and her posts will keep you scrolling till ur mouse develops Athritis, you may remember her from posts like I AM NOT A PRUDE!!! and Mon etranger. Ladies and Gentlemen put ur clicks together for Leggy!!!!

(Applause) (Solja boy's "Kiss me thru the Phone")

Robby Scribbles: So nice to have you on the post Leggy, may I just say u look ravishing tonight. Grandma what long legs you have, may I call you Leg for short?

Leggy: Bia, O muwa ki choro e'kpo leg? O gini' n'eme gi n'isi biko, e cho ka chineke kpo gi oko?

Robby Scribbles: Emmm pardon me Leggy but some of our audience may not be able to understand you, can you speak english please

Leggy: Mba, A bum onye igbo, o soso Igbo kam ga su,

Robby Scribbles: Ladies and Gentlemen we 'd like to apologise for the inconvenience but those of you who may not be able o understand our guest are advised to read the subtitles. Sorry once again. Now Leggy, tell us abit about urself, what are ur hobbies

<<Well I'm like really smart, like really really smart...I like to write, I read alot, I like hanging out wiv friends and just having good clean fun ...My friends say I like to make guys trip 4 me and then crush their hearts into a bloody pulp redering them incapable of feeling sentiment or emotions for anyone else but I think they're just goofing around...did I mention that I'm really smart? coz I am>>

Robby Scribbles: Yes u did mention it...*friggin Einstein for all I care*...Sooo, Crushing hearts you say, sounds like you got lots of men trying to get wiv you. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being a very sub-par effort at hitting on you and 10 being a psycho's attempt, how motivated has a guy ever been to get with you?

<<I'd say 8...8.2745 to be exact...oh he was a persistent one! I think I had to tazer him before he got the message that I didn't want to talk to him...then there was the whole incident with the police later on cos apparently he was a freshman and just wanted directions to the school library but you never know right? it's not like stalkers walk around wiv a "psycho" written on their foreheads>>

Robby Scribbles: That is hilarious, you actually tazered a freshman cos you thot he was coming on to you? Dat's a bit harsh isn't it? maybe even paranoid

<<So what you saying Scribbles? You saying I'm crazy? that I'm not hot enuf for a freshman take a look at these legs mahn! I call dem my columns of chaos cos once these babies are on show calamity ensues mahn, wen these bad babies hit dem skinny shorts men hit the ground cos I'm like a terrorist, I'm friggin Al qaeda wiv these legs mehn!>>

Robby Scribbles: LOL! Ladies and Gentlemen we'll be back to ask Leggy about her plans for the future and her love life right after a few words from our sponsors.

Are you a chick? Do u like guys? Do you hate cheesy pick up lines? Do you wish you cud simple ward off Guyz wiv cheesy pick up lines? Well now you can. Introducing "RAZZ-BE-GONE" The only Aerosol clinically proven to get rid of all those pesky losers who think ur brain is as pourous as the 50p socks on their feet. It's simple and easy to use, simply spray this around whoever or watever you'd like to safeguard from potential razzness and watch as men wivout potential cry, run and convulse before your very eyes. Results or your money back! Call now and if you buy more than two cans you get a free "RAZZ-BE-GONE Koboko" for the more zealous mediocre flirts. C'mon try it, you won't regret it!
RAZZ BE GONE!!! cos Razzness has no place in d 21st century!
(Refunds and returns not accepted. we will not be held responsible for any skin irritations, permanent paralysis or deaths which may be experienced by anyone in contact with this product )

Robby Scribbles: Welcome back everyone, we're still here with Leggy and Leggy u were telling me during the break how u haven't been in a real concrete relationship before. Are you single and searching or Single and satisfied?

<< I think I'm a bit of both Scribbles, I'm single that's confirmed and I'm searching cos I actually want to have someone who cares for me in a special way. On the other hand, I'm satisfied as well cos men can be such jerks, you guyz seem to enjoy inventing new sick ways to hurt us and I'm just not ready to be in a real relationship until all d variables have been considered and the results show that I won't be forced into homicide at some point in the relationship>>

Robby Scribbles: Well I'm sure there's someone *wink* special *wink**wink* who'll be qualified enuf *wink* to demolish all variables and pass ur lil test *wink**wink*

<<Are you alright Scribbles? ur blinking alot is everything okay?>>

Robby Scribbles: *claim to be smart..NOT!" I'm alright never mind. We're runnin out of time but before we go tell us what you look for in a man, what are the things your ideal guy shud have before trying to conquer the mighty tazering Leggy?

<<Well under this towering edifice is just a simple girl with simple needs, I'd like a funny, witty, intelligetnt, sensitive, caring guy who's ready to take charge wen needed but also humble enuf to step aside wen required. Responsible, spontaneous, respectful and appreciative as well...I guess that's it really>>

Robby Scribbles: Well that's a description of an average guy, I think I know someone who'll be perfect for you, his name is Clark Kent and he lives in Smallville...mscheeewww!! Ladies and Gentlemen give a round of clicks for our guest Leggy!! (Applause) It was awesome having you on the show and I wish you luck on your next trip to Krypton in search of ur ideal man.

