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Friday, 5 June 2009

Pages from my Blog book...

02:20 Posted by Sir Scribbles 13 comments
I don't know if I've said this before but I have a lil' blog book, it's abook where I write things I might wwant to talk about sha! It's mostly random things sha. Lie I said alot of things go thorugh my mind so if I don't write dem down I will either forgot or it will be replaced by another thought...wonder if they have discounts on straight jackets

I don't think pple change in the real sense of the word, I think pple just get influenced by internal or external forces into realising their true selfs. For example take W (fictional character ), so she never went clubbing and she didn't use to swear, she never wore skirts that went above her knee and we didn't even know if she had cleavage cos we never saw it, now she's the direct opposite and you say she has changed? I don't think so, I think she has manifested, pple tend to be comfortable wiv stuff they like and human beings have a tendecy to be able to adapt to unfavourable conditions meaning that even though she looked like a nun she may have been wearing a latex lingerie underneath. Some of you know pple who you knew wud be sexually indiscriminate right from primary school cos they showed tendencies then so were not syrprised wen this person shagged half the first year class in uni. I think pple express their true slef at different times in their life cos we are all unique. You may have known W through primary skool, college but in Uni she seemed to have changed...or not...maybe she just realised what she was and who she wanted to be...it's also a sort of change in a way but not a transformation

Love is the most inconsistent thing I've ever mused over. I mean everyone has something to say about it, I don't think pple have argued over evolution and creation the way they've argued about love. Some say it doesn't exist while some have felt the euphoria and bruises from having it. I'm Pro-love and I think no matter how hard or long it takes loves will actually find everyone. Love is a decision and not a feeling, it's a voluntary obligation amnd not an emotional ambush. In my opinion the illusion of love can only be made real when you can see past the apparition and still enjoy the trick. If you don't believe in it then that's a shame cos many have been "mislead" it lives of bliss under a "fallacy" right? The thing about this depressing world is that setbacks tend to get more coverage than triumphs and tragedies have a higher preferences against joy. So you know five pple that got dumped so wat? I'd prefer to find out how the one couple that got it right did it rather than throw away any chance of happiness by denying the existence of love. Even if I believe it exists and it's a lie; free me like that cos ironically it proves that ignornace is truely bliss.

Abeg explain something to me ehn? is forming/fronting part of the default female repertoire? Is there a lil rule book that says Chicks must form for a guy, cos it's the most saddistic thing I have ever seen lol. How? two pple like each other but one thinks that playing hard to get wiv d other will make d other appreciate them more, how selfish is dat please? I'm saying thkis cos I have a friend, Jerry, he liked this chick and he was absolutely sprung which wasn't a usual occurrance cos Jerry is more of a philanderer than than lover boy. From all indications the chick liked him too but when the dude finally started the whole process of "getting to know each other" which he thot wud be relatively hassleless cos they were both feeling each other the chick just withdrew, like a friggin turtle! She started playing games wiv him and annoying the heck out of him. Now I'm not as promiscuous as my some friends and I have tried my best to show them the light so imagine my excitement when I found out Jerry actually liked someone who wivout premediated sex plans! In the end he simply got tired and really annoyed. It was almost a year ago and he still tells me he thinks about her but the hassle she put him through was unfair. Now we area talking about the poster boy of womanizing we but the way he described his feelings for this chick was kinda deviant, unfortuantely for her it was never realised coz she was following protocol and forming. Personally, I can stand a certain amount of forming in accordance wiv the societal or cultural normalities but wen it just gets annoying and exaggerated I doubt any form of Abeg ehn I want to understand something, is forming/fronting part of the female repertoire? NA by force to front for guy? Cos I really can't wrap my head around it. I've got a friend, Jerry, who really liked this girl. It was really rare to see this dude so sprung cos he's more of a philandererfondness for someone can overshadow the need for self pride and sensibility. Now Jerry is single and proverbially the caretaker of the one night stand today cos he got added to the growing statistic of guyz who for the first time wanted to leave the shallow end of the pool towards the deeper end wiv someone but nearly drowned cos the chick he was swimming wiv didn't even bother giving him a float!

The vanities in this life are copious, money, power and sex being some of the more dominant ones. Have you ever seen a shoe, shirt or in my case a piece of alluring technological engineering in a store and just wanted to absolutely tear urself into pieces unless you bought it. You probably never stopped thinking about it and you actually think that if you own that piece of worldy treasure you will never need anything in your life again lol! It's like that thing will complete you and when you saved enuf money you can't seem to get to the store fast enuf to buy it. The first few days wiv ur new "thing" are absolutely blissfull but after say 3 months you just look at it and all the feelings of adoration have just magically dissipated. That's how vain this life works, it's engineered to hold things that don't last and eternal essences like human beings who are designed to attach ourselves to things and pple wiv d option of the everlasting will always be disappointed wen vanity clouds our judgement, attaches itself to our desires, tricks us into adulatory feelings for it and finally leaves us forlorn wen it expires...we always live long enuf to feel the loss of an expired vanity.