<<It was a wonderful to be here Scribbles, by the way I was just wondering, if I buy a dozen RAZZ-BE-GONEs do I get a discount and how many Kobokos do I get?>>

Robby Scribbles: mscheeew!!! Ladies and Gentlemen join us next time on the post wen we'll be with another important blogger in blogsville who seems to have a thing for pastries. I know y'all are wondering why we seem to be having only female guests on the show, Una dey mad! The show neva reach 5 episodes and u r jumping d queue already! I can assure that there will be guyz on the show....after I fill up my phonebook. This Is Robby Scribbles saying "Take care of yourself and each other...cos the Aliens are coming" Goodnight!!


yinkuslolo said...

u dis guy!

yinkuslolo said...

which aliens are coming scribs? we, earthlings, are capable of anything.

u kinda coded leggy there, i think almost the same of her. and dose her legs, i bet there are nothing less than 3ft long lol.

Sulihp said...

Really? really???
you're really a piece of work.

naijashawty said...

oga scribbles, i see u're serious with these ur interviews kwa. hmmmn, dont deceive urself oh, u cant resist blogging. see ur archive...

dont worry juiceegal, i will keep an eye on him, only "an eye"

i also have to applaud ur creativity with that commercial. koboko is not a bad business idea

BSNC said...

lol you are good and very creative.

Razz-be-gone..lwkm. I no fit wait for next episode. Nice, really nice..

Anonymous said...

i love u scribbles...nd it actually seems like u interviewd me cs dats what i would have said...except i understood ur winks...**wink**

chayoma said...

Scribbs, scribbs
so what number do i call for RAZZ BE GONE?
Next episode....*drum rolls*

UnderCover07 said...

Lol @ columns of chaos!!! Scribbs scribbs...3months of celibacy??? Really? Ok o mke we dey look how u wan do am?lol

Naija bad boi.... said...

razz-be-gone???? lmao...guy u really are summin else...tazered a freshman huh? looool....
for real dude, ur creativity is just too damn good...
that said....
why cant i jump d queue?? ehn?? abeg abeg abeg...i no dey for dat one o...u don forget how we dey do am for naij...na who strong pass naw...

~Butterfly~ said...

ROFLMAO @ Razz-b-gone!!! u lot r hilarious! nd Leggy columns of chaos?! loool!

Sir Scribbles II said...

@yinkuslolo: That's wat you think, you think the Aliens are coming in peace lol. I thot thats how she'd reply most of the questions as well lol...3ft is taller than some pple u know

@Sulihp:I'll take that as a compliment ehn! lol Glad you liked it

@Naijashawty: Don't even dull urself oh cos ur own is coming. Only an eye ke? u sef don't know wat u r missing. Thanks

@BSNC: lol, thanks oh! Na baba God me I say thank you!

@Leggy: I love you too...if juiceegal catch us e don be. So u understood d winks shey...nice one oh!

@Chayoma: LOL! Our lines are currently busy but we will get back to you cos ur needs matter lol

@undercover07: You see wat I'm talking about, I will not be blamed for my reaction so that comment oh lol cos I sense u r tryin gto tell me something lol

@Naija Bad boi: U dis boy u can like to dey jump queue ehn, my friend hold urself jo ur time will come lol

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Butterfly: LOL! Thanks o! Leggy mus be like 14ft tall lol

Lady X said...

Remind me never to cross you LOL

Sulihp said...

Sir scribbles I would just like to formally inform you that i have now made you my soulmate(YES!i'm serious):)
P.S wetin b ur own wit aliens sef?

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Lady X: Obviously u knwo that u will be interviewed as well so no dull urself o! lol

@Sulihp: I wud like to formally accept this position and I will do everything in my capacity to be the best soulmate dis side of the blogosphere

CultureCynic said...

LMAO....awww this is funny. well played Robertford...well played!!...RAZZ BE GONE...like shelltox for razzness abi??? ishi adighi nma men.....

madly creative with a dash of ara-ness!!

so are you now a reformed akwuna kwuna...hmmmmmm???

Anonymous said...

LMAOOO..that was way too hilarious..jeez scribbles you kill me!!..Your creativity is on a whole new level.lol @ "(applase)(kiss me thru the phone)"..teehee cos we all just luvvvv solja boy eh.

And razz-be-gone, dude I need that shii asap oh. Please how can I order?

Nefertiti said...

I just caught on to your blog. Funny as hell. Razz be gone... LMAO.

Rene said...

razz be gone...lol...results or your money back and they don't accept returns or refunds
can't wait for the next episode

faB!! said...

I love love love this post.
Ok....so, I know leggy in person and that's just like EXACTLY what she'd have said.
The part of I'm smart,I'm smart....did I already say I'm smart. That was like soooooooooooooo exact.
Dangg......... u r goood!! And to think u actually didn't have an real interview with her and you got her so right.

And I liked your little commercial. Razz-be-gone??
Lmao....what a name!!!

I'd be back here for ur next interview.
And yea...nice blog!! :)

Tinu said...

I need some of that Razzz be gone!!!!
nice post Scribbles!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
RAzz be gone???
Now if only it was available a few years earlier....

sweetness said...

lol u r too much!
nice one :)

P'sy-A-wana said...

this girl is krazy wiv a cpital K...d poor guy psst scribs wats a freshman lol...wonder who d 3rd interviewee is gonna b...9ja misses u

NaijaBabe said...
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NaijaBabe said...

The lady stuck to her "very" long roots
Igbo kwenu!