I think real Men like to use synonyms wen it comes to their feelings but women prefer antonyms...chew on that!!!

Summer is around the corner and I have no plans...pathetic is my case lol!


Lady X said...

Perhaps the girl that was 'fronting' was your dear friend Jerry's KARMA.Maybe payback for all the other hearts he broke.:)

BBB said...

i agree with lady x even though i dot subscribe to fronting

UnderCover07 said...

I agree with you that failure gets more coverage than success, and I get that all d time. Bcos am in a LDR, and ppl always say ah those things never wrk see dis person and dis person...but wat about the couples who have made it...!!!

Nice post!

juiceegal said...

Lady X is right.......payback is a bitch.Ur friend needed that to learn his lessons,cuz now that the tables were turned and he was at the receiving end he did not find it funny....lol.This does not mean that i subscribe to forming as a way of life.Heck if u are feelin someone then go for it,y form?? some pple just dnt have that patience,pple like me,and yes some guys form too.

I agree that people dnt change per say but then it might be as a result of external influence,its highly possible for a good girl to go bad,it dsnt necessarily mean that she is showing her true colours and has always been bad.

Finally about the vanity of life,i can't count the amount of times i'v had that feeling of euphoria wen getting a new item and then few weeks or days sef i'm like "so is this it??".Even with guys, i might have lusted after a guy and schemed and planned,eventually wen the guy starts to notice me and starts the chasing process i get bored and i loose interest.Goes to show that human beings would always lust for what they dnt have and when they finally get it,it becomes ordinary to them.Thats why a guy wld spend donkey years chasing a gal and wen he finally gets her,he strts to treat her like crap.

Dark Neo said...

Hahahah! you Hit the bullseye! Girls think in ANTONYMS take it to the Bank!

Dark Neo said...

Don't agree with the KARMA theory... take note that the chick too has missed out on a possibility too, she also liked the guy...yes payback is a bitch but she is also very precise. If she were a gun she'd be a sniper rifle! Karma would have got just the guy....

People never change.! they pretend!

Anonymous said...

lol...enough wt the fronting already nd nyway...people change due to their environment so dnt say peeps dnt change.

Anonymous said...

Yea I agree, there are people that when they do stuff your like "omg never knew you had it in you" but it had probably always been there, but they just never got a chance to show it till they reach that comfort zone.

Everything in the media and what not is always negative these days..tres sad!

A babe gatta front a little..ya know. Just cant afford to be the "easy one". However the fronting should not be overdone. Plus maybe the girl ur friend liked didn't know he felt that way and didn't want anything 'deep', ya cant be too quick to judge!

naija shawty said...

u know, i have a stickie note on my desktop. i kip stuff for intended posts, tho i never look at it.

if a guy remembers all the fronting a girl put him thru and what he had to do to prove to the girl, maybe he wud appreciate her more

P'sy-A-wana said...

robby inever said i was gonna spike ur drink but now dat u've mentioned it sounds like a plan 2 me so keep looking ova ur shoulder 4 d nxt 40 ury lol and jerry wasnt really interested in d chick it was just an experiment 2 see if he had a heart

Sir Scribbles II said...

@Lady X: U may be right though, Jerry's conquest of chciks is something I need a private blog to expalin lol

@BBB: I'm still trying to get use to d name oo lol...my dear pls don't subscribe to it cos it's just annoying lol

@Undercover: Yeah I like d way you think, my dear push on ooo! Hope u end up as the couple who made it

@juiceegal: U've got a point as well (as always) but cut my guy Jerry some slack jo! He was really sprung and I think he still is sef! oh nd I'm not giving u monthly allowance anymore since all you do wiv my money is to buy thing su won't appreciate lol...i want a divorce

@Dark Neo: Yep ppel never changed they just conform nd manifest l8r

@leggy: aunty na fight?! why u dey comment so? Ndi iche must hear this

@Tay mee: I don't even know how to support my argument on frontin again but i will say this, if u were to read a guyz mind wen chicks front u will realise that d effect you think it's having on us is totally wrong

@naija shawty: Frontin is just a form of human torture, imagine walking into a shop and picking up a shirt, you go to the counter to pay and wen u give the teller ur money she just stares at you, or teases you cos she knows you want the shirt bad...dat's just evil

@Gtay: how u go remember, na bald baby and bush baby threaten me, u nd Dark Neo just gave moral support

Lady X said...

Personally I don't front. But sometimes I have noticed that when you don't front for certain guys they take you for granted. So they sort of force you to front and when you do they come back to their senses!Some not all though.

Just my experience!

CultureCynic said...

You r rather special!!!!...in a good way.....Y didn't i discover your blog earlier???????????????????????? ok i am going to be back to properly comment back on your old posts...now am just going thru the emotions of laughing and thnking.....amazing ahmazzing ahhhhhmazzzzing!!